23 October, 2008

Just In Time

I don't remember exactly how I worded it... but awhile back (a month or two ago... time has gotten past me lol) I mentioned something I wanted to share, but needed to talk to Baba first. I kept forgetting to bring it up & today ended up being the perfect time... and thankfully he's ok w/ me sharing it.

Like I said, a month or two ago... I had a lot going on & was doing some cleaning at night like usual (lol) when I got what has got to be the biggest shock of my life. I was in the living room and walking past the hallway into the dining room when I looked up & saw a man standing in the hallway.

That's right. A man. Middle of the night. And my doors were locked. In the seconds it took to realize all that he disappeared.

Still thouroghly freaked out of course I sent Jas a txt. Sometime around then I went to turn down the air conditioner because it was freezing... to realize I'd never turned it on.

I still think it's kind of amuzing that I've always been intrigued by ghost stories & haunted places... yet I see one & turn into a blubbering idiot telling it to go away & freaking out & all.

Anways, I sent Jas that txt & awhile later when he got the chance... he called. I was still a bit in shock & started describing exactly what I saw: thin man, slacks, dress shirt, etc... wasn't a shadow like I would have expected or see through like on tv (lol), just like a man only slightly out of focus.

As I was describing this Jas was quiet & then started asking questions... I answered & then he said something about how it might have been his friend Ben. He'd passed away 5 years ago & apparently others have seen him too. I'm confused by this because I didn't know the guy. Never met him. Never saw a picture of him... anything. Heard stories of course, but Jas never discribed him to me...

So Jas sent me to the myspace page a friend had made for him w/ pictures... I opened it up & chills started going down my spine. Spitting image of what I saw. Part of me was relieved, less scary and all that... but at the same time why?

Well... yesterday was the anniversary of his death & Jas goes to the cemetary for that... He asked me if I wanted to go & of course I'm going to go w/ him... I know how hard that's got to be for him... So we went today.

It went well... for a trip to a cemetary of course. At one point Kalila took off walking down the row & just kept going... We followed her & all had a nice little walk. While we were doing that I saw a grave for a 2 year old & started bawling. I felt bad about it because we were there to see his friend & I start crying over a baby we don't even know. Then he saw another that just said "Our babies" and I nearly did again... Silly mama hormones, worries, and all... Anyways... we headed back to Ben's grave & Baba told stories about his friend... I'm glad we were able to go w/ him.

On the way back... we saw a store called the Baobab Tree. I was intrigued of course... We went in & tons of Afrikan stuff... We even saw a bao board from TZ. I was so excited... but can't afford it. Was a huge one... Turned into a joke because I told myself out loud to walk away because I don't have $150. Baba pointed out that it's $159. This was true... but $9 is not a whole lot compaired to the rest of it... so I was laughing as I made a smart ass remark about it. We did end up getting Kalila a little carved Zebra (which she pointed out) from Zimbabwe... I know that $5 is way more than it should cost, but... She kept going nuts over everything zebra in there (surprisingly since she's never paid too much attention to them before).

Then after we left there we passed a sign that said "Acacia something or another" & I laughed. What are the odds of two Afrikan tree references in that short a time? Minutes later we passed another sign that was somehting like the Serengeti resort (I forget now... but still... more Afrika related). I'm laughing at this point... and feeling bad for Jas because he's gotta put up w/ me & Afrika yet again...

And we stopped for pizza. I was still thinking about what I just mentioned at that point & remember thinking that I wasn't going to tell him, but even pizza reminds me of it. I started thinking about Pizza Arusha & the goat cheese pizza... which got me to wanting said goat cheese pizza. I haven't had any in years & wasn't expecting any of course... I go in to find that they have it! I had one... with lamb, calamata olives, artichoke hearts & South African Peppadew Peppers... I was happy.... What's funny is that we gave Kalila a bite of the pepper (which is mostly sweet, but does have a bit of spicy taste to it) & she raised her eyebrows high... ate a bit more... and then reached over & grabbed a whole one & tried to stick it in her mouth! So cute...

I've got to get to bed soon (as soon as diapers are done agian) because we're getting up early to go w/ Baba to school... so we can vote. I decided a long time ago (during the election that is) that I wasn't getting into politics on here lol... so this is going to be the only entry on the subject... But I've spent I don't know how long trying to figure out who to vote for. The guy I liked didn't make the nomination... Figured I would settle, but... the closer it got the more unsure I got lol. So tonight... the night before I have to go vote.. it hit me that there are more than two candidates... So I looked at the others to find... The one I wanted is running as independent! Do I think he'll win? No... although I have since seen others on cafemom say they're voting for him too lol. And I did see a bumper sticker a few weeks ago (I thought it was an old one). Either way I'm happy I finally have a decision.. just in time lol.


Lelo and Stitch said...

Wow kinda crazy story. I can see how that would freak you out as well as why you might not want to share it without permission. I feel bad when I go through spirts talking about Afrika to Kevin... he has to put up with me too. Our trip to Arusha was fun... I think of it on a regular basis because of my batik's that I got there that are hanging on the wall. I digress, I could see how creepy it would be to see a man standing in the hall out of no where. just think, if you hadn't seen it you may not have been so interested in going to the cementary and then you wouldn't have had such an adventure.

PaxCarmel said...

You know, I have no idea what your religious persuasion is, but as a Catholic and a deliverance minister, my inclination is to tell you that he is appearing to ask you to help him with your prayers... to pray for him to find perfect rest in God's loving arms.
We say:

Eternal rest grant Ben, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

You might find that after you pray for him, he stops appearing to you. We've seen it before :)