27 November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm gonna try to keep this as short as possible because I'm exhausted... We'll see.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours... was eventful. Not completely bad.. but did get off to a horrid start.

Last night I realized (way too late) that I needed to wash diapers for today. So I was up until 3 doing that. It wouldn't have mattered though because around midnight Kalila woke up... and then kept waking up about every 15 min or so.

At 3:30 I went to bed... bringing Kalila with me since she'd just woken up... again. Of course she wasn't going to settle down though. She blew raspberries, she pushed my face from side to side, she hit me, she crawled over me... and then she went for Baba. At this point I'll admit that sleep deprived me was relishing as she hit him and poked her finger in his ear (in my defense he slept right through it).

At 4:00... I'd say we were blasted awake, but really Baba was the only one asleep... Some idiot outside decided to lay on his horn. At first we thought it was a cab that happened to be there, but it wasn't. Baba went out there and apparently there was a drunk guy out there - honking his horn, choking his wife and hitting his step-daughter. So he had to stay out there, with some neighbors, while they waited for the police to come take their statements.

It was closer to 5 or so when I finally got to sleep. Thankfully Baba got Kalila down around the time the police came or left or whatever... so that helped a bunch. I was kinda laughing at first because he told me he'd take her so I could sleep... and less than a min later I hear him saying he's putting her to bed again. I really thought I was going to end up getting back up with her after that, but no...

We had to get up early too... to go to Marble Falls. I think I may have fallen asleep on the trip over, but not for more than a few minutes.

The visit went well though. Kalila was running all over as usual. Baba stuck his foot squarely in his mouth (and scared us all in the process). We ate, visited, all that fun stuff.

If you're wondering about Mr. Foot in Mouth... at one point we were sitting around talking as the baby ran around. His grandma commented on the house not being baby proof anymore and... you know... I don't even know how to explain what he was thinking... Really I don't.

Something along the lines of "Well there's gonna be one more to worry about after this" came out of his mouth. So immediately everyone else assumed he was announcing my pregnancy... as I'm shocked and confused. I'm not pregnant... unless he knows something I don't...

We get it cleared up that I'm not... and he blurts out "There's only one more" and "we're waiting awhile for the next" Now how does that sound? Obviously I was not the only one to take it as him saying that we only plan to have one more (which is so not true)... As I'm sitting there shocked and confused... because I have no clue why my husband is telling people that we are going to stop at 2 kids when not only is that not our "plan" and there is no way for us to know what's gonna happen anyway and he is sitting there w/ an uncomfortable look on his face as well because it's obvious that others took it the same way I did...

Well, apparently... What he said and what he meant were two VERY different things. Apparently he was trying to say that it's going to be awhile before his brother has kids... (their only other grandson)

*For the record (so I don't get in trouble here and besides I've been asked I don't know how many times now) - we are not trying just yet (is not an ideal time as much as I wish it was). And while we are hoping for a larger family, that doesn't mean all at once, or right now, either. *

I shouldn't give him too hard of a time... because I'm pretty bad about sticking my foot in my mouth and wording things badly too, but... wow.

Anyways, like I said - the rest of the trip was nice lol. Well, the whole thing really... Above incident wasn't bad, although I'll admit I was a bit upset w/ him before I realized what he meant lol. Now I'm amuzed...

Unfortunately we had to rush out because we had another Thanksgiving w/ his dad's family. We barely made it in time for food... Once again Kalila was running around having a blast. After she stole half my turkey that is... She was yelling and giggling and talking to everyone. It was ADORABLE. Unfortunately it felt like we were barely there before the Mass started and we had to come back home and put Kalila to bed.

For a bit I was afraid I wasn't going to get her down either... but it's been 30 min now, so that's better than last night right? I'm gonna try and get to bed soon... Can barely keep my eyes open. Can you blame me though? Around 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, teething miserable baby, drunk abuser w/ a horn problem outside, a trip out of town, being told that I'm pregnant, being told that our intended (hoped for) family size is being cut into a third without having a say in the matter, stuffed full of food, and chasing a toddler around all day. What a Thanksgiving...

(why do I have a feeling that I'm gonna get in trouble for that last part? lol)


flickrlovr said...

Haha-what a day (and previous night)! Holy cow. That awful horn guy sounded scary...I'm so sorry he (Baba) had to deal with that! Jeepers.
Kalila sounds like she had fun at all the events. Not tired, apparently ;) They never do get tired, do they? Party animals, those babies.

Glad your Thanksgiving was good overall! Mine was too.

Christy said...

I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving - even though it was hectic. Izzy has been waking excessively at night too. Is there something in the air?