20 October, 2008

Camel - The Other White Meat

Sorry, I watched No Reservations today....

Anyways... Over & over again today I kept thinking of the phrase "If it isn't one thing... it's another". If I hadn't been amused by the whole camel thing that probably would have been my title tonight, but I was & it's not... But I'm starting to ramble...

Backing up a bit... There are so many things that I've been meaning to write about & just haven't been able to. I started a stream post that's saved as a draft, but... I just don't like how it's going lol. Hopefully I'll be able to save some of it.

Last Sunday... (I have a reason for going back so far I promise!)

Jas had to direct the choir at Church again. So we got up early & got there at 9:30. Keep in mind that Mass starts at 11. So we were there early & Jas was practicing... I took Kalila in there w/ him to see how she does in the pews while noone else was really around lol. She did pretty good... other than singing along w/ her baba. It was cute though!

Finally I decided to go into the cry room. We get in there & almost immediately she starts throwing fits. I tried to feed her... nope didn't want that. I tried her book, her toys... nothing working. So we went outside... Back and forth until finally it's time for Mass.

So others are in there at this point & Kalila's walking around. Apparently the kids made these foam crosses in class & one of the little girls showed hers to Kalila... who decided she had to have it. The girl was willing to share, but her 2 year old brother wasn't. He kept taking it from her and trying to hand her back her keys. Finally she ended up chasing him down... which ended w/ him pushing her. I think his parents were more upset than she was lol... she didn't fall, it was ok... but she went back after him. So I grabbed her & tried to hold her in my lap causing a melt down. The girl gives her the cross again... and she starts chewing on it, so I was trying to stop that... and edges were starting to come up off of the parts glued on so finally I took it away & handed it back... and another meltdown hit. So we're back outside... I started to stay in the whatever its' called area where I could at least hear, but we got shushed when she made a tiny sound to someone, so I tried going in another time, but she threw a fit to get down & I ended up going back outside. I go back in as everyone's going up for Communion... she behaved until we got to the front of the line & then started screaming. Jas came up to help at that point & then his dad did after we got back outside.... when he took her I went to get our bag. I was so frazzled it wasn't even funny. & of course I didn't hear a single thing that was said during the readings, the homily, anything!

Normally I love Sundays... I love going to Church... my week doesn't feel right if I don't... but after we left I was dreading going back this Sunday. All week I dreaded it & felt horrible about it.

Thursday we had Kalila's drs visit... which mostly went well. She gained back the weight lost while sick, has grown, all that good stuff. The dr was surprised that she can say thankyou & laughed at her saying tickle. But the shots were awful... The last few times she got them she did great, no crying or anything... This time she screamed & then sobbed afterwards, didn't just cry - actually sobbed. It was so sad...

Sunday came... I got up to feed Kalila... started to get ready & laid back down for a second & overslept. & of course I'm kicking myself over it for multiple reasons... but mostly because I was dreading it so much... Like I hope I didn't do it on purpose type thing. Plus there's the whole thing of I know it will (and has already) thrown off my week.

When we did get up we ran some errands and then tackled the dishes... none were broken I promise. I actually managed to get quite a bit done last night too.

Ok, so I don't remember if it was Sat or Sunday, but one of those days Jas woke up to find a mess in the living room. He thought he'd locked the cats out of the room & one had had diarrhea. Yeah.. discusting. I mention it because....

Last night when I was doing all my cleaning, one bit of it was working on the oven which needed to be propped open (no fumes of course, but needed air) & I didn't want the kitties to climb in... so I closed them in here w/ me. If I close our door & the door between the two bathrooms they have a good space to play & still have access to their litter boxes & food.

So at 7 this morning I was woken by the sound of a kitty retching... I sat up just in time to see it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it wasn't diarrhea that Jas cleaned (although I'm sure he doesn't feel much better about it lol) but the same. Either way was gross... and not the way I wanted to start my day!

From there it just got better...

I opened up the sliding door to the screen... blinds open. Made lunch... When Kalila was through I reached down to pick up the chicken she threw on the floor... and got more thrown at my head (with force mind you). Tried to put Kalila down for a nap... Heard Kimosimi start to get sick agian (thankfully he didn't) Then Kalila screamed until I got her... Let Mumble out... (figured Kimosimi needed to be where if he made a mess the baby couldn't get to it) and she ran over to the corner by the laundry room & peed on one of Jas' shirts. So I had that to clean up... Kalila needed a diaper... we went into her room to do it & she peed on my pants. I couldn't take them off because the whole street would see me when I walked out. So I was stuck in them until I could get her fed & down for a nap. She did not want to take a nap. I was trying to vacuum & could hear her "baba. baba. yaya... baba" over & over... Thankfully she wasn't screaming or crying though. After I finished vacuuming (yes I'm horrible I know) I got her out... Fought over another diaper change... I finally carried her into the bathroom & washed her in the sink that time. The wipes weren't working & she kept trying to get away from me. She wasn't happy about it & kept yelling for Baba like I was... I can't think of the word lol... Not embarrassing, not horrifying... anyways, putting her through something awful. (still not right, but it'll work for now) Jas got up to get ready for work & Kalila followed him around... stood there while he shaved & all that... was so cute! I wish I'd gotten a pic of that... or of her on all fours looking out the window with Kimosimi on one side doing the same & Mumble on the other lol... or her when she got mad at me & stuck her jaw out & lowered her eyebrows or a video of her barking back at the dog she heard later on.... But yeah.. it's been a crazy day. She even went down screaming (thankfully not for long)
& then Kimosimi made me spill some broth.. all over the bathroom.

I hope noone thinks I'm complaining... because I'm not meaning too. It's just so much has happened... esp today... I did get stuff done & our wetbag finally came in the mail & oh yeah - Kalila got to pet (and hold) an itty bitty kitten this morning! She loved it... So cute!

Sorry if I'm all over the place with this... my mind is too lol. I just had to laugh because it's been one of those days that EVERYTHING happens. Jas just got home & spilled Dr. Pepper on me too... Is a good thing I'm in a good mood I guess... I can't imagine today if I wasn't... :-D


Christy said...

Kalila is turning into a big girl. Around a year, Porgie flipped out when we went to the doctor's office. She was smart enough to realize that they hurt her with their shots.

I have a cat who pukes 3 or 4 times per week. So gross. Poor Jason.