20 October, 2008

Random Funny Comment

Ok, so we had to go to Sams... I go through vinegar & baking soda like you wouldn't believe so we figured we really need to start buying them there. I needed some new sprayers too, and we found them by accident while there. 8 in a bag, so a bit more than we need but that's ok. Vinegar we've bought there before, 2 big jugs in a box... lasts us a couple weeks or so lol. This was the first time we'd bought the baking soda though... and huge bags of it. We were pretty excited.

Well... we got up to the register. Jas got a phone call so I ended up checking out & the guy rings both up (hadn't gotten to the sprayers yet) and says "Whatever you do don't mix these two!" Took a breath as I'm confusedly thinking "huh?" & then he continued "It makes bubbles!" I couldn't help it... I started laughing and somehow managed to say something about yeah that's how you clean things...