05 October, 2008

Lets Eat Cake!

I spent a lot of time thinking about Kalila's birthday cake. As much as I try to limit her sweets & give her healthy foods... I figured her birthday is special & a good time to introduce unhealthy amounts of sugar lol. I'm a chocoholic so of course I wanted a chocolate cake. But that wasn't all I had to think about.

I love the cutesy theme cakes like one of my cousins does. Seriously, I'm in awe of them. So I was hoping to do something like that... figured my first time prob wouldn't be all that great, but that's ok! We picked the Rubber Ducky theme because Kalila LOVES them... & after looking at a ton of cakes I came up with the cutest idea.

Basically I saw this cake online...

(is from - I love that site, has some really cute ideas!)

Adorable right? But I wanted to make a few changes. I was going to use chocolate plastic instead of fondant for the legs, and make a faucet too (maybe even a bar of soap). I was also going to make the rim on top thinner & the "water" larger. I don't like the ducks on top either... I debated getting the 3D ducky cake & doing that... Would be perfect because I could also use one half of it to do the small cake for Kalila to have for herself. But we couldn't find one... What we did find though was a set of oval pans in different sizes. One was even tiny enough for her cake! So we decided to do hers a miniature of the big one & just use rubber ducks on top.

I had planned to make a practice cake weeks before... but first we couldn't get supplies when we planned & things kept happening... So it went from weeks before, to the week before, to early that week, to Thursday lol.

As stressful as that was... I couldn't find the right cake mix either! So I decided to do it from scratch.... and if I'm gonna make a chocolate cake from scratch... It's gotta be my Nana's Texas Hot Cocoa Cake! And on a Non Hippy - Hippy Note... It ended up being partially organic. As I was making it I started thinking about that & how I'd like to adjust the recipe (not content, just switching from reg to organic ingredients) to make it fully organic. Isn't anything I can do right now (or need to do for that matter) but someday... I'm looking forward to trying it when I can though!

So Thursday... I got a batch mixed up, put it in the oven.... and out came this delicious cake... THAT FELL APART as soon as I tried to get it out of the pan. I was so tired at that point... and Jas made a comment about how the pan would make a good tub on it's own. He's right... but I wasn't sure if the cake would rise up too high to do that. (The water can't be higher than the tub lol) So I brainstormed w/ Las the next morning... Decided if it was low enough I'd use Jas' idea... and if not I'd put the cake, pan & all, in the freezer & pray it'd stick together when I got it out.

Friday came... I quadrupled the recipe because the big pan uses 11 cups of batter. I guess I over estimated because that was more than enough for the two pans... I ended up with enough to fill a third middle sized pan. & as you can see they turned out the perfect highth for using the pans as the tub!

While they were cooling I started in on the icing... I made a buttercreme icing instead of the traditional one that goes w/ that cake (for one thing is chocolate & wouldn't work for decorating the way I planned, plus has pecans which Kalila doesn't need just yet). I was really surprised at how easy it was.

Here's a shot I got after adding the water to the cakes.

I set aside some icing before adding the blue to it for the bubbles... I put the ducks on the large & small cakes (the ones I'd planned for) before I used it. Another thing I was really surprised at was how easy it was to decorate.

Here are the finished products.

Apparently I missed taking a pic of the third cake... So I just got one now. Sorry about the wrap & smooshed bubbles lol.

They may not have been what I planned for, but I'm really happy with them anyway. I'd much rather have homemade cake (esp the one I made) than a mix... and they still turned out cute.


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Very cute cake! I love it! And now I'm hungry for cake ..... LOL

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