23 November, 2008

Why Hello There Gido

I hadn't planned on writing another post yet... Mostly because I just wrote that big update one the other day and wanted to give everyone I sent emails to time to read it (so if you haven't yet, move down one post lol). But yesterday... one cute thing after another happened until finally there was one I just couldn't wait to post!

Random cuteness from earlier in the day... Kalila tried to close me into the laundry room, apparently loves the cold weather, tried to convince me to give her an oreo (didn't work but sure was cute!) and climbed on my back and gave me a huge hug. I'm sure there was more, but those are the ones I remember lol.

But the big one... We went to Sams to pick up a few things we needed last night. At one point Baba got out his cell phone to compare prices (find out which way would save us more money) and Kalila took it from him. He decided to let her play with it awhile and we kept shopping.

Note: Kalila has figured out how to open our phones up... (not an easy thing w/ his either... I have trouble with that one lol)

So we're shopping, talking about which kind of ranch dressing to get when we need it (we don't) and why we need one type of tuna over another...

And all the sudden I hear a fourth voice.

Kalila called her Gido!

I have no idea how long she had him on the phone before she hit speaker phone and we caught it... We couldn't stop laughing. I'm still smiling... It was adorable.