24 October, 2008

Bring on the Tuna

We love tuna around here... I actually have to stop myself from making it too often lol. Jas really only likes it in Tuna Helpers or casseroles (I'm trying to phase out the Helpers to scratch meals, but I've yet to find a good recipe for these... working on it though)... I was kinda surprised that I ended up liking them too... Kalila hasn't had one yet, but I'm sure she will too.

But I also love a good old tuna sandwich. What all goes in it depends on how much time I want to spend on it lol... I pretty regularly leave out the boiled egg even though it's great in there and onions about half the time too, that one depends on if we have them or not. But it HAS to have pickles. I love pickles. The more the better. I also add garlic and salt... and thanks to a fortunate accident when I lived w/ my mom, we ran out of mayo and didn't know until n the middle of cooking, I use ranch dressing instead. It's wonderful...

But if I make them then either Jas needs to be working... or I have to make him his own sans pickles. So far he's turned me down on that though lol. If he ever did that would help me out w/ Kalila (although I'd prob turn it into a tuna melt for her... hmmm.. that might work for him too now that I think about it).

Basically I have to make hers seperate from mine anyway... Jas is allergic to cucumbers... which means no pickles... which means no cucumbers... or pickles... for Kalila until she's a little older. Plus I prob put too much salt lol...

So a couple weeks ago when I wanted to intro tuna to her (and happened to be wanting a sandwich for myself lol) I tried one of the recipes in that cookbook. Creamed Tuna on Toasty Bread... sounds and looks disgusting but seemed easier to do than the other one & got a grain in there too lol. Thankfully she loved it.

Skip forward a week or so later (a little over a week I think) and I was trying to come up w/ a fast lunch. Fast lunch = tuna craving fairy hitting me over the head..

So I decided to try the one I'd really wanted to do the week before. Terrific Tuna w/ Vegatables. But I decided to get creative... It calls for boiling peas & carrots (I think steaming would be better don't you?) adding garlic powder, add to tuna in baking dish, dot w/ butter and bake for 20 min... but instead I added to tuna, cut up some onion & threw it in too... added butter & sprinkled cheese and some bread crumbs on top and then baked.

Just as I put it in front of her the phone rang... So I grabbed ate the piece in my hand without thinking as I grabbed the phone... and it was good! I may adjust this some for us...