24 September, 2008

My Not So New Toy

Like I mentioned yesterday... I've got this "new" camera to play with (only because it's been out of use for the last year & a half or so). I'm so excited about it.... Is much better than my little one.

So today I was playing around w/ it & the baby (of course) and got a couple video's. Excuse the mess (it's a baby's room for one - she's pulled all those toys out herself, and the pile of clothes is for me to throw in the washer when it's free again in a min lol)

This first video... LOL I was trying to get her talking (and did...) but somehow got her doing a goofy little dance at the beginning. I love it!

Here in the second one... I wanted to get some good shots of her walking around. What I hadn't intended to get was one of her new little temper tantrums. What happened is that I had a plug uncovered (the vacuum was plugged in there earlier) that I obviously need to cover back up & she found it. I tried to distract her from it & ... well you can see the result for yourself. I just love the kisses she gave earlier in it though, so sweet!

I'm gonna try doing them through you tube this time... just to see if they work better that way or straight on here. Let me know if this ends up being worse (or vise versa).


Angela said...

She is so adorable! Almost makes me want another. My son will take care of that though in the next 5 minutes LOL.

susan said...

She is just beyond cute! I love her "tickle tickle" makes me just want to gobble her up!