05 September, 2008

Sleepy Sweet Moments

A recent post I read the other day was just perfect timing... because I was planning to write this already lol.

Thankfully the problems we had before getting Kalila to sleep have about vanished. Nap times are still a struggle about half the time. But night... is great. But.... she's started waking up several times a night! It's not just once anymore. Honestly I'm fine with this though... of the two "issues" I'd rather have this one... really I would.

The reason I mention it though... is I have a few stories from the past few nights. All sweet. I'll start with tonight & work my way back.

I'm trying to be good about getting that bedtime routine down... and I did today. It was kind of a big night because it was her first time alone in the big bath (she'd had some join mommy for bubble bath times before). She loved it. I splashed her & she giggled & squealed. She tried to stand up, which obviously doesn't work as well as in the baby tub, and ended up on her tummy (shallow water & me right there = she's fine lol face didn't even go near the water). We got done with that, I got her diapered & dressed... and went into her room to calm down & stuff... and immediately she went to her bedtime book & started playing with it. So I decided to read her several stories tonight (besides it was a little too early for bed). She was grabbing books for me & so excited about it. And when I laid her down she started to protest, but straightened out & babbled something at me and settled in for bed.

Last night... I did the spending some time in her room thing too... we read her story & she nursed awhile, when she was almost asleep I laid her down & in this sweet little voice babbled some 3 syllable word in Kalilanese & snuggled in to sleep.

The night before she must not have been as happy about it. She went down the exact same way... but as I was telling her goodnight she said (read this in a sulky exasperated tone because I swear that's how it sounded) "bye" - I barely made it out of the room before I cracked up laughing! I know it was prob a coincidence... but it was funny.

A night or two before (the original reason I was writing this... and the reason I bring up her new sleep habits) she went down pretty easy... and eventually I went to bed. Jason was working a graveyard so apparently Kimosimi decided I needed someone to snuggle with & joined me, laid right up against my back. Now, when Kalila was co-sleeping we kept the cats (well we just had Mumble at the time) out of the room... but now we don't worry about it because a) we can't their litter box is in the half bath lol and b) Kalila is in her room, door closed & crib tent over her crib. The few times she wakes up while I'm sleeping & joins me - the cats run for their lives (they're slightly afraid of her). But that night when she woke up at 3:30 in the morning... he didn't budge. (yes I tried) So I had him cuddled on one side of me & her on the other. I laid there and thought how sweet it was... and then she decided she had enough & realized where she was. She climbed over me (apparently I turn into a jungle gym if I'm on the bed) to play & then saw Kimosimi. At that point she's completely awake and going for the cat! Yes... He ran. I scooped her up, and put her back to bed. No fussing (I was surprised because I know she wanted to play lol) just went to sleep. So I came back in here and started to go back to sleep when I felt a cat jump back up. I looked up & Kimosimi was staring right in my face! I laughed and went to sleep. Now - I'm asleep at this point.. prob not completely but still... and I felt someone crawl over me & head towards the edge of the bed. The baby had been in the bed... I freaked out thinking I'd fallen asleep & she was about to fall off. I grabbed for her & came up with cat! At that point I just shook my head, smiled & petted him since I had him there... So he starts purring (like the loudest I've heard him do) and licking my hand. After a few seconds I wanted to sleep so I rolled over, obviously bringing my hand with me... and he followed me! Chased my hand over me... purring, licking & pushing into it. I just laughed and petted some more... until he curled up back at my side & we both fell sound asleep. If I remember correctly Jas had to move him when he got home lol. Thankfully that was the only time Kalila woke up that night too... I was so tired (I think it was the day I babysat).

Now that I've bragged about our sweet little moments I'm prob gonna regret it lol... but that's ok, had to share!


Christy said...

I am a big cry baby about sleep problems. I whine endlessly about being tired. Glad you are able to savor some of these moments.