13 November, 2008

Raspberries & Hugs

I promise I'm gonna try and put new pics up soon... I've been bad about taking them lately.

In the past few weeks or so Kalila has started giving little hugs. More head resting on us than arms, but still... but today... today she really hugged me. Arms around my waist the first few times.... and these last couple she's wrapped them around my neck. She even squeezes! It's absolutely adorable....

And on top of that... we were goofing around a few min ago... I'd blown a raspberry on her tummy and then laid down. Jas blew one on mine and made her laugh... a few min later she bent over and started blowing raspberries on me too... Of course I started laughing so it egged her on and she did it over and over. I love it!


Steph said...

So cute!

I love moments like that. :)

Lelo and Stitch said...

I love the pictures you've posted. She is getting big.