27 November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm gonna try to keep this as short as possible because I'm exhausted... We'll see.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours... was eventful. Not completely bad.. but did get off to a horrid start.

Last night I realized (way too late) that I needed to wash diapers for today. So I was up until 3 doing that. It wouldn't have mattered though because around midnight Kalila woke up... and then kept waking up about every 15 min or so.

At 3:30 I went to bed... bringing Kalila with me since she'd just woken up... again. Of course she wasn't going to settle down though. She blew raspberries, she pushed my face from side to side, she hit me, she crawled over me... and then she went for Baba. At this point I'll admit that sleep deprived me was relishing as she hit him and poked her finger in his ear (in my defense he slept right through it).

At 4:00... I'd say we were blasted awake, but really Baba was the only one asleep... Some idiot outside decided to lay on his horn. At first we thought it was a cab that happened to be there, but it wasn't. Baba went out there and apparently there was a drunk guy out there - honking his horn, choking his wife and hitting his step-daughter. So he had to stay out there, with some neighbors, while they waited for the police to come take their statements.

It was closer to 5 or so when I finally got to sleep. Thankfully Baba got Kalila down around the time the police came or left or whatever... so that helped a bunch. I was kinda laughing at first because he told me he'd take her so I could sleep... and less than a min later I hear him saying he's putting her to bed again. I really thought I was going to end up getting back up with her after that, but no...

We had to get up early too... to go to Marble Falls. I think I may have fallen asleep on the trip over, but not for more than a few minutes.

The visit went well though. Kalila was running all over as usual. Baba stuck his foot squarely in his mouth (and scared us all in the process). We ate, visited, all that fun stuff.

If you're wondering about Mr. Foot in Mouth... at one point we were sitting around talking as the baby ran around. His grandma commented on the house not being baby proof anymore and... you know... I don't even know how to explain what he was thinking... Really I don't.

Something along the lines of "Well there's gonna be one more to worry about after this" came out of his mouth. So immediately everyone else assumed he was announcing my pregnancy... as I'm shocked and confused. I'm not pregnant... unless he knows something I don't...

We get it cleared up that I'm not... and he blurts out "There's only one more" and "we're waiting awhile for the next" Now how does that sound? Obviously I was not the only one to take it as him saying that we only plan to have one more (which is so not true)... As I'm sitting there shocked and confused... because I have no clue why my husband is telling people that we are going to stop at 2 kids when not only is that not our "plan" and there is no way for us to know what's gonna happen anyway and he is sitting there w/ an uncomfortable look on his face as well because it's obvious that others took it the same way I did...

Well, apparently... What he said and what he meant were two VERY different things. Apparently he was trying to say that it's going to be awhile before his brother has kids... (their only other grandson)

*For the record (so I don't get in trouble here and besides I've been asked I don't know how many times now) - we are not trying just yet (is not an ideal time as much as I wish it was). And while we are hoping for a larger family, that doesn't mean all at once, or right now, either. *

I shouldn't give him too hard of a time... because I'm pretty bad about sticking my foot in my mouth and wording things badly too, but... wow.

Anyways, like I said - the rest of the trip was nice lol. Well, the whole thing really... Above incident wasn't bad, although I'll admit I was a bit upset w/ him before I realized what he meant lol. Now I'm amuzed...

Unfortunately we had to rush out because we had another Thanksgiving w/ his dad's family. We barely made it in time for food... Once again Kalila was running around having a blast. After she stole half my turkey that is... She was yelling and giggling and talking to everyone. It was ADORABLE. Unfortunately it felt like we were barely there before the Mass started and we had to come back home and put Kalila to bed.

For a bit I was afraid I wasn't going to get her down either... but it's been 30 min now, so that's better than last night right? I'm gonna try and get to bed soon... Can barely keep my eyes open. Can you blame me though? Around 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, teething miserable baby, drunk abuser w/ a horn problem outside, a trip out of town, being told that I'm pregnant, being told that our intended (hoped for) family size is being cut into a third without having a say in the matter, stuffed full of food, and chasing a toddler around all day. What a Thanksgiving...

(why do I have a feeling that I'm gonna get in trouble for that last part? lol)

26 November, 2008

Great New Site/Link

About a week ago or so (I forget exactly) I posted a new link on my NFP section on the side - NFP Information. It looked pretty good, but I didn't get a chance to really look at it until the other day.

I am so glad I found this site. It has a ton of good information!

If you haven't already clicked over, it starts off w/ an overview of what NFP is... It's a short little introduction that manages to explain it pretty well for as short as it is. There are links from there to pages w/ more in depth information.

One is the Primer. I think this is my favourite page. Seriously. It has detailed information about how effective NFP is/can be, plus comparisons to BC. The section on the only 3 things to be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy was one of the first things to catch my attention on there (oddly enough made me laugh even though it's not really funny). And they bring up the discrepensies in statistics quoted by BC promoters (remember my vent about one of them using stats from rhythm method and those who use real NFP methods to get pregnant in there numbers for people using it to prevent?). That alone got it linked to this blog lol. There's also information about health benifits, marriage building and cost in this section.

Under all of that it goes into more detail about charting broken into several different sections. One for avoiding pregnancy, one for achieving, etc.

The next page is on Effectiveness. It's pretty self explanitory... At first I thought it was a bit redundant, since they compair it to BC on other pages, but after reading it... it makes sense. It's more detailed. They show comparisions, not just between NFP and various forms of BC, but also between countries.

Another page of theirs that I really like is the Biblical Views section. I don't know how many times I've had to go searching for the Bible verses (I'm not good at memorization).. I can tell you what it says, but not word for word or where... This makes it easy to find lol.

They also go into side notes on Natural Law and BC and Pro Life and BC.

Choosing NFP puts everything in an easy to read format. Very simple. Honestly I think this page may be better than the opening welcome/intro page... is blunt, to the point, bullet format... to the point.

The last is Resources... Pretty self explanitory there... They put together a good basic list of materials, but I've heard of (and seen) a lot of other good resources that I wish were on there as well.

Anyways, I'm gonna get going.. I've just been meaning to write this the past couple days... and since the Maronite Voice came in the mail today complete w/ an article on NFP I thought this would be a good time to do it lol. We've got a big day tomorrow though!

Animal Stories and Other Fun Stuff...

This entry has changed names several times... First it was going to have something about kitties in it (I forget exactly). Then wolves and goats got added. Then there were dogs... and finally I gave up and went generic... (note: the second part of title is a tad sarcastic.. just warning ya)

So yesterday morning Kalila woke up (for the 4th time, but I'll get back to that) hungry and we were lying in bed... Kimosimi jumped up, purring, and laid on top of me too.. right on my tummy, right behind Kalila. I looked down just in time to see him lick Kalila's head. My kitty was grooming my baby! So sweet...

Baba needed a book for class, so we headed over to HPB's yesterday too... and found Kalila a great little book called "We are Wolves". It's got beautiful pictures... and has the padded cover like her bedtime book, which is great because she can't tear it up lol. I read it to her earlier today and she loved it. Of course they look enough like puppies that I knew she would!

While we were there though, we found a book I have been looking for for years! Ok, so Baba found it... The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. As a kid I loved the story "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats". I read it over and over.. and then read it to my little sister... once agian over and over. I wanted to read it to Kalila too and now I can. (and did as soon as we came home)

Speaking of goat... I made a stew a couple days ago w/ goat meat... It was sooooo good! I'll prob end up sharing this on the other blog, but oh well I'm linking it here too... (besides I just put up a post on there that I'm excited about and don't want to bump down just yet lol) is just too good not to share. Tanzanian Meat Stew. (note: can be made w/ any red meat.. and there is another recipe for a vegetable one on the same site) The only issue we had with it... I need to make a much larger batch next time (and there will be many next times). Not only did I like it, but Baba did too... in fact he cleaned out the pan... Kalila didn't eat near as much as we did (of course) but she enjoyed her first taste of goat too. Big smiles when she first tasted it... I wish I'd thought to take a pic!

We also had our first Thanksgiving dinner of the year yesterday. Kalila's Godfather's side of the family... It was really nice. Kalila was excited about their dogs lol. One of them kept licking her and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. At one point she started chasing them around like she does our cats. I'm glad she seems to be completely over that fear of dogs thing...

I mentioned earlier about Kalila waking up the other night... She's teething. Molars. It's been awful. Sleeping through the night is long gone (although she did last night.. .was nice but I'm not counting on a repeat lol). Plus (warning for the squeemish... diaper talk here) she's having the nasty diapers again... which has given her a bit of a rash. At least it's the only thing we can think of that was causing it (I say was for a reason). It would have been fine... we're treating it like we always do - bm, air drying, and vinegar in the bath... Change her twice as often... all that fun stuff.

But she woke up 4 times the other night. We got up for the day and of course I was exhausted.... Nap time comes and I meant to nurse her, change her diaper and put her down... but I fell asleep with her while she was nursing (so did Baba for that matter). All 3 of us on the couch. And we slept for 3 hours! Nice right? Except she was wet... and when we woke up and changed the diaper... her rash was worse. I felt (feel) horrible about it... So we broke out the diaper liners and strong rash creme.

Last night she slept. It was great. I got her up and changed... and the rash seemed better, but I put another liner and the creme again. She ate breakfast... and then I went to change her again and she was bleeding! That hasn't happened since the blueberries. Part of me is wondering if the liner was keeping moisture by her skin (but how to fix that?) and the other part is wondering if the seseme seeds in the crackers last night could do it (they were in the diaper at that point).

Poor thing was crying. I felt awful about it. I got her in the bath and she cried when I added the vinegar. I wanted to cry too... I found the tube of diaper safe creme we had (I didn't throw it because there's a little left, it's just hard to get too.. I'm glad now I didn't) and put it on her instead. It's not as strong, but she's seemed a little better each time I've changed her since... It makes me wish I could get a new thing of the stuff...

I should go... I've still got a few things to prep before tomorrow. We've got to get up early...

25 November, 2008

Trace Amounts of Melemine in US Formulas

One more reason I'm glad I don't FF lol...

I found this linked on CafeMom earlier and thought I would share.

23 November, 2008

Why Hello There Gido

I hadn't planned on writing another post yet... Mostly because I just wrote that big update one the other day and wanted to give everyone I sent emails to time to read it (so if you haven't yet, move down one post lol). But yesterday... one cute thing after another happened until finally there was one I just couldn't wait to post!

Random cuteness from earlier in the day... Kalila tried to close me into the laundry room, apparently loves the cold weather, tried to convince me to give her an oreo (didn't work but sure was cute!) and climbed on my back and gave me a huge hug. I'm sure there was more, but those are the ones I remember lol.

But the big one... We went to Sams to pick up a few things we needed last night. At one point Baba got out his cell phone to compare prices (find out which way would save us more money) and Kalila took it from him. He decided to let her play with it awhile and we kept shopping.

Note: Kalila has figured out how to open our phones up... (not an easy thing w/ his either... I have trouble with that one lol)

So we're shopping, talking about which kind of ranch dressing to get when we need it (we don't) and why we need one type of tuna over another...

And all the sudden I hear a fourth voice.

Kalila called her Gido!

I have no idea how long she had him on the phone before she hit speaker phone and we caught it... We couldn't stop laughing. I'm still smiling... It was adorable.

22 November, 2008


Silly I know, but wanting to show a friend the blinkies I'm using on cafemom and it's just not working... So I'm throwing them on here. I found most of them on photobucket and a couple on blinkiemommies. Enjoy.
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21 November, 2008

Around The House

I'll apologize ahead of time... This is going to be a long post. But... it's full of pictures, so that should make up for some of it lol. I'm really going to have a hard time picking exactly which ones to post because I've taken a ton of them lately lol. I got some great ones of Kalila too, so I'm really excited to share.... (in other words warning there may be a million pics on here lol)

I think I've mentioned (but maybe not) that we have new management here at the apartments. So far, for us, its been a good thing. Our neighbors have had all sorts of problems with them though... Part of me is afraid we will too... We'll see...

They're fixing things up pretty much across the board. The upside of it for us is that things we've needed done all along are FINALLY getting done. Like our bathroom...

One of the first things I noticed when we moved in was there was mold under the nini around the tub. I tried everything to get this clean. Over a year later and nothing has worked. It bothers me on several levels. The main reason (of course) is this can't be healthy. But... It also makes the room look dirty lol... I don't care for that. Just so you can see what I mean, I took a picture of it the other day.

When I first decided to write this post, that part was not fixed lol... But yesterday they came in and got rid of the old and put new... It looks so much better!!!!

Another problem we were having was water leaking. At first they thought it was the drain... but apparently it's some problem with how the curtain hangs.. So they put in these nice little guards!

Because there was such bad leakage (and it was a problem w/ the last people too because it was like this before we moved in) the floor needed to be redone too. It was livable... but just never looked clean. The patch by the door was the same way (I'm not sure why, I guess just because it's so old). So they laid new tile (well fake tile lol) on both. The kitchen is still the old stuff unfortunately (because this one really is nicer) but I can understand why... it still looks decent.

In the middle of all this... We had a friend come over and watch Kalila so I could catch up on some of the stuff I just can't get done during the day (or night rather since that's mostly when I'm able to clean lol). I somehow managed to get more done than I expected...

I'm sure you've seen it... in a lot of the pictures I've taken in the living room you can see a pile of big tubs. For now we have dvd cases in them (we switched to binders, but can't get rid of cases until we know all the dvd's are ours... in other words Baba needs to go through them!) and I stacked them up as out of the way as possible until we could get them in our storage area. Unfortunately that means going outside and rearranging stuff so it hadn't been possible. They did keep the baby out of that corner, but they looked horrid sitting there. Cluttered things up and kept it looking like we hadn't cleaned when we had. Example (in the corner) :

So one of the big tasks that day, or at least the one I'm happiest about, was cleaning that storage closet (mostly reorganizing some boxes, but we got rid of our old Christmas tree... I'll get back to that later) and getting those out there. Somehow it worked better than expected. I also got our useless little tv (a great Christmas gift when I was in the 8th grade, but it barely works now lol) out there... and the jumperoo too! I was a little sad about the jumperoo, but... Kalila has definately outgrown it. Now if only we can get out the box full of pants that Baba needs to go through!

Ok, so I mentioned the Christmas tree... We've debated what to do about it for months. It was a gift from my mom when she got her a new one... Trees are expensive, so we really didn't want to get rid of it... But half the lights didn't work. It was 6 ft tall, so it took up way too much room in the apartment. And the worst part is it's not very sturdy. Mumble knocked it down multiple times last year (remember the kitten in tree pics?)

So weeks ago I went w/ Sallie to Garden Ridge so she could get her a tree... They had them on sale. I fell in love with one... well, backing up a bit. They had this display at the front. Trees in several different colours... Pink, purple, lime green, teal, red, white, black... Each had a 7 ft version and a 4 ft version.... except the black. They only had the 7 ft (ie way too big) tree in black... and I fell in love with it. (Can you imagine how many colours woud look great on that? So many options) I also fell in love with the 4 ft size because it'd be perfect in here... So I decided to talk to Baba and get his opinion... Hoping we'd go back (or somewhere else) and get one of the smaller trees, even if it'd be a green one.

At the same time Sallie decided to make us a wreath... Obviously I was in the mood for something not so traditional when we were picking out the stuff for it and loved her idea for using peacock feathers. I absolutely love it!

A day or so later I found out that Kohls was having a sale too that weekend and had the little 4 ft black tree... and for a better price! So after talking about it we decided to do that... and to look for plush ornaments to use this year (baby proof tree lol). I figure since we have a black tree, I'd be happy with the trad red and green ornaments... Unfortuantely stuff hit the fan last week and we haven't even started looking for them yet... Is ok though because I still want the tree to fall out a bit before decorating. Here's a pic of it up though!

Things have been just as busy for those of us in the house too...

Baba had a big paper due today that he's been working on all week. I can tell he's really relieved to be done with it. I don't know if I mentioned it before or not, so sorry if a repeat here... but he got registered for next semesters classes (last week I think). He's going full time starting next semester... so things will be even more busy/crazy but we're looking forward to it. He's already excited about some of his classes too.

I am finally feeling like I'm catching up with everything I need done around here lol. I think the biggest part of it was the work getting done, but still... It's nice. I've also been getting up a little earlier in the mornings (side effect of attempting to use temps again... I'm using Baba's alarm to do so, since he turned mine off last time I tried lol, and just getting up afterwards) so that helps... I'm a bit fuzzy towards the afternoons/evenings now lol, but for the most part I feel better.

Kalila... Where to start? Did not like her first taste of brussel sprouts yesterday lol. Was funny, she picked out everything around them (when I tried to trick her into eating some). She told me that my stocking is pretty today (just pointed and said pretty of course) and is giving the cats as much grief as ever. She's started saying "ow" when she falls down (small falls that is), bumps herself a little or gets swatted by a kitty. Doesn't cry, just says ow. She also started saying "Oy" and "Oh boy" (I wonder where she got those from lol).

We had to take back one of the things we got with her bday money a couple days ago... (ok, we should have months ago, just kept forgetting) a safety thing for our kitchen table... It didn't fit. She needed some "silverware" so we got a package of those and she picked out a toy to go with it. We would have picked up a diaper instead, but they were out. As annoying as that is... is good too. The more people buy them the more they'll carry right? Anyways, the toy is this Seseme Street remote lol... She just fell in love with it. The forks and spoons are nice too though... She doesn't quite have the hang of using them of course, but she's trying.

Oh... and we're working on picking stuff up. Not the toys yet... but food that she throws during meal times (I'd had it with that lol). After she's done I put her down and have her help me pick it up. The first few times I had to hold her while we're doing it and walk back and forth... but now she's starting to do it on her own. We still have a way to go, and I still clean up most of it, but it's a start.

The kitties... are being kitties lol. Mumble is continually getting better with me. She's great with Kalila of course... and Baba... but getting better with me again. She even rubbed me and licked my foot earlier on in this post! Kimosimi is still the sweetheart, but he's had it with Kalila picking on him. I'm really having to get on to him (and her) about it. He's starting to go to Baba more than he used too.. and doesn't freak out when we pick him up anymore. He does still go nuts when he sees a newspaper though (does his best to lay on it and bite it) - is kinda funny, but makes us wonder. They're both curious about the tree... Mumble more so though. She can't get in this one, but she's tried lol.

And of course I can't end this without showing the million or so pictures that I promised! Plus a really cute video I found... Enjoy!!!

18 November, 2008


A few days ago a strange kitty came up to us outside. Very vocal little thing. I went inside and opened up our sliding door to the screen and everyone had fun. Mumble was smitten. Kalila stood there, hitting the door, and yelling "meh meh meh". Kimosimi just stared lol. Mumble and Kimosimi were so close together that they were touching at times... much closer than they normally get.

After he left Kimosimi walked up to the couch and started scratching. I shoo'd him off and Kalila watched me w/ this little contemplating look on her face, walked up and said "meh" and started scratching it in the same spot!

Yesterday we had dinner w/ some friends too. I wish I'd had my camera because Kalila and Khalil were absolutely adorable. She tickled his back at one point! And kissed him a few more times too...

I meant to take it today when I babysat him, but forgot it again... at least I had my phone though so I did get a few shots. They are so cute playing together...

And completely off subject... That video I put up the other day of her dancing to Shushybye... I got a comment on it on you tube... from the singer of the Shushybye Dream Band... It made me smile lol.

14 November, 2008

Promises Promises

Despite the fact that I could write a ton of stuff right now (so much going on it's not even funny...) I'm not going too. I don't really have the time lol.

But.. I do have pictures... not as many recent ones as I'd like, but... here we go.

Remember that trip to Garden Ridge I mentioned last week or so? I got a couple pics w/ my phone while we were there...

I'm not really sure what was going on when I took these, but look at the hair on that girl!

Proof... Kalila loves her teddy! Is so cute watching her carry this thing around... Is bigger than she is lol.

Talking to Granny on the phone & sitting in her Elmo chair... I love seeing her sit in it now... It took her awhile, but she's finally got it down lol.

Earlier today she got one of my scarves and put it on herself.. I wish I could have gotten a better shot before she took it off!

And I got some video's too!

Here's Kalila dancing to Shushybye... it's a show she loves on Baby First Tv.. Is really cute. In the second video you might be able to hear her trying to sing along lol.

I'm gonna try to get a better one, but I managed to get one peek a boo out of her before nap time.. She was getting cranky though poor thing.

13 November, 2008

Raspberries & Hugs

I promise I'm gonna try and put new pics up soon... I've been bad about taking them lately.

In the past few weeks or so Kalila has started giving little hugs. More head resting on us than arms, but still... but today... today she really hugged me. Arms around my waist the first few times.... and these last couple she's wrapped them around my neck. She even squeezes! It's absolutely adorable....

And on top of that... we were goofing around a few min ago... I'd blown a raspberry on her tummy and then laid down. Jas blew one on mine and made her laugh... a few min later she bent over and started blowing raspberries on me too... Of course I started laughing so it egged her on and she did it over and over. I love it!

08 November, 2008

Pizza Night

It looks like I stumbled onto a tradition lol.

Yesterday I started thawing out the chicken to make a casserole and decided that I really didn't want to make one... I wanted to do something different. I'm not sure how it happened, but I thought of those BBQ chicken pizzas and how I've always wanted to make pizza from scratch... We've even talked about it a few times!

So I got on here and found a couple recipes. First off I had to make sure it was possible to make the dough w/ what I had lol (and praying I could actually do it). I found this... Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough. Sounded good, looked easy...

Then how to do the chicken... I'm not going to include the link to that because it was really basic. I baked the chicken pieces (it was a whole chicken cut up, we use those for the casseroles usually) in olive oil. I started this part first (was about 7 when I did) and then went straight to working on the dough.

When the chicken was done I left it to cool in the oven while I finished up the dough (the biggest/longest part of that was just letting it sit). Towards the end of that I pulled it out and shredded it up by hand to get the bones out. Then got right to work on my pizza... Pour BBQ, add cheese (didn't have mozzerella, so used what we had... still worked but prob wouldn't if it hadn't been for the BBQ lol), add chicken, then drizzled a little more sauce on top.

It worked out perfectly. It was done about 30 min before Jas got home... so the pizza had time to cool (but wasn't cold). I wasn't sure he'd like it, because I didn't know he liked BBQ chicken pizza in the first place, but he did... and it really was good. Best of all was easy to make too!

Afterwards we were talking and decided to make Friday nights Pizza Night. The dough ingredients are ones we'll always have... and there's so many options for toppings that I can really have fun with it too lol. If nothing else, it helps w/ my menu planning... but I think I'm really going to enjoy it. :~D

Poor Baba...

This morning Jas had plans to play golf w/ his dad and brother...

I have to start a little before the main part of the story because there's a cute little sidenote that I just have to share... They came to pick him up and I was showing them that book I mentioned before. The one that has the colours... I opened it up to the two pages w/ black and white. One page had a black kitten and the other a white bunny. I pointed out the two colours several times and then asked Kalila which was black... not sure if she'd answer, sometimes she does and sometimes she ignore me lol. This time she was ignoring me lol. Well, her Gido decided to point to the white bunny and say is this black? Kalila looked over at him, smiled, and pointed to the black kitty! It was adorable!!!

Then they left... a few hours later I got a phone call from Jas. Long story short... Trevor threw Jas' putter to him when he wasn't paying attention (they'd been tossing it back and forth between stuff, Jas had reached down for his ball and didn't see Trevor this time) and clocked him on the head with it! As Jas says... his first thought was the pain (I'll spare you his actual words), then Hulk Smash (as he threw it down himself), and then something about the ground spinning up at him as he literally hit the ground.

Yes, he's ok... Loads of blood involved and possibly a minor concussion (he didn't think so at first but was feeling slightly ill after lunch so we're not sure.. that was hours later so most likely he doesn't) but he's ok. Skipped his nap before work just in case (is getting ready for work now) which means no Mass tomorrow (no sleep = he wouldn't make it through) but I'd (we'd) rather be on the cautious side.

He's laughing about it now too btw... thinks it was hilarious (if painful). I feel really bad for him, but can't help but laugh too because... well if you heard him tell it you prob would be laughing too lol. Aye....

07 November, 2008

Flashing The Checkout Line

Baba's birthday is coming up... a lot faster than I expected lol. So yesterday I went out w/ a friend to go pick up his gift. Of course we took Kalila w/ us... and we all had a lot of fun. As much as we all enjoyed the mall.... (esp getting covered in rice)

Sallie had to go to Garden Ridge for their sale... I fell in love w/ the store (and a tree) lol... and Kalila went nuts over all the Christmas stuff. The blowup Santa's, the stockings (she hugged a Zoey one - just tore it out of my hands when I showed it too her & tried to sneak a few tiny red and green ones), ornaments, all of it... So cute! This year is going to be a lot of fun!

But the reason I mention all this... when we got done & Sallie was checking out... Kalila was playing with this little girl behind us and having a lot of fun for awhile and then decided she wanted out. So I got her from the stroller & held her, not even a minute, before she reached into my tanktop and tried to pull me out. Thankfully Sallie and I moved pretty quickly, her to block us and me to grab little hands... Yeah reason # 234 not to wear a tanktop in public...

I got pics of her looking at stockings (sorry, none of the last incident lol) and will prob put them up at some point soon. Theyr'e on my phone though so I'll have to email them to me.

And because random funny things happen all the time... I have a story from earlier today too!

Kalila goes down for her nap around 11 now. At 10:30 I was starting to fall asleep (just couldn't keep my eyes open) and she was running around and I'm not comfortable w/ that, so I decided to put her down a little early. Wasn't too long before naptime anyway right? I could hear her talking in her crib, but she wasn't upset.. and Baba came home.

Apparently he heard her talking too and walked into her room to find her running laps around the inside of her crib! I so wish I had seen that lol... and then when she saw him she ran over to him, lifted her arms and said "Baba!" and he got her out lol.

Yeah, I never got the nap (other than dozing for like 2 min) but thankfully am feeling better... I have no idea why I'm so tired. I have a lot to do though, so I'm off...

05 November, 2008

The Big News...

Nope... I'm not talking about Obama (I think all the other blogs have that covered by now anyway lol)

Kalila has started playing Peek a Boo! She's enjoyed it for a long time, but she just barely started putting her hands up and covering her eyes for it... Is stinking adorable! She figured out the blowing kisses thing at the same time lol. I hope I can get video's of it soon...

01 November, 2008

Meme's & Other Junk

I have lots of fun Kalila nini's to share... In the past few days or so she has

pointed to colours in a book when I ask for them

walked around with the phone (upside down & faced out lol) to her ear saying "Hellooooo! Babaaa!"

walked into the room w/ a q-tip she found (uh oh... as I now have to make sure there are no more randomly not where they are supposed to be) & stuck it in her ear - I got another today to show Baba when he was cleaning his... she did the same thing agian, so cute

played w/ the little 2 year old next door... and tried to eat her chalk! We got her to draw a little though (lines of course). I think the cutest part was the two of them running around screetching when all us adults chased them.

decided she likes playing "Nose biting monster"

wants to go bye bye all the time... throws fits about it even....

tries to brush her hair... mostly just gets her ear though lol.

held a water bottle like she does her doll & said "baby"

pulled up my shirt to see my belly button... she really likes belly buttons right now, is so cute when she points hers out... if she can she lifts her shirt to poke it.

I could go on... but I won't.. I'm tired & trying to end this before it gets too late.

On a completely different note... Why is it that when my husband orders me to nap w/ the baby instead of getting stuff done that I need to do... the next day someone shows up to see the place completely not presentable?

On one hand I felt better for the rest, but on the other - ITS THE ONLY TIME I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING... Seriously... We have some friends who have been asking to take the baby (and no reason we haven't... just haven't thought about it) and I'm about to talk to one about it... because I need to get stuff done somehow!

And last but not least... I was tagged in two memes recently, so here we go!

Here is the question via Oy, Habibti (who I would link, but it seems she dissapeared :-( )

Where Would Your 8 Homes Be?

List them. You don’t have to list your reasons, but if you do at least for a few of them, it would be more fun. And remember that the only rule is: the homes must be within the borders of the United States of America or else, within the borders of the country you live in, so as to utterly emulate the McCains. When you’re done, tag 8 people, so that they may join in the self-indulgence, forgetting about the crappy property market and the equivalent of The End of Pompeii on Wall-Street. You could spend your time hammering your doors and windows shut in preparation for the apocalypse instead, but it would be much less fun.

*Bear with me.. .this one is hard, most of the places I'd choose are overseas lol.

1. Here in SA of course. My husband has lived here his whole life, our family is here & honestly I love it... So our first home would have to be here!

2. Balmorhea.... Is where I'm from & I always said I would move back.. LOL not planning to anymore, but might be nice to have a second home there right? Plus has the advantage to being close by to several towns full of my side of the family!

3. Someplace in New England like Conneticut or Maine... I've always loved reading & seeing movies/shows set up there... if Stars Hallow was a real town I'd list it (looks like so much fun lol)

4. I guess somewhere in California because they have a lot of green type khara... over half the cd stores I've looked at have been there lol.

5. Chimayo, NM - there's a pilgrimage site I've wanted to see for years (people have been healed there)... I know having a house somewhere is different than that, but hey it wouldn't hurt! Have some place to stay whenever we felt the need to go right? (LOL can you tell I'm stretching to think of places already?)

6. Hawaii because that'd just be cool...

7. Lubbock... because I miss some of my friends there...

8. Somewhere near Las Vegas so my mom could go whenever she wants lol...

Tagging - Stephanie, Christy, Abby, Marni, Sabrina, Susie, Angela & Shanna

I got tagged by Angela on Six Random Things Meme about myself.
1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Hmmmmm 6 things.

1. This is the perfect meme for me, I'm one of the most random people I know (and am constantly told I am too)

2. I love to cook, but I'm a perfectionist about it... so if things don't go the way I want them to I get frustrated.. Jas jokes about it because he hears me cussing in the kitchen cooking more than anywhere else.

3. I have trouble reading out loud, I get the words in the wrong order. I'm not dislexic, they stay put when I'm reading just not if I'm doing it out loud lol. Every once in awhile I do it when I'm just talking too.

4. I have no idea why that last one popped in my head... it hasn't happened in awhile (thanks to only reading baby books lol)

5. I love that they're putting House on all the time now...

6. I have an irrational hatred (ok not so much hatred... but I really dislike) f0r Yo Gaba Gaba...

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