31 October, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Whew... Just in time! LOL... I wasn't sure if I'd make it online tonight. I'll admit it, I've been watching the Live Ghost Hunters special...

Somehow Halloween snuck up on me this year. I really wasn't expecting it to be here already lol. Partly it's because we had so much going on lately and partly... well, we'd started making plans for what we were going to do & they changed & I just lost some enthusiasm... That prob wouldn't have happened if I wasn't stressed about other stuff, but unfortunate combination that ended up with me realizing a couple days ago that it was almost here & nothing was ready & we had no clue what we're doing other than a vague notion of visiting family lol.

We had no costumes... Kalila's... we had the bee costume, but it needed touchups & something to wear underneath. I knew she had some black pants, and thought we had a black hoodie that might work (wasn't sure on size) but it didn't. Turned out just to be a jacket, no hood (I needed that to sew the headband on or else it won't stay), grey stripes & too small. LOL. So I plowed through clothes we'd put up for a couple costumes given to us awhile back to see if they'd work. Thankfully the pumkin did. Around the same time we figured that out I decided it'd be easy to make a hippy costume for me... That was today mind you... Not yesterday or the day before... today.

Then (at least partly because time got away from us) plans to see family fell through... but honestly I think it worked out for the best. We dressed Kalila in that pumkin costume, I threw on some hippyish clothes (although Jas did my scarf & laughed that I looked somewhat like a fortune teller at that point) & we walked down to Wal-Greens to get some candy (good thing too because we got Trick-Or-Treaters later on - unfortunately that led to Kalila throwing a fit because she wanted to leave w/ them!). After we got back we watched the first hour of the Ghost Hunters thing, then put on the Simpsons Halloween DVD, and then back to Ghost Hunters.

Yes I got tons of pictures. Ignore the upside down stroller on the floor. We'd taken it on our walk & Kalila pulled it over & we hadn't fixed it yet lol. Also sorry about the blurry ones... I'm including them because... well... Kalila got ahold of one of my scarves - long story short, last weekend Stephanie was playing w/ her & hers & Kalila went nuts over it, so I wanted to see her reaction... and she got so excited! She grinned and giggled... Then she grabbed it from me & tried to put it on her head (LOL) and then she held it behind her & started twirling around in a circle... Towards the end of the night (if you can't tell) she got really fussy... one reason I'm glad we stayed in. Sorry I didn't do them like I normally do, but it's late & I'm tired so getting this posted as fast as I can... (basically they're just in order from how we took em)

I got at least one good video too... Tried to get more, but didn't work so well... Is sad, I really wanted one of her twirling w/ the scarf or playing peek a boo in that shelf nini. Ignore the mess, I'd say we were going for the Haunted House look, but no... that was all Kalila! (when I finish up here, guess what I get to go do? LOL)

Anyways, hope you all had a great Halloween!


Christy said...

Kalila was such a cute little pumpkin! And mama was a cute Hippie too:)