08 November, 2008

Pizza Night

It looks like I stumbled onto a tradition lol.

Yesterday I started thawing out the chicken to make a casserole and decided that I really didn't want to make one... I wanted to do something different. I'm not sure how it happened, but I thought of those BBQ chicken pizzas and how I've always wanted to make pizza from scratch... We've even talked about it a few times!

So I got on here and found a couple recipes. First off I had to make sure it was possible to make the dough w/ what I had lol (and praying I could actually do it). I found this... Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough. Sounded good, looked easy...

Then how to do the chicken... I'm not going to include the link to that because it was really basic. I baked the chicken pieces (it was a whole chicken cut up, we use those for the casseroles usually) in olive oil. I started this part first (was about 7 when I did) and then went straight to working on the dough.

When the chicken was done I left it to cool in the oven while I finished up the dough (the biggest/longest part of that was just letting it sit). Towards the end of that I pulled it out and shredded it up by hand to get the bones out. Then got right to work on my pizza... Pour BBQ, add cheese (didn't have mozzerella, so used what we had... still worked but prob wouldn't if it hadn't been for the BBQ lol), add chicken, then drizzled a little more sauce on top.

It worked out perfectly. It was done about 30 min before Jas got home... so the pizza had time to cool (but wasn't cold). I wasn't sure he'd like it, because I didn't know he liked BBQ chicken pizza in the first place, but he did... and it really was good. Best of all was easy to make too!

Afterwards we were talking and decided to make Friday nights Pizza Night. The dough ingredients are ones we'll always have... and there's so many options for toppings that I can really have fun with it too lol. If nothing else, it helps w/ my menu planning... but I think I'm really going to enjoy it. :~D