05 September, 2008

Caught Red Handed

Somehow my husband's work shirt (clean work shirt) ended up on the dirty clothes pile yesterday. (He blamed it on the cats, but I have a feeling it was a certain 11 mo' old) So he asked me to wash it this morning... Unfortunately when he asked I already had diapers soaking in the washer (I put them in last night to turn on this morning). There's no way the diapers would be done by the time he needed the shirt... so I did something I haven't since college... I threw it in the sink & did some handwashing. I planned to have it in the dryer before he got home, but he got out of class early & caught me mid wash (and yes the red hands were literal). Poor thing said he felt bad about it (it's not like I haven't washed by hand before lol) so that was sweet at least I guess lol... but I couldn't get all the soap out for anything! It ended up in the dryer too late & was still a little wet when he left. Oops...