28 September, 2008

Happy Bday Kalila

For those of you who've read my early morning post - sorry. I was a bit upset lol. The stupid camel broke my straw & whatnot (yes I know that's backwards, deal with it).

Anyways... Kalila's birthday....

Was pretty uneventful to be honest. The party isn't until next week & we're planning to celebrate it on our own on Tuesday when Jas is off. I really am looking forward to that. We're gonna take her to the zoo & for icecream... and then do some last min bday shopping things. You know, like pick up a gift, an outfit for Saturday, and the few things we have left to do for Saturday...

We did get to see some family today though. Was kind of a given since today is Sunday lol. What was really cute though was that she played w/ some of the other kids in the cry room during Mass. What wasn't so cute was that she threw a fit trying to get at one of thems snacks (I could write a whole post on the food at Church subject, but I'll be nice).

Since the Bishop was here there was a dinner thing afterwards, so we ate there... I got Kalila a roll w/ her plate, not really expecting her to eat much of it... and she demolished the thing lol. She grabbed a spoon & started trying to use it too... so I think I need to start in on that (at least let her try more often).

We ran by HEB on the way back for cake mix... and for some reason they were all moist so we walked out w/out any... but w/ a few other groceries lol. I think Jas was using the mix I needed as an excuse to pick up some of the frozen chicken legs (the herb roasted ones). Is ok though because I managed to get some okra out of it under the excuse of a new food for Kalila to try lol... (for the record she seemed to dislike it this first time. I'm hoping it's because I was lazy & just steamed it... so I'm gonna try some other ways...)

After her nap she worked on opening a gift... I need to get the pics on here for you soon, it was halarious. Mumble helped her out! Once Kalila saw the toy inside she went crazy... a 'cookie jar' that sings and sorts and stuff.. really cute & she loves it. While that was going on, her Gran and.... Gramps? (Ok Brian pick a title... or let us know which one you have picked... ) came over.

She talked to several people on the phone. I mention that because this is the first time she actually talked! Her Nina got the first time... I really wasn't expectig her to say anything when I put the phone up to her (she never does...) so that was a happy surprise. But she did it several other times too. Grandpa got the last conversation... and a kiss too (that she usually does though).

And last but not least.. she went to bed! I'm not going to expect it to go as smoothly again (partly because I'm mentioning it here) but it was nice... I'm counting it as her bday present to me lol. Basically though... I was on the phone w/ Grandpa & noticed her getting sleepy... so I laid her down & she stayed still on her back (no flailing or standing up or screaming... just laid on her back)... I went looking for Mumble and found her under the crib. It takes some work getting her out so I expected Kalila to get upset. No... she just laid there and watched me! After the door closed I heard a moment of babbeling... and then she was out. I checked a little while ago and she was still out (on her tummy as normal of course, but sound asleep).

So yeah.. that was her birthday. I still can't believe she's a year old already. It's gone by way too fast. I don't think I'm ready lol...


Christy said...

Happy Birthday Kalila! You will be amazed at how quickly she'll change over the next year.

At the tender age of two, Porgie acts like a really short 13 year old. So moody! But she is also so much fun.