31 October, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Whew... Just in time! LOL... I wasn't sure if I'd make it online tonight. I'll admit it, I've been watching the Live Ghost Hunters special...

Somehow Halloween snuck up on me this year. I really wasn't expecting it to be here already lol. Partly it's because we had so much going on lately and partly... well, we'd started making plans for what we were going to do & they changed & I just lost some enthusiasm... That prob wouldn't have happened if I wasn't stressed about other stuff, but unfortunate combination that ended up with me realizing a couple days ago that it was almost here & nothing was ready & we had no clue what we're doing other than a vague notion of visiting family lol.

We had no costumes... Kalila's... we had the bee costume, but it needed touchups & something to wear underneath. I knew she had some black pants, and thought we had a black hoodie that might work (wasn't sure on size) but it didn't. Turned out just to be a jacket, no hood (I needed that to sew the headband on or else it won't stay), grey stripes & too small. LOL. So I plowed through clothes we'd put up for a couple costumes given to us awhile back to see if they'd work. Thankfully the pumkin did. Around the same time we figured that out I decided it'd be easy to make a hippy costume for me... That was today mind you... Not yesterday or the day before... today.

Then (at least partly because time got away from us) plans to see family fell through... but honestly I think it worked out for the best. We dressed Kalila in that pumkin costume, I threw on some hippyish clothes (although Jas did my scarf & laughed that I looked somewhat like a fortune teller at that point) & we walked down to Wal-Greens to get some candy (good thing too because we got Trick-Or-Treaters later on - unfortunately that led to Kalila throwing a fit because she wanted to leave w/ them!). After we got back we watched the first hour of the Ghost Hunters thing, then put on the Simpsons Halloween DVD, and then back to Ghost Hunters.

Yes I got tons of pictures. Ignore the upside down stroller on the floor. We'd taken it on our walk & Kalila pulled it over & we hadn't fixed it yet lol. Also sorry about the blurry ones... I'm including them because... well... Kalila got ahold of one of my scarves - long story short, last weekend Stephanie was playing w/ her & hers & Kalila went nuts over it, so I wanted to see her reaction... and she got so excited! She grinned and giggled... Then she grabbed it from me & tried to put it on her head (LOL) and then she held it behind her & started twirling around in a circle... Towards the end of the night (if you can't tell) she got really fussy... one reason I'm glad we stayed in. Sorry I didn't do them like I normally do, but it's late & I'm tired so getting this posted as fast as I can... (basically they're just in order from how we took em)

I got at least one good video too... Tried to get more, but didn't work so well... Is sad, I really wanted one of her twirling w/ the scarf or playing peek a boo in that shelf nini. Ignore the mess, I'd say we were going for the Haunted House look, but no... that was all Kalila! (when I finish up here, guess what I get to go do? LOL)

Anyways, hope you all had a great Halloween!

27 October, 2008

Febreze & Caffeine

Don't worry, not nearly as long as my earlier post lol. I've spent most of my day doing laundry & chasing Kalila... But two things I have to mention...

This morning I was talking to my mom on the phone & getting some stuff done. Kalila was following me around playing w/ a book... I walked in here (the bedroom) and then went in the bathroom for a second to set something down. I just vacuumed the bedroom floor & made sure it was all baby proofed again so it shouldn't have been an issue. But in the second I went in the bathroom Kalila got ahold of the Febreze bottle (that I put up on a high shelf after using last night, so I'm thinking a kitty knocked it off) & stuck it in her mouth! Thankfully I did walk back in just as it happened so I don't think she actually drank any... but I called the poison control people anyway... just in case. Apparently the only things in Febreze are purfumes & alcohol... So if you have a little one get ahold of the stuff.... Most likely no reaction other than a sore throat... if she got a lot then maybe vomitting from the alcohol & to watch that
she didn't get low blood sugar if that happened. Like I said, if she got any it was prob just a few drops on the sprayer... so I didnt' think that would happen & thankfully it didn't. They also told me to do exactly what I did in the first place (w/out thinking I took her to the bathroom & washed her mouth out), said give her water & then something sweet... and that nursing would do too. Uggh. It still scared me pretty good. So I've been going around double/triple checking everything today...

The other issue today wasn't near as big a deal... I seriously need caffeine. I got a dollar out & tried to get a DP from the machine at the pool... but no it ate my dollar. And they don't have a key here... so I have to wait to get it back. Then later when I could actually get out & go to the gas station... The light wouldn't let me! We have to cross on one side of the street because the other has a step up/down that's really unsafe w/ the stroller... and the one we're on (not the one crossing) is a driveway/enterance across the way... So the light usually turns green, but w/out a crossing sign becuase its a turn lane... Then it goes red & I get my light to go. Nope it skipped. Came aroudn again.. and skipped. Came around again & skipped. At this point Kalila was starting to fuss & then it did it agian & we came home... I was not happy. I still have a headache & a serious DP craving... Baba's off tomorrow though... so maybe I can give him some Baba/Baby time & go by myself lol... or something. With my luck I won't want one by then lol.

My Little Hummus Monster

I'll apologize now if I make little sense... I'm exhausted. But it's not like I can go to bed either because I have too much to do (mostly laundry though, which is why I'm managing this). Sorry about the length too... has been a long weekend obviously lol

This weekend was the Lebanese Festival at Church. I only got to go 2 of the days, but I'm really glad I did. It was a lot of fun... but it was a really stressful weekend for other reasons.

Friday was probably the hardest day - and the one I didn't get to go. I'd planned on it... But while we were at school (was the day I went w/ Baba so we could vote.. that was an experience all on it's own, juggling a screaming baby who wants down while trying to do that!) the maintenence guy came. That's fine, he got the stuff fixed... Well, right away I saw that he got the calking done, but only around the faucet area... and it's around the tub itself that needs to be done. Good job on the toilet though lol... It now flushes wonderfully... (used to be a 50/50 chance if it would or not). I'd planned to go talk to them about it, but not just yet becuase too much going on.

Well Baba took a nap because we knew he wasn't getting another chance to sleep in a long time... and I was supposed to get his clothes ready. The dry clean ones were easy & I got them done... but our water was shut off w/out notice. Not just ours, but the entire apartment complex. No warning... So I couldn't wash half the stuff... Then around the time I was suppose to wake him I could barely keep my eyes open... and getting stressed from being so tired...

He woke up just as I was about to do yoga (something I've been trying to do for weeks & not managing) & asked me to go to the office agian. So I did... (and yes yoga out the window yet again) & they said water should be coming on any minute... good news - he could shower lol.

So he gets in the shower & they put it the wrong way! Our cold water is now hot & hot is cold... The worst part of it is... now you can't get cold water w/out scalding yourself first! So I went back to the office & the maintence guy argued that it's supposed to be that way (despite it saying hot & cold on the wall...) & we're just not used to it yet. He came, as did the head maintenence guy & the manager... and all 3 idiots decided that it's fine, they just need to flip the thing on the wall to where the words are on the wrong side too. I've calmed down about this a lot.... if I'd written this a couple days ago (and I really thought about it) there would have been some serious cussing & probably in multiple languages. I was not happy. Seriously, it's so not safe it's not even funny. I'm just glad we're not planning to stay here too much longer (another year at most) because we can't have that w/ Kalila... Sorry I'm about to go off again lol.

So I was pissed about that, and hungry (which being hypoglycemic you can imagine what that does for my mood lol), and grumpy from not getting to sleep when I needed it, and somehow or another Baba & I got in a fight. I really don't even know why... It made absolutely no sense.

Then he left & I started to finish what I was doing aroudn the house & picked up a clothes hanger that wasn't where it was supposed to be. Kalila was in the other room (thankfully) playing w/ a toy or something. Anyways, I went to toss it into the bedroom (so I could put it up later when I was finished in the dining room). I remember thinking about not caring if the thing hit the door & broke (we have 23523500235454 hangers really and they break all the time from being stepped on & stuff) because I was upset, but I didn't expect it too.... Yeah... I also didn't expect it to catch the air wrong (that's the only way I can explain this happening considering I threw it straight at the door way in front of me) and hit the light in the hallway. Little bitty plastic clothes hanger that doesn't weigh hardly anything hit the globe around the light (and this is a thick cover over the light, not flimsy by any means) and broke the thing. Glass went everywhere... Scared me half to death. I ended up calling Baba crying... I felt so bad about it... I'm still confused at how it happened. And glad Kalila was behind me in the living room (although I wouldn't have tossed it if she'd been around in the first place) where she was away from the glass... She tried to go in there afterwards, but couldn't get past me lol. I put her in the highchair while I picked it up & then vacuumed over it too just in case. I know I have a temper sometimes (thankfully not often at all anymore) but I don't go around breaking things I promise!

So yeah... Friday was going pretty bad... and a few min later a friend of mine called. We hadn't talked in forever & she had good news. Her bro's baby was born 2 weeks before... and her sister is pregnant w/ twins! So exciting. Poor thing got vented too like crazy, but she was nice about it & I felt so much better afterwards.

While we were talking though I started sorting dirty clothes... and I had/have way more to do than I expected. I just didn't realize it... We have so many that we weren't close to running out yet & I was trying so hard to keep up w/ other stuff around here that I missed it. So I got it all nice and sorted... got a couple loads done even. The last load was full of jeans. By the time they were washed Baba was home & we were both exhausted & wanted to sleep so I figured it won't hurt them to spend the night in the drier. The next morning I asked him to get them out because they're heavy (I always have a hard time getting the jeans out) & he said he would so I kept on getting us ready to go... Remember that in a min...

So Saturday we went to the festival. We pretty much ran out the door at 12:30 becuase Baba had to dance at 1. Kalila got so excited about watching them dance... was trying to dance along in my lap (not surprising since she did that while I was pg too lol). Then when she saw him on stage her jaw dropped a little and she said "Babaaa" SO CUTE. I wish I could have gotten pics/video of her watching them... but no. I did get a couple pics (although not good) of when he took her out to dance afterwards before I was forced to join them lol.

I also got some pics of her dancing w/ the other kids... I could have gotten a lot more like this (and wish I had).

We got home about 6:30... Baba basically dropped us off & went back. Kalila was exhausted at that point & needed to get ready for bed. Well, almost as soon as we walked in I heard mewing... Frantic mewing. Coming from the laundry room.... Since he was closer I asked Baba to check & there was poor Mumble! (of course the one who's afraid of it the most) And she peed... 6 hours locked in there I'm not surprised (or mad at her). Then I hear the words, "You might want to wash the jeans again... They have fur on them & probably were peed on". Yeah, not only were they not unloaded that morning while I was doing stuff (and would have gotten them myself if I'd have known they weren't)... but the drier door was left open somehow (that was prob me.. I always close it, but I guess it didn't catch or something). So I had to stay up & rewash the stupid jeans! It was so late by the time they were done though... that I ended up leaving them in the drier yet again...

Today... Like every other Sunday we were running around like heads w/ our chickens cut off... Baba made a comment about putting his dance shirt in the drier w/ a wet rag to get wrinkles out... I figured, common sense he'd unload the drier. I guess I figured that... I really didn't think about it that much lol.

We got to Mass late - as always... Kalila chased boys - as always. Baba had to take her out of the cry room for being rowdy - as always. & afterwards we went to have dinner w/ her Gido - as always lol. No, it was nice...

So we came back here, got her fed, a bit of a nap & then we started getting ready to head back. Baba asked me for his shirt. I opened the drier to find our jeans... Confused, I told him that he didn't put it in... the jeans were in there. No... he put it in with the jeans. Now... I wouldn't mind so much if it was a clean shirt. But keep in mind... This is his dance shirt. His dance shirt that he's worn - dancing in - for the past two days. It's dirty, it's sweaty, it's stinky, it's GROSS and he threw it in with the CLEAN JEANS I'VE ALREADY WASHED TWICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all now back in the dirty clothes pile... I'm waiting to wash them until after the rest (I hope he doesn't need any of them) because I have all those others that are needed too & haven't been washed once & they're already about to have their third go around & if I put them in again & something stupid happens I'm gonna cry. (I didn't cry when I realized what he did this time... I laughed... still somewhat laughing... annoyed... but laughing)

We went back... I was going to get lots of dancing pics... but the batteries went out. So I got one of Baba MCing...

And a few dancing pics that are as blurry as ever. I cant ever seem to get good shots of the dancers w/ his camera (I should have brought both!)...

Oh & here's Kalila at the end, all worn out!

And if you're wondering why she's my little hummus monster... We brought home food tonight & I was feeding her off of my plate. Of course I was giving her small pieces of arabic bread w/ hummus (I'm not mean enough to keep it away, she loves the stuff) along with bits of everything else. Well, after awhile I thought she was done (was turned towards Baba) so I was eating, and she turned back around & stuck her hand in it & just helped herself! She then kept doing it... and decided it would be fun to smear it all over us too. So we were covered, she was covered.... and that was before she decided to forget the hands, lets just stick ourselves in it face first! You know the stereotypical baby on first bday with the cake? That's my daughter w/ hummus!

24 October, 2008

Bring on the Tuna

We love tuna around here... I actually have to stop myself from making it too often lol. Jas really only likes it in Tuna Helpers or casseroles (I'm trying to phase out the Helpers to scratch meals, but I've yet to find a good recipe for these... working on it though)... I was kinda surprised that I ended up liking them too... Kalila hasn't had one yet, but I'm sure she will too.

But I also love a good old tuna sandwich. What all goes in it depends on how much time I want to spend on it lol... I pretty regularly leave out the boiled egg even though it's great in there and onions about half the time too, that one depends on if we have them or not. But it HAS to have pickles. I love pickles. The more the better. I also add garlic and salt... and thanks to a fortunate accident when I lived w/ my mom, we ran out of mayo and didn't know until n the middle of cooking, I use ranch dressing instead. It's wonderful...

But if I make them then either Jas needs to be working... or I have to make him his own sans pickles. So far he's turned me down on that though lol. If he ever did that would help me out w/ Kalila (although I'd prob turn it into a tuna melt for her... hmmm.. that might work for him too now that I think about it).

Basically I have to make hers seperate from mine anyway... Jas is allergic to cucumbers... which means no pickles... which means no cucumbers... or pickles... for Kalila until she's a little older. Plus I prob put too much salt lol...

So a couple weeks ago when I wanted to intro tuna to her (and happened to be wanting a sandwich for myself lol) I tried one of the recipes in that cookbook. Creamed Tuna on Toasty Bread... sounds and looks disgusting but seemed easier to do than the other one & got a grain in there too lol. Thankfully she loved it.

Skip forward a week or so later (a little over a week I think) and I was trying to come up w/ a fast lunch. Fast lunch = tuna craving fairy hitting me over the head..

So I decided to try the one I'd really wanted to do the week before. Terrific Tuna w/ Vegatables. But I decided to get creative... It calls for boiling peas & carrots (I think steaming would be better don't you?) adding garlic powder, add to tuna in baking dish, dot w/ butter and bake for 20 min... but instead I added to tuna, cut up some onion & threw it in too... added butter & sprinkled cheese and some bread crumbs on top and then baked.

Just as I put it in front of her the phone rang... So I grabbed ate the piece in my hand without thinking as I grabbed the phone... and it was good! I may adjust this some for us...

23 October, 2008

Just In Time

I don't remember exactly how I worded it... but awhile back (a month or two ago... time has gotten past me lol) I mentioned something I wanted to share, but needed to talk to Baba first. I kept forgetting to bring it up & today ended up being the perfect time... and thankfully he's ok w/ me sharing it.

Like I said, a month or two ago... I had a lot going on & was doing some cleaning at night like usual (lol) when I got what has got to be the biggest shock of my life. I was in the living room and walking past the hallway into the dining room when I looked up & saw a man standing in the hallway.

That's right. A man. Middle of the night. And my doors were locked. In the seconds it took to realize all that he disappeared.

Still thouroghly freaked out of course I sent Jas a txt. Sometime around then I went to turn down the air conditioner because it was freezing... to realize I'd never turned it on.

I still think it's kind of amuzing that I've always been intrigued by ghost stories & haunted places... yet I see one & turn into a blubbering idiot telling it to go away & freaking out & all.

Anways, I sent Jas that txt & awhile later when he got the chance... he called. I was still a bit in shock & started describing exactly what I saw: thin man, slacks, dress shirt, etc... wasn't a shadow like I would have expected or see through like on tv (lol), just like a man only slightly out of focus.

As I was describing this Jas was quiet & then started asking questions... I answered & then he said something about how it might have been his friend Ben. He'd passed away 5 years ago & apparently others have seen him too. I'm confused by this because I didn't know the guy. Never met him. Never saw a picture of him... anything. Heard stories of course, but Jas never discribed him to me...

So Jas sent me to the myspace page a friend had made for him w/ pictures... I opened it up & chills started going down my spine. Spitting image of what I saw. Part of me was relieved, less scary and all that... but at the same time why?

Well... yesterday was the anniversary of his death & Jas goes to the cemetary for that... He asked me if I wanted to go & of course I'm going to go w/ him... I know how hard that's got to be for him... So we went today.

It went well... for a trip to a cemetary of course. At one point Kalila took off walking down the row & just kept going... We followed her & all had a nice little walk. While we were doing that I saw a grave for a 2 year old & started bawling. I felt bad about it because we were there to see his friend & I start crying over a baby we don't even know. Then he saw another that just said "Our babies" and I nearly did again... Silly mama hormones, worries, and all... Anyways... we headed back to Ben's grave & Baba told stories about his friend... I'm glad we were able to go w/ him.

On the way back... we saw a store called the Baobab Tree. I was intrigued of course... We went in & tons of Afrikan stuff... We even saw a bao board from TZ. I was so excited... but can't afford it. Was a huge one... Turned into a joke because I told myself out loud to walk away because I don't have $150. Baba pointed out that it's $159. This was true... but $9 is not a whole lot compaired to the rest of it... so I was laughing as I made a smart ass remark about it. We did end up getting Kalila a little carved Zebra (which she pointed out) from Zimbabwe... I know that $5 is way more than it should cost, but... She kept going nuts over everything zebra in there (surprisingly since she's never paid too much attention to them before).

Then after we left there we passed a sign that said "Acacia something or another" & I laughed. What are the odds of two Afrikan tree references in that short a time? Minutes later we passed another sign that was somehting like the Serengeti resort (I forget now... but still... more Afrika related). I'm laughing at this point... and feeling bad for Jas because he's gotta put up w/ me & Afrika yet again...

And we stopped for pizza. I was still thinking about what I just mentioned at that point & remember thinking that I wasn't going to tell him, but even pizza reminds me of it. I started thinking about Pizza Arusha & the goat cheese pizza... which got me to wanting said goat cheese pizza. I haven't had any in years & wasn't expecting any of course... I go in to find that they have it! I had one... with lamb, calamata olives, artichoke hearts & South African Peppadew Peppers... I was happy.... What's funny is that we gave Kalila a bite of the pepper (which is mostly sweet, but does have a bit of spicy taste to it) & she raised her eyebrows high... ate a bit more... and then reached over & grabbed a whole one & tried to stick it in her mouth! So cute...

I've got to get to bed soon (as soon as diapers are done agian) because we're getting up early to go w/ Baba to school... so we can vote. I decided a long time ago (during the election that is) that I wasn't getting into politics on here lol... so this is going to be the only entry on the subject... But I've spent I don't know how long trying to figure out who to vote for. The guy I liked didn't make the nomination... Figured I would settle, but... the closer it got the more unsure I got lol. So tonight... the night before I have to go vote.. it hit me that there are more than two candidates... So I looked at the others to find... The one I wanted is running as independent! Do I think he'll win? No... although I have since seen others on cafemom say they're voting for him too lol. And I did see a bumper sticker a few weeks ago (I thought it was an old one). Either way I'm happy I finally have a decision.. just in time lol.

22 October, 2008


Ok, so I was reading a post earlier about first ovulation after having a baby/birthcontrol.. and someone gave some bad info on Mirena. They tried to say that it works by stopping the egg from releasing so there is no chance of you aborting a baby every month. I knew that wasn't right so I went to Mirena's website... and found this:

While there is no single explanation for how Mirena® works, it may:

  • Block sperm from reaching or fertilizing your egg
  • Make the lining of your uterus thin (this may also result in benefits like less menstrual bleeding over time)
  • Stop the release of your egg from your ovary (but this is not the way it works in most cases)

It is believed that all 3 of these actions may work together to prevent pregnancy.

Ok... Forget the fact that thinning the lining does in no way prevent pregnancy like the last line suggests (although it does "prevent" one from continuing) & look at the disclaimer on the part about stopping the egg from releasing. I was right, her info was off lol.

But that's not why I'm annoyed.

I'm annoyed because while I was on there I started clicking around curiously and saw a link to compair it to other forms of birth control... They had NFP listed. I had a sinking feeling that they were using the name NFP w / the stats for the infamous rhythm method. I was close...

They say it's only 75% effective for one! While looking up the exact numbers (because I couldn't remember if its' really 98% or 99% effective when used correctly) I found out that they combine rhythm and calendar methods in with NFP, as well as the people who use it to get pregnant, when they provide stats for it in a lot of places. Which is probably why there's so low on that site. Very misleading... Not only throw in the people using methods not approved for NFP for being unreliable, but skew the stats even more by adding in people TRYING to get pregnant? FYI - the stats I got off of a medical site were 90 - 99% reliable to avoid pregnancy. Big difference even between 90 and 75 (although this is the first time I've seen that number, so I'm guessing 90 was put as margin of error for those not following as strictly).

Then they say that you have to have regular cycles for it to work! No... you don't... and you can use it while nursing and have no cycles too... I know because I am... and I haven't gotten pregnant yet have I? I won't claim it's easy w/ no cycle by any means.. but it can be done. (Irregular cycles are still cycles and not that hard to work with).

It also lists monitoring and discipline under disadvantages lol... I'll give them that, although I don't think taking a moment to check myself and write it down is that big a deal... and in my opinion if you're having sex, having some discipline is not a bad thing. It's called taking responsibility...

Another thing I noticed was that the "information" on the others under disadvantages left a lot out... nothing is said about safety or health... (of course there are warnings on their own product in other parts of their site).

Of course it's my own fault for getting annoyed... I looked at the stupid page lol.

Loving That Vinegar

I know I've mentioned my cleaning w/ vinegar... but I'm not sure if I've said anything about the health benefits.

Apparently Apple Cider Vinegar is very good for you... for various ailments. What really caught my attention is that it can give you energy. I need energy. So I tried the recommended recipe of adding it to water w/ some honey... was awful! I couldn't take it.

I'd read about Bragg's Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar... I didn't think too much about it beyond that because I was sure it'd be expensive.. but one of my neighbors takes it religiously and got me to try some. I figured why not. So I did a shot, quite literally, and surprisingly it wasn't bad! I went to the store and it was there and a decent price...

So I'm here w/ my vinegar... and looked at how to take it. 2 teaspoons w/ 8 oz water... Twice a day. Ok, I'll do that... and uggh. I can handle it alone, but the water.... so I added honey (one of the suggestions I saw on the lable).... is slightly better...

My question... Do you think it'd be ok to chug it alone and then drink a glass of water? LOL I'm serious... The vinegar I can handle.. the mix.... uggggh.

Pictures Promised

Ok... Here are the pics I promised earlier! If you haven't read the last blog where I mention them, go back and read it first... scroll down, click here on Mediocreness, whatever... but yeah, here they are! Sorry the couple that are sideways aren't flipped. I haven't had time to mess w/ them and trying to hurry... oh and the last two pics I took tonight of her playing w/ her bear. Was sooo cute... she gave him kisses, then picked him up and carried him around, tackled him, all that fun stuff!


I had a nice surprise this morning... first off I checked my email and saw I had a comment on one of my older posts... Seemed a bit odd since it was from this last summer, but comments are always nice! Then I looked here on my blog & saw that the latest travel post was up on AllMediocre... and it was about me! So excited. Baba was too when I showed it to him (because he was mentioned lol). I'd link it here, but I'm supposed to be doing something else at the moment, so hurrying this along lol. It's on my blog list over to the side though!

Does anyone else have Baby TV? I didnt (as Kalila starts throwing the diapers all over the living room!!!!) know we had it until I found it by chance yesterday. I was curious, so I put it on... is full of 5 to 15 min shows, no comercials... aimed at little ones. One teaches a word in sign language, one teaches new words in general, one has a red tractor farmer & sheep (Kalila LOVES that one), one is a home baby gym show, etc... a lot of it Kalila ignores like any other tv... but I've noticed if I have it on she'll go up and interact w/ some of the ones she likes. It's really cute! I like the baby gym one too because it involves us parents...and is just fun. It definately does not help my goal of cutting down on tv lol.

We had leftovers for lunch today... I really needed to get rid of some stuff before it went bad, like the spinach. Of course, Kalila had some last week and I'm a little worried about her having too much of it so I didn't want to give her much (but if I'm having something...) so I just put a spoonful with the rest of her food. Wasn't in pasta this time... just the spinach warmed up w/ some butter. She went for it first and demolished the stuff. Thankfully there wasn't the mess this time lol. It kind of surprised me though...

If she hadn't already had so much personality, stubbornness and independence before.... it's tripled lately. She squeals when she's excited (like when she saw a dog the other day); scowls, yells and shakes her finger at us and the cats when she's unhappy about something; and throws a ton more fits... This morning it was over getting down. I had left baking soda on the hallway carpet overnight to vacuum up this morning (I've been in a serious cleaning mood lately...) and couldn't put her down to play until I got it done. She nursed like normal, but instead of cuddleing she wanted down... and when I wouldn't let her all hell broke loose. Thankfully putting her in her highchair (a little sooner than I would have) was an acceptable alternative... but she had to have bananas... I'm glad we had one left! Diaper changes are another struggle. She hates being pinned down for one. I'm so glad we've gone to pocket diapers full time, because they're so much easier. The few times we've had to resort to prefolds I'm about ready to pull my hair out by the end of the change. And food/drinks... she thinks she wants everything she can't have. I can't get the cereal w/ strawberries in it anymore because it causes meltdowns when she can't have any! Dr. Peppers and soda's... we shouldn't drink in the first place I know, but good grief the screaming that happens if she sees me w/ one. And I'm shouldn't even go near the subject of icecream... We made the mistake of giving her some... so now if she sees it she wants it... and if she has some... she throws a fit for more when it's gone!

Baba keeps hinting at me mentioning him and some of his crazy antics more often... and he specifically mentioned one - so here we go! I wish I had a video... really I do... A few months ago or so I was doing something & he randomly broke out in this Zoidberg (from......

Speaking of throwing fits... she wants to put her cookie jar toy on my lap & the laptop... so now she's screaming and hitting things because I wouldn't let her.. I'll brb...

Ok, so I picked her up & she called for baba... told her he was at work and she started saying mimi, which makes no sense because she just took her nap! Then she started saying something that sounded like peepee, so I checked her diaper & she was soaked (despite me just changing her too). So got that fixed and we played a bit.. she walked off and walked into a wall causing a second crying fit. Poor thing bumped her nose though, I'd have cried too! Finally have her calm and distracted w/ a tv dinner (is nursing and watching tv lol not sure how long that will last) so trying this again!

Anyways... he did this impression of Zoidberg from Futurama... not just the voice, but this goofey dance too! It was stinking halarious... I couldn't stop laughing... and I still can't help but laugh when he repeats it, which he randomly does. I can be pissed off or upset and crying... and he'll pull that out and I'll be doubled over laughing all over again. Just one of his many goofy moments that I adore...

Uggh. Now she's got to have the freshly washed diapers. Is pulling them off the couch agian (I'm folding them... or am supposed to be and will be again as soon as I finish this lol). Oh well, I've managed for now to keep the pockets away from her and steer her to the prefolds... isn't a big deal if they get left random places (although I hope they don't).

Halloween is coming... Sooner than I'd like since we are so not ready. We had what we were all going to be figured out. I have no idea if Baba has his ready... Mine is not. Not even close... Kalila... was going to be a pirate. So cute... but one of the aunts gave us a bee costume for her. I finally tried it on her... and am not sure if it's gonna work size wise or not. It mostly fits, but cuts into her shoulders... If we use it I'm gonna have to do a bit of work too... the stinger and wings need touchups unless she wants to be a bee that hit a windshield! I've also got to figure out how to keep the antenna's on her... I got pics when I tried it on her, and managed to keep them on long enough to get one pic... but I had to snap fast and took multiple tries lol. Let me know what ya think... suggestions... anything...

Why can't there be a show like Dora, Diego or Ni Hau Kai-Lan for Arabic? Kalila loves all three of those shows when we actually put them on... and truthfully I like them too, esp the first two w/ the Spanish... but it'd be nice to have an Arabic one. Some other mom's on CafeMom were talking about the subject too and someone mentioned Alam Simsim... an Egyptian version of Seseme Street. But it's completely in Arabic! Yeah, doesn't work either... (although we saw a clip online and she got all excited about it and was dancing along) I don't want Kalila picking it up faster than me (or at least not that much faster)... and don't like the idea of not knowing what's said. Maybe I'd feel diff if Baba was fluent, but he knows about the same amount that I do... She's still young enough that it's not really an issue though. Maybe when she gets a little older there will be something... I hope.

That last sub wasn't as random as I thought it was... I just realized that Baby TV switched to Spanish...

After me worrying about her not attaching to a lovey or anything... We finally have one. Her stuffed Daisy Duck. Or "Day-Ee" as she calls her. She has to have her to sleep... will ask for her by name. It is so cute!

Ok... She asked for mimis again and is still all fussy, so we're going down for another nap over here. She only slept for an hour (maybe even a little less) earlier and has been several hours so I shouldn't be surprised. I hope she doesn't sleep too long though. Unfortunately my camera is in her room so I'll have to put the pics up later tonight... Sorry about that (is sounding vaguely familiar like I'm copying someone.. sorry Steph, not on purpose!)

I'm going to take my unexpected 'free' time to get these diapers folded and finish up the laundry!

So Tired...

That I can't remember what I was going to write about...

Unfortunately I can't go to bed until the diapers are in the dryer.

20 October, 2008

Random Funny Comment

Ok, so we had to go to Sams... I go through vinegar & baking soda like you wouldn't believe so we figured we really need to start buying them there. I needed some new sprayers too, and we found them by accident while there. 8 in a bag, so a bit more than we need but that's ok. Vinegar we've bought there before, 2 big jugs in a box... lasts us a couple weeks or so lol. This was the first time we'd bought the baking soda though... and huge bags of it. We were pretty excited.

Well... we got up to the register. Jas got a phone call so I ended up checking out & the guy rings both up (hadn't gotten to the sprayers yet) and says "Whatever you do don't mix these two!" Took a breath as I'm confusedly thinking "huh?" & then he continued "It makes bubbles!" I couldn't help it... I started laughing and somehow managed to say something about yeah that's how you clean things...


Camel - The Other White Meat

Sorry, I watched No Reservations today....

Anyways... Over & over again today I kept thinking of the phrase "If it isn't one thing... it's another". If I hadn't been amused by the whole camel thing that probably would have been my title tonight, but I was & it's not... But I'm starting to ramble...

Backing up a bit... There are so many things that I've been meaning to write about & just haven't been able to. I started a stream post that's saved as a draft, but... I just don't like how it's going lol. Hopefully I'll be able to save some of it.

Last Sunday... (I have a reason for going back so far I promise!)

Jas had to direct the choir at Church again. So we got up early & got there at 9:30. Keep in mind that Mass starts at 11. So we were there early & Jas was practicing... I took Kalila in there w/ him to see how she does in the pews while noone else was really around lol. She did pretty good... other than singing along w/ her baba. It was cute though!

Finally I decided to go into the cry room. We get in there & almost immediately she starts throwing fits. I tried to feed her... nope didn't want that. I tried her book, her toys... nothing working. So we went outside... Back and forth until finally it's time for Mass.

So others are in there at this point & Kalila's walking around. Apparently the kids made these foam crosses in class & one of the little girls showed hers to Kalila... who decided she had to have it. The girl was willing to share, but her 2 year old brother wasn't. He kept taking it from her and trying to hand her back her keys. Finally she ended up chasing him down... which ended w/ him pushing her. I think his parents were more upset than she was lol... she didn't fall, it was ok... but she went back after him. So I grabbed her & tried to hold her in my lap causing a melt down. The girl gives her the cross again... and she starts chewing on it, so I was trying to stop that... and edges were starting to come up off of the parts glued on so finally I took it away & handed it back... and another meltdown hit. So we're back outside... I started to stay in the whatever its' called area where I could at least hear, but we got shushed when she made a tiny sound to someone, so I tried going in another time, but she threw a fit to get down & I ended up going back outside. I go back in as everyone's going up for Communion... she behaved until we got to the front of the line & then started screaming. Jas came up to help at that point & then his dad did after we got back outside.... when he took her I went to get our bag. I was so frazzled it wasn't even funny. & of course I didn't hear a single thing that was said during the readings, the homily, anything!

Normally I love Sundays... I love going to Church... my week doesn't feel right if I don't... but after we left I was dreading going back this Sunday. All week I dreaded it & felt horrible about it.

Thursday we had Kalila's drs visit... which mostly went well. She gained back the weight lost while sick, has grown, all that good stuff. The dr was surprised that she can say thankyou & laughed at her saying tickle. But the shots were awful... The last few times she got them she did great, no crying or anything... This time she screamed & then sobbed afterwards, didn't just cry - actually sobbed. It was so sad...

Sunday came... I got up to feed Kalila... started to get ready & laid back down for a second & overslept. & of course I'm kicking myself over it for multiple reasons... but mostly because I was dreading it so much... Like I hope I didn't do it on purpose type thing. Plus there's the whole thing of I know it will (and has already) thrown off my week.

When we did get up we ran some errands and then tackled the dishes... none were broken I promise. I actually managed to get quite a bit done last night too.

Ok, so I don't remember if it was Sat or Sunday, but one of those days Jas woke up to find a mess in the living room. He thought he'd locked the cats out of the room & one had had diarrhea. Yeah.. discusting. I mention it because....

Last night when I was doing all my cleaning, one bit of it was working on the oven which needed to be propped open (no fumes of course, but needed air) & I didn't want the kitties to climb in... so I closed them in here w/ me. If I close our door & the door between the two bathrooms they have a good space to play & still have access to their litter boxes & food.

So at 7 this morning I was woken by the sound of a kitty retching... I sat up just in time to see it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it wasn't diarrhea that Jas cleaned (although I'm sure he doesn't feel much better about it lol) but the same. Either way was gross... and not the way I wanted to start my day!

From there it just got better...

I opened up the sliding door to the screen... blinds open. Made lunch... When Kalila was through I reached down to pick up the chicken she threw on the floor... and got more thrown at my head (with force mind you). Tried to put Kalila down for a nap... Heard Kimosimi start to get sick agian (thankfully he didn't) Then Kalila screamed until I got her... Let Mumble out... (figured Kimosimi needed to be where if he made a mess the baby couldn't get to it) and she ran over to the corner by the laundry room & peed on one of Jas' shirts. So I had that to clean up... Kalila needed a diaper... we went into her room to do it & she peed on my pants. I couldn't take them off because the whole street would see me when I walked out. So I was stuck in them until I could get her fed & down for a nap. She did not want to take a nap. I was trying to vacuum & could hear her "baba. baba. yaya... baba" over & over... Thankfully she wasn't screaming or crying though. After I finished vacuuming (yes I'm horrible I know) I got her out... Fought over another diaper change... I finally carried her into the bathroom & washed her in the sink that time. The wipes weren't working & she kept trying to get away from me. She wasn't happy about it & kept yelling for Baba like I was... I can't think of the word lol... Not embarrassing, not horrifying... anyways, putting her through something awful. (still not right, but it'll work for now) Jas got up to get ready for work & Kalila followed him around... stood there while he shaved & all that... was so cute! I wish I'd gotten a pic of that... or of her on all fours looking out the window with Kimosimi on one side doing the same & Mumble on the other lol... or her when she got mad at me & stuck her jaw out & lowered her eyebrows or a video of her barking back at the dog she heard later on.... But yeah.. it's been a crazy day. She even went down screaming (thankfully not for long)
& then Kimosimi made me spill some broth.. all over the bathroom.

I hope noone thinks I'm complaining... because I'm not meaning too. It's just so much has happened... esp today... I did get stuff done & our wetbag finally came in the mail & oh yeah - Kalila got to pet (and hold) an itty bitty kitten this morning! She loved it... So cute!

Sorry if I'm all over the place with this... my mind is too lol. I just had to laugh because it's been one of those days that EVERYTHING happens. Jas just got home & spilled Dr. Pepper on me too... Is a good thing I'm in a good mood I guess... I can't imagine today if I wasn't... :-D

19 October, 2008

Spinach & Cheese Facial Anyone?

We were supposed to have friends over last night & decided to hold off on dinner until we knew for sure. We'd planned for roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms & Jas' salad... All things we love lol, but also all things that Kalila can eat & likes too. Unfortunately we didn't hear from them & dinner got going too late for her to eat w/ us so I threw together a meal for her.

Of course she loves mac & cheese (who doesn't?) & it's easy to make... & we'd just bought some new pasta (wheel shaped this time lol). So I threw the pasta on & started thinking about veggies. I had some spinach in the fridge, so I decided I'd heat it up for her. But as I started pulling out the milk, butter & cheeses for her pasta I decided that I didn't want to dirty anymore dishes than I had too (esp since we're in the middle of cleaning). I got the milk & butter added... stirred in a couple Kraft slices, sprinkled on some Muenster... then grabbed that thing of spinach & threw it in too! Looked a bit odd, but oh well...

We got Kalila in her high chair & put a good deal of it in front of her... and then I got back to what I was doing. Jas & I were both in eyesight of her, but I guess neither of us really looked up (she does best w/ her eating this way actually... she gets mad if we're right there by her or in her face) - just listened to make sure she was doing ok. Finally we heard some fussing & I looked up or turned around or whatever to find this...

I couldn't stop laughing... I think the best part was her hair all matted & sticking straight up in the air... I thought she was wanting more (she's really started putting the food away lately) so I gave her a bit more... She acted like she didn't want it so I grabbed some & it was actually pretty good. After she saw me do that she grabbed a couple more pieces lol. I guess she didn't want me to have any!

I had no clue how I was going to clean her up... I stood there for a bit trying to work up the nerve to start & finally decided to just strip her dress off at the table & carry her to the bath! Oh you should have seen it... There was spinach floating in the tub... cheese & milk residue... Awful... but funny lol. Thankfully she let me wash her hair... (she's been in a stage lately where it's only ok to wash her hair if she's taking a shower). While I was drying her off I decided we just had to get a couple more shots.. The hair.... (although mine isn't too much better)