07 November, 2008

Flashing The Checkout Line

Baba's birthday is coming up... a lot faster than I expected lol. So yesterday I went out w/ a friend to go pick up his gift. Of course we took Kalila w/ us... and we all had a lot of fun. As much as we all enjoyed the mall.... (esp getting covered in rice)

Sallie had to go to Garden Ridge for their sale... I fell in love w/ the store (and a tree) lol... and Kalila went nuts over all the Christmas stuff. The blowup Santa's, the stockings (she hugged a Zoey one - just tore it out of my hands when I showed it too her & tried to sneak a few tiny red and green ones), ornaments, all of it... So cute! This year is going to be a lot of fun!

But the reason I mention all this... when we got done & Sallie was checking out... Kalila was playing with this little girl behind us and having a lot of fun for awhile and then decided she wanted out. So I got her from the stroller & held her, not even a minute, before she reached into my tanktop and tried to pull me out. Thankfully Sallie and I moved pretty quickly, her to block us and me to grab little hands... Yeah reason # 234 not to wear a tanktop in public...

I got pics of her looking at stockings (sorry, none of the last incident lol) and will prob put them up at some point soon. Theyr'e on my phone though so I'll have to email them to me.

And because random funny things happen all the time... I have a story from earlier today too!

Kalila goes down for her nap around 11 now. At 10:30 I was starting to fall asleep (just couldn't keep my eyes open) and she was running around and I'm not comfortable w/ that, so I decided to put her down a little early. Wasn't too long before naptime anyway right? I could hear her talking in her crib, but she wasn't upset.. and Baba came home.

Apparently he heard her talking too and walked into her room to find her running laps around the inside of her crib! I so wish I had seen that lol... and then when she saw him she ran over to him, lifted her arms and said "Baba!" and he got her out lol.

Yeah, I never got the nap (other than dozing for like 2 min) but thankfully am feeling better... I have no idea why I'm so tired. I have a lot to do though, so I'm off...


Lelo and Stitch said...

That would have been embarassing... gotta be more careful from now on :-)

Christy said...

Porgie is pretty fascinated by all the Christmas stuff too. Izzy doesn't really seem to care though. So, is Kalila down to one nap a day now?

Mama Kalila said...

Abby - Yeah, no kidding!

Christy - Yup it started around her bday (almost to the day if I remember right)... all the sudden she was just ready for the switch.