10 October, 2008

Random Randomness

I haven't done a stream nini in awhile... mostly because I've had some very big things going on to write about lol. But Ja... Baba & I were talking about books the other day & the "stream of conciousness" (did I spell that write?) style came up & I realized it's been awhile since I've done one (or at least I think it is... I really don't remember lol) & I kinda miss it. So here I am!


When we first decided to buy BumGenius' we made a decision to not buy any yellow ones (or pink for that matter, but were later given one of those anyway) because yellow gives Baba a headache. Is not my favourite either (although I don't dislike it) so I didn't really mind. Unfortunately Kalila seems to really like it... So last month we were going to pick one up for our monthly diaper purchase... but they only had one diaper & it was green. No complaints, she likes that one too!

Anyways, we normally do our diaper shopping towards the end of the month, but the other day we were at Target so we figured we'd go ahead & get it then... (save some gas right?) I was excited to see they'd restocked & we had several to choose from... including a yellow! So we now have our first yellow diaper...

Yes I get excited about silly things...


I really need to write a post on my other blog. I have several things that I could post about... I just haven't. I feel horrid about it.


Would you believe this book is new?

Kalila just got it for her birthday... Look closely at the edges....

And better yet, look at the spine!

I was shocked when I saw it this morning. Obviously it's her favourite... She carries it everywhere saying "Kitty" "Kitty" "Kitty" - Granny did well... apparently too well.


Since I'm thinking about bday gifts at the moment... Here are pics of the ones we got w/ some of her bday money.

I mentioned this one before... She picked it out & loves the thing...

We looked for the Captain America/Wolverine set to go with it, but they didn't have them... So Grover & Elmo it is... I could only get a pic of Elmo though because Grover's in her room & she's sleeping right now. If I haven't said it before, I just love the whole set thing this brand has... They're all cute, from the big sets like her house to the little ones like these. And they don't cost much either.

The ball she attached to at the store. Odd little thing...

A chair! We've been talking about getting her one for awhile. (She keeps trying to play with her potty, so we figured she needs one that she can play with) We looked at several different ones, and figured she'd like this best... and she does. It spins & talks... we like it better than the giggling one. Oddly enough (since she's never seen a Tickle Me Elmo) we caught her tickling it the other day & saying "Tickle Tickle Tickle"...

The other couple things that we got were just things she needs. Like pajama's (silly girl growing too fast!) & a safety thing for the table since she's almost tall enough for it to be a big problem (Oops, went to go put it on the table in the middle of writing this & we're gonna have to return it! Doesn't work w/ our table...) & a wetbag/diaper pail liner because the one we got at walmart is now leaking (I don't recommend getting one there... this is the third time it's happened. We learned the hard way, cheaper to get a good one instead...) I'll prob be putting up a big post about this on the other blog when they get here because the owner at KeenBambino was just great (once again).

And so they don't get left out... Here are the ones she got at her party or on her actual bday. Well... The shoes aren't the ones she was given (I didn't think to take a pic lol), but the ones she picked out when we had to return them the morning of the party.

As you can see... She has plenty of new things to play with... and I have plenty of new things to pick up from around the house lol. There was a really cute outfit too that I didn't get a pic of, but I know I will once she grows into it because it's adorable!


Oh this just about breaks my heart... Baba left for work while Kalila was napping... and now she's up & walking around looking everywhere going "Baba" "Baba" "Baba" Makes me glad he's off tomorrow - well I would be anyway lol, but still...


Uggh. I had to leave this for later & now I don't even know where to start. We have a thing to go to tomorrow night & I don't even know if I'm going... Apparently Kalila is going w/ Gran during the day instead, so poor thing isn't going to get to spend as much time w/ Baba as I was hoping she would. Oh well...


A little while ago Kalila got ahold of her cheese crackers... She walked around with them for a bit shaking the box & then managed to spill them all over the floor... (shaking my head) She tried to get ahold of them again a little while later & threw a huge tantrum when I put them up.


I'm starting to really dislike the Backyardigans. It's a cute show... and Kalila loves it (not quite as much as Diego or Neehow Kailan - and yes I know I'm mispelling that lol) but... I've had the theme song from it stuck in my head for three days now!!!! And it's not like we watch it regularly for that to happen either... I suppose it could be worse though.


I've started working with the cats again on the whole claw clipping subject... Mumble's got more issues with the clippers than Kimosimi for some reason so its going slower with her. Of course I'm having to get passed the whole traumatized thing she's gone through too... (w/ everything I mean, not the clipping) She's coming up to me & Baba again though... and even lets me pick her up w/out flipping out. So progress... With Kimosimi I've figured out that working w/ his claws is easiest when he's laying on his back w/ tummy in the air. I'm not sure why, but I'll go with it lol.


Is a good thing Kalila got a new baby doll... Timothy needs surgery. He was in a stroller accident. Basically she took him w/ us to the store a couple weeks ago & he fell out & we ran over him. If you look closely you can see the whole in his tummy... Poor thing!


Baby is now in bed so I need to get to work, but before I do I'm going to share some of those pics of her playing that I've been hinting at.

Btw... if you look closely in a couple you can see kitties fighting.. and I couldn't help but take the last one I was laughing so hard. Her diaper came undone... I'm glad it was decent enough to put up.


☻ Guess who came home from work early? And brought me Dr. Pepper & a chocolate bar? Not just any chocolate either... but dark chocolate... the good 85% kind... Mama is happy...


Oops.. I can't forget the video's... I have a couple I need to post... will take a few more minutes to get them ready (so if you read this & they aren't here or working completely, they will be soon I hope!)


jen said...

there is absolutely NOTHING silly about the excitement of a new color of cloth diaper.
i LOVE when we get new colors. it's sad.
just glad to see another cloth diaper mama!
--visiting from allmediocre.

Angela said...

Hey we have that same kitty book! Alex still loves it, he is a touchy feely kind of boy and it is looking pretty rugged now lol. He also loves the Backyardigans and the Wiggles. Mostly cause of the singing. It drives me bonkers and I try to find something else to do to take it off my mind.

Christy said...

Look at all her new toys! What a lucky little girl!

Mama Kalila said...

Jen - Thanks for visiting! I love hearing from other CD moms because most of the people I talk to think I'm nuts lol.

Angela - I love that whole series... She has two of them, plus a couple that are similar. They're great. I was just surprised at how fast this one has gotten to that point. It was less than a week!

Christy - Yup.. She's definately a lucky little girl.. not so much from the toys, but that she has so many people who care about her. (she is going to be so spoiled though lol)

Angela said...

Hey come visit my blog when you can. I have something waiting for you there!