08 September, 2008

And Zebra's Have Spots

I haven't done a stream nini in awhile, so figured today was the perfect time to do it... Lots of cute stories & other things going on here.


Work is going well for Jason. He's tired of course (graveyards & double shifts will do that) but he's a lot happier & things are working out. His allergies are acting up again though... all the cedar over there. I feel bad for him about that, but he's handling it well.

His classes are going good too. He's in love w/ his Latin class lol.


I am doing a lot better... Sore throat is gone, cough is gone, knee works again... and I think I'm getting over the food poisoning I caught earlier this week. Yes, after everything else I ate some chicken that had been in the freezer a little too long (at least I'm assuming that was the prob) & got food poisoning. I'm having horrid luck lately lol. But no seriously I think it's going away... For some reason I'm exausted today, but I think that's just mommyitis and not anything serious. It better not be because I'm ready to not be sick.. it's beyond having gotten old. One thing I do not have patience with is being sick. Has got to end. Now.


We all know Kalila is about to turn one... I can't believe her bday is almost here! Honestly it's been stressing me out too because we hadn't got anything together for her party. I wanted to do a SMALL family thing, cake & punch type thing, preferably here at home. But family stuff ends up bigger than that of course, so we didn't think it'd work. We had people telling us to ask certian people to let us have it at their place (that's nice, but I don't feel right about that... not for this) and one saying we shouldn't have anything at all and another saying we should just invite a few one year olds over (ummm... we know no other one year olds here!). So I was about pulling out my hair. To make a long story short we went over the list, cut it down a bit & figured out how to make it work here. So now I'm contentedly going over cake ideas :-)


Ok so in the middle of typing this I took a break & went out to the gas station w/ Kalila... we needed out of the house. I'd been fighting her over a nap for hours. We put her down & she got upset that Jas left. I put her down she decided she was hungry agian. I put her down, she made a diaper... I put her down she screamed again for no apparent reason (note no sleep for more than 10 min is why I kept trying) At that point it was 5 & since her bedtime is 8... yeah she wasn't going down. So we go out... and she was happy. It seemed to work. What's funny is that as we were leaving the place we ran into a family member that we haven't seen in quite awhile... I shouldn't be surprised, that happens a lot lol. It was nice though.


I have a question... A serious question. Does anyone know how to keep a baby from unstopping the bathtub?

She discovered the drain last night (only her second bath in the big tub too). I managed to distract her w/ splashing the water (started sloshing it really fast with both hands lol) - she thought it was halarious and started laughing & squeeling & we ended up having a great time. After a few minutes she even started mimicing me & splashing on her own. Then she started kicking her legs, made more splashes of course, but also propelled herself across the tub. It was soooo cute.

Anyways, I tried to distract her agian tonight when she went for it. Yeah, didn't work. Determined child that she is... She figured out how to open it up... and when I tried covering it with my hand (something that I don't want to have to do all the time) she about bent my fingers completely back trying to get at it!


Kalila has fallen in love with books. When we go in her room for something, she bypasses her toys & goes straight for the books! She'll carry them around everywhere... She'll chew on them if I let her (depends on the book lol). She opens them up & tries to turn the pages. She smiles at the pictures. Even handed me one today & babbled something (her face was all lit up too). Here's what happened...

Me - You want me to read it to you?
Kalila - smiling and bouncing around...
Me - *reading the book - I get to the end where it asks which animals have spots & which have stripes* Can you tell me which animals have spots?
Kalila - points to the frog
Me - Good girl! Can you show me the other animal that has spots?
Kalila - points to the zebra

Now... I have to say that I'm proud of my little girl... Not because she pointed to the frog (because I know she doesn't know the difference between spots & stripes yet.. there's no way lol) but because she pointed when I asked her to.


I mentioned the other day about Kalila's new sleep habits... Well, you almost got a very excited update on that.

The night after I wrote how easily she went down... She slept ALL NIGHT LONG. I was so happy (and slightly worried lol) when I woke up the next morning & she was sleeping still.

The next night... she went down easy agian... And then she slep ALL NIGHT LONG. I was jumping for joy at this point.

Last night... Jas was in the room when she went down so she wasn't having that. I picked her up, nursed her a bit more & then she went down just like before. And then... she woke up. Back to bed. Woke up. Back to bed Woke up... I don't even remember how many times. Like an hour or so (maybe 2) between each time. Finally when I went to bed at 1 or 2 she woke up one last time & slept until almost 9 this morning. So tech she slept through (by the definition they use for babies... was over 5 hours) but not near as easy as the 2 nights before or for as long as normal... and of course it set the mood for her all day today. She ended up being cranky & tired & naps were awful (obviously). I hope she sleeps better tonight, partly for my sake (I can handle wakeups, but that was hard... esp after getting used to not having too) but mostly for hers.


Yesterday I got up & was sitting here at the computer w/ Kalila & noticed that Kimosimi had jumped up on the counter in the half bathroom. Since that's the kitty bathroom I wouldn't have minded, but I have my jewelry boxes up there & some rosaries too... and he was sniffing at those (for some reason they attract both cats). So I started telling him to get down & motioning w/ my hand... You know snapping my fingers and moving my hand in a downward motion. A few seconds later I hear Kalila yelling "Da Da" and flapping her arm down. So I tell him again & then she does it agian.. only saying kitty instead of da da.


Apparently the word of the day today (here anyway) was baby. I woke up to Kalila saying "Yaya baby" (yaya = yalla) & it continued from there. She called EVERYTHING baby today. Normally it's just babies & kids (even older ones lol).. but no... the cats, the books, everything... What's funny about htat is that's what she's getting for her bday. She's getting her very own stuffed baby doll... We found one that is really cute. She saw it when we did of course & smiled so we think she likes it lol.

She did add a new word today though.. And I have no doubt it wasn't babbling because she's heard it so much. She said "no no"


I'm pretty sure there is/was more that I wanted to say... but I am so tired. I still have some laundry to do.. and dinner to fix... but all I want to do is lay down & go to sleep. sleeeeeeeep.......


Christy said...

Sleep issues are always tough. Izzy has only slept through the night 1 time. I am soooooo sleep deprived.

Mama Kalila said...

Oh I'm sorry! I'm determined not to worry too much about ours because I know it could be so much worse. I feel bad complaining when I do because I know that, esp reading yours & another friends lately.

Lelo and Stitch said...

Wow. Fun Stuff!

MomMega said...

Hi, just popped over from AllMediocre! My son will be a year old in a few weeks and we have been immersed in birthday party chaos, too! Also, since I am new to your blog, I'm not sure about your daughter's sleeping history, but have you read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth? It was a life saver for us and worked a miracle! Okay, going to catch up on your blog now!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! Her sleep history has been all over the place lol. We find one thing that works.. and a few weeks later it doesn't anymore. Right now we're having another good spell. I have not read that book, I did read the no cry sleep solution... which was good, but was mostly about other issues we weren't/aren't dealing with. I'm glad I have it though just in case. Has some good ideas.