15 September, 2008


I have a huge favour to ask! I need to pick one of these... and we like them all, well I do have one fav & so does Jas - but unfortunately they don't match up! Any one care to throw their 2 cents in? I'm putting a poll up on the side here (since not everyone comments, figured this would be easier). Thanks!

Oh a bit of background here... The theme we're going with is gonna be rubber ducks, is why I was trying to get one in the pics, but the top was too cute to not include lol.

A. .


Sonia said...

I like B. I think it's super cute! plus she's smiling in it! :) awww so cute!!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! That's the one I like too lol... Jas likes the top one though

sheasy said...

These are all adorable! I see why you had to include the first one - too cute.