29 September, 2008

Gonna Try & Keep This Short...

I wish I could tell you I was putting up those pics today like I planned, but I'm not. It's been a long day & is not ending anytime soon. I've got stuff to do & am sure I'll be up w/ the baby again in a bit.

Earlier Jas suggested I take the baby out (I was planning on going for a walk anyway) & get some food, go by Half Priced Books, all that fun stuff. She was a little fussy & we figured it'd do her good... and I was getting hungry, so yeah. Was kinda hard to leave though because she tackeled me (literally I fell over) and rested her head on my chest. Such a sweet moment, she's never that still anymore...

So I took her to Panda Express... (I've been dreaming about Orange Chicken for weeks) and we had a nice lunch. She had some Broccoli Beef & veggies... she really likes Chinese food lol. Anyways, so after we left there we headed for the light so we could cross the street. 2 things happened.

1. I noticed that my shirt was on inside out. It's happened before, when I was in TZ & I remember being glad I was there because it wasn't quite so embarrassing. Here I would have been mortified. Well, today for a second I started to get embarrassed & then decided, you know what - I don't care! I was doing at least 3 things when I got dressed... I've got a toddler running around. If someone doesn't like it, too bad lol.

2. I heard a sucking noise & looked down to find Kalila's thumb in her mouth. At first I thought she was eating something & went to check. She wasn't. She was sucking (rather loudly) on her thumb. She doesn't do that... never has. She's chewed on it while teething, but it doesn't look or sound the same. So I was confused... Then I looked back down again to see that she'd moved on to her fingers... She was licking the food off! Apparently that was good Chinese food!

We did the bookstore thing... Mostly just wandered around & looked at stuff for awhile... and then decided to go next door for icecream. I got a child sized cup of lemon sorbet... and made the mistake of letting Kalila taste some, just a small amount on the spoon (note: her first real taste of sugar). She went crazy for it. Yummy Yummy's all over the place & grunting & hitting trying to get me to give her more. So there I was shoveling it in as fast as possible (I'm surprised I didn't get brain freeze). She got a few more tiny bites though.

On the way home she fell asleep... I think we were home 10 min when she woke up & wanted to nurse agian... and then played awhile. About 2 I put her down for a nap... She wasn't really fussy or showing that she needed sleep, but she hadn't had a real nap yet so I was hoping it'd work out lol. It did, she didn't fuss & slept 2 1/2 hours.

But when I woke her up (she was still sleeping... and I normally don't let her nap past 2 hours) she was burning up. I checked her temp & it was 102.2! Kinda scared me because that's the highest it's ever been... We got her some tylanol & stripped her down to her diaper & sponge bathed her a bit & let her nurse for a good while... and it went down pretty quickly. The next time I took it was back down to 99 (which is her normal temp)... but this last time was 100.7 . I gave her a second dose right before bed, and gonna check her agian when she wakes up.

I feel bad for her... and that I didn't realize she didn't feel well earlier. She was talking & playing the whole time (just a little quieter) so I know why I missed it, but still... Poor baby.

28 September, 2008

Happy Bday Kalila

For those of you who've read my early morning post - sorry. I was a bit upset lol. The stupid camel broke my straw & whatnot (yes I know that's backwards, deal with it).

Anyways... Kalila's birthday....

Was pretty uneventful to be honest. The party isn't until next week & we're planning to celebrate it on our own on Tuesday when Jas is off. I really am looking forward to that. We're gonna take her to the zoo & for icecream... and then do some last min bday shopping things. You know, like pick up a gift, an outfit for Saturday, and the few things we have left to do for Saturday...

We did get to see some family today though. Was kind of a given since today is Sunday lol. What was really cute though was that she played w/ some of the other kids in the cry room during Mass. What wasn't so cute was that she threw a fit trying to get at one of thems snacks (I could write a whole post on the food at Church subject, but I'll be nice).

Since the Bishop was here there was a dinner thing afterwards, so we ate there... I got Kalila a roll w/ her plate, not really expecting her to eat much of it... and she demolished the thing lol. She grabbed a spoon & started trying to use it too... so I think I need to start in on that (at least let her try more often).

We ran by HEB on the way back for cake mix... and for some reason they were all moist so we walked out w/out any... but w/ a few other groceries lol. I think Jas was using the mix I needed as an excuse to pick up some of the frozen chicken legs (the herb roasted ones). Is ok though because I managed to get some okra out of it under the excuse of a new food for Kalila to try lol... (for the record she seemed to dislike it this first time. I'm hoping it's because I was lazy & just steamed it... so I'm gonna try some other ways...)

After her nap she worked on opening a gift... I need to get the pics on here for you soon, it was halarious. Mumble helped her out! Once Kalila saw the toy inside she went crazy... a 'cookie jar' that sings and sorts and stuff.. really cute & she loves it. While that was going on, her Gran and.... Gramps? (Ok Brian pick a title... or let us know which one you have picked... ) came over.

She talked to several people on the phone. I mention that because this is the first time she actually talked! Her Nina got the first time... I really wasn't expectig her to say anything when I put the phone up to her (she never does...) so that was a happy surprise. But she did it several other times too. Grandpa got the last conversation... and a kiss too (that she usually does though).

And last but not least.. she went to bed! I'm not going to expect it to go as smoothly again (partly because I'm mentioning it here) but it was nice... I'm counting it as her bday present to me lol. Basically though... I was on the phone w/ Grandpa & noticed her getting sleepy... so I laid her down & she stayed still on her back (no flailing or standing up or screaming... just laid on her back)... I went looking for Mumble and found her under the crib. It takes some work getting her out so I expected Kalila to get upset. No... she just laid there and watched me! After the door closed I heard a moment of babbeling... and then she was out. I checked a little while ago and she was still out (on her tummy as normal of course, but sound asleep).

So yeah.. that was her birthday. I still can't believe she's a year old already. It's gone by way too fast. I don't think I'm ready lol...

Birthday Blues?

I can't believe my baby is a year old already.... it's gone by way too fast. But that's not why I'm writing...

Today is Kalila's Bday & I should be excited right? But I'm not... and I feel horrible about that. But all I can think about at the moment is how much I'm dreading next week. The birthday party that I was really looking forward too.

Nothing has gone right w/ planning. We still haven't gotten everything. I still haven't been able to make the practice cake I was going to do. One invitation came back. (At least I haven't heard of any getting lost lol...) I have 2 whole people from my family who are actually coming. I could go on, but I'll be nice... Basically I feel like once again I can't do anything right. At this point, right now, I wish we weren't having one.

Yeah, Kalila's first birthday - that I really wanted to celebrate w/ our family... and I'm sitting here wishing we could cancel the party. How sad is that?

25 September, 2008

Ben & Jerry's

I'm sorry... but really this is taking it too far...

On the other hand... I got a good laugh out of it!

Referral Link

For those of you looking at NFP stuff (or even FAM) - after ending my trial period w/ FF (which I don't recommend if you're trying to avoid pregnancy, they put a warning on there that they won't help you with that - is why I was glad to look elsewhere lol)

I found the Hormonal Forcaster Web Edition. Bacic service is always free, but you can add time to your free premium service as well by referring people & a few other things. I'm not counting on it (besides I've only been using basic freatures right now anyway lol) But if you're interested I'd appreciate the extra time ;-)

So I'm including my referal link here:


24 September, 2008

My Not So New Toy

Like I mentioned yesterday... I've got this "new" camera to play with (only because it's been out of use for the last year & a half or so). I'm so excited about it.... Is much better than my little one.

So today I was playing around w/ it & the baby (of course) and got a couple video's. Excuse the mess (it's a baby's room for one - she's pulled all those toys out herself, and the pile of clothes is for me to throw in the washer when it's free again in a min lol)

This first video... LOL I was trying to get her talking (and did...) but somehow got her doing a goofy little dance at the beginning. I love it!

Here in the second one... I wanted to get some good shots of her walking around. What I hadn't intended to get was one of her new little temper tantrums. What happened is that I had a plug uncovered (the vacuum was plugged in there earlier) that I obviously need to cover back up & she found it. I tried to distract her from it & ... well you can see the result for yourself. I just love the kisses she gave earlier in it though, so sweet!

I'm gonna try doing them through you tube this time... just to see if they work better that way or straight on here. Let me know if this ends up being worse (or vise versa).

She Eats Better...

I've made the joke before... but it is official. Kalila eats better than we do.

For example, lunch today:

Jason & I ate processed chicken noodle crap. Thankfully it's good tasting crap lol. I can't remember what it's called, but it's the WalMart brand in a bag w/ noodles & sauce mix. Boil water, add crap, stir, set & eat.

Kalila on the other hand... She had sauteed tomatoes (cherry tomatoes I think) w/ green beans (in olive oil w/ a little garlic powder) and a half an avocado (a good sized one too)... and a few organic cheese crackers on the side.

23 September, 2008

Such a Big Girl...

I finally got the pics off of Jas' camera so I can start using it... Is more than a little better than mine lol. Anyways, I decided to test it out earlier & take a video... and thought I would share it.

I got a bunch of pics yesterday too.... I couldn't help it. She's attached herself to this doll I had when I was younger & she carries him all over the house saying "baby baby" - is so cute!

Today we had to go run some errands... one of them was Sams. Jas decided to try walking with her on the way in... but she fought holding his hands lol. He managed to keep ahold of one, so I grabbed the other & we all walked together. She was so proud of herself. Of course, she got tired about half way there so Jas picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

Completley random fact... but I managed to get to the pro level on the wii bowling & was so proud of myself... you get a new ball! But I lost it... So sad... I'm determined to get my score back up though...

Back to errands. Since we were in the area we picked up the diaper of the month. I was hoping to get a yellow one (is the one colour we don't have) but they only had one diaper left! Thankfully it was green (I really do not care to have any more pink ones... one is enough). Part of me was a little taken aback by the whole only one left thing, but I guess it's good because it means that people are buying them & they're more likely to restock. I saw some of the baby legs (although a diff brand I think) there w/ them... So cute, but we don't need them so I walked away looking longinly lol.

We've started looking at halloween costumes too. Found the cutest one for Kalila, a little pirate... but way too expensive. So we're looking elsewhere (or making it if nada else works). I've seen a few other options that are kinda cute too, but not in the stores...

I think I'm gonna go now... stuff to do lol. But I'll prob post more pics/video's soon. I'm really excited about being able to use Jas' camera agian. The pics that were on there were almost 2 years old!

21 September, 2008

If I Can Remember...

Lets see if I can remember what all I was going to post...

I have been so tired lately (last week or two) it's not even funny. All I want to do is sleep... not possible w/ a baby running around & not good for getting anything done either. It's a viscious cycle too... Tired = things not getting done = me getting upset about things not done = me wanting to sleep even more.

I did manage to break out of it a little today though... I decided to put up the laundry, starting w/ Kalila's. I closed us in her room & she "helped" me. Seriously she did lol.. She handed me hangers. She thinks they're toys & likes to play with them despite my taking them away everytime she does it. She's also gotten into the habit of handing me random things she picks up... toys, shoes, clothes, peices of things I can't see... and now hangers. It was nice though.

After I finished that.... I decided to weed out some of her old clothes & then rearranged a few things in her room. Probably the least important thing out of anything I really need to do, but at least I was doing something... right?

After she went to bed I got our clothes hung up (or folded & put away) & finished the diapers off (were in drier waiting to be folded too). So I did manage to get quite a bit done. Still so much left though...

Back to my rearranging her room though. While I was doing that she decided to climb into her closet! She was sitting there w/ her back to the wall looking so cute that I grabbed my camera & she saw me & got out. I managed to get a shot or two later when she got in again though.

She had some fun w/ a tub we were putting toys in too... First she climbed in...

And then she put the lid on for me!

That was pretty nice of her considering she kept taking out the toys as I put them in when I first got it out lol.

I should have gotten ones before & after I finished. I pretty much had to keep going once I started (as you can tell) because things ended up everywhere lol. It looks a lot better now though.

On a completely different note... Thursday night Kalila threw a huge fit during bath time. Apparently she didn't want her hair washed for some reason. She kept standing up & trying to climb out as I rinsed her... and then would scream & cry when I wouldn't let her. Finally I ended up holding her there (standing in the tub) for a couple minutes (while she screamed) hoping she'd calm down... Didn't quite work, but I did manage to get her rinsed off after that... crying but at least not throwing herself around. I felt bad for her, but was completely caught off guard at the same time. I have no clue where it came from.

Tonight... Saturday night (her next hair wash - we bath her every night but shampoo is every other day right now) she started to get upset, but I got her laughing first & it went a ton better. On top of that I got her to start listening when I told her to sit down (we've been struggleing w/ that about as long as she's been in the big tub, she wants to play with the faucet). She does still try, but is either sitting when I say to or by the time I get to the number two lol.

Things are finally moving w/ the party planning.

All the invites are printed and folded. Most of them are sent out... just waiting on some stamps & addresses for the others.

Is kinda funny after all the drama over not having a place to have it... once we set it down to be here, we got offered to have it at her Gido's house, and then the day before we were gonna print the invites one of Jas' aunts offered & we decided to go w/ that... I still kinda wish we could have it here, but
it will be better this way... Would be very crowded in here, even as small as we're trying to keep it. (Mostly family) So this is good.

I don't remember if I mentioned it earlier (sorry if I did) but I finally decided what to do for the cake... I'm really excited about it. But... I still have to go get the pans & stuff & we haven't been able to make it over to do so! I've also got to test out a "chocolate plastic" recipe for it & haven't been able to do that either.

If you can't tell I'm a little stressed by the whole thing... I'm looking forward to it, but still.. stressed. I don't think it helps that I'm not ready for her to be a year old already lol.

One of my friends wrote a little about her sons upcoming bday (a month after Kalila's) earlier today... and I couldn't help but wish we were doing something similar. She's switching over to the pocket diapers too & decided that she was going to tell everyone that is what she wanted as gifts for him. I like the whole getting one a month thing (we build up our stash & doesn't crash our budget) but still couldn't help but think how helpful that would be... esp since the few times we've been asked what Kalila needs or what would be a good bday present I've thought of that & decided (for one reason or another) not to suggest it. I know, with one person at least, part of that is because usually ya buy them online... but since Target carry's BG's now that's not really an excuse lol.

I feel bad for Kalila, she's teething again... and these are taking their time coming through. Her first molars - on the top. So of course she is biting everything again. Plus she got the whole teething diaper issues too... which didn't happen with her others. It's seemed to go away though.

I talked to Betsy's mom the other day...

Backing up though... Her mom & sister are going to be here the day of the bday party. Emily is going to a concert that weekend & I'd forgotten about it when we made plans, but was really excited when I realized it because this way they can be there.

I'm really looking forward to seeing them. I think I've only seen them once or twice since Betsy passed away. Honestly I don't remember, most of the time from Jan to May is a blur. I know I saw them after the wedding when we went to my brothers graduation & I think we went down before that... but no clue when... or if I'm imagining that.

Apparently I had perfect timing when I called... she had just taken Emily to the church & was where she could hear the phone. I hadn't planned on calling let alone when to do so. I just looked up & thought I needed to call. & it was nice... I'm glad I did.

Ok - I'm gonna change the subject before I start bawling...

Uggh I need to get to bed. I've gotta get up early tomorrow. I want to say I'm forgetting something though. I know there was more I was going to say, because half of that was just in the last day or two & I wrote that post saying I had stuff days ago.

Oh well. It'll wait.

Oh no! I remember... and thankfully before I posted this time!

Our apt. complex makes me want to pull out my hair!!!!!

Last week, no two weeks ago at least... We got a note on our door saying to move the stuff outside our door w/in 24 hours or else we'd have to pay a $200 fine.

The trashcan I get... My FIL had brought it over & we'd been meaning to move it (unfortuanetly it's both large enough to have no place to put it & very very convienent right there lol). That I had no issue getting the note about. It was ours. Shouldn't have been there whether we put it there or not.

But... The two grills are not ours. One was there when we moved in. I have no clue who's it is. The other belongs to the neighbors upstairs. Both of these things were on our paper.

So I went & told the office. They did this whole dance of how they are just trying to spruce up the property & mean no offense (lol I'm not arguing them asking us to move something) & they thought they were ours, but thanks for letting them know they aren't... That they'd be talking to the neighbors to straighten it out.

Now, I didn't care if the things are there honestly... doesn't bother me to see them... but... It's been 2 weeks or so... and not only are they still there, but I have not seen any notice put on their door. We got one that long ago w/ that short of notice to move it - with a HUGE fine if it had been ours & we left it (which would have accompanied them hauling it off & dumping it) & yet nothing is said to the neighbors?

Everyone gives us looks when Jas says that they are trying to force us out because we signed the lease before they raised the prices here... but then things like this happen & I have to agree with him. Esp since it's not the first time randomly stupid things like this have happened.

Examples: me putting the trash out by the door for a few hours for Jas to take when he got home because I was 8 mo's pregnant & couldn't lift it that far got a knock on the door saying to move it now or else, when the neighbors had theirs outside for a week w/ no trouble or them charging us twice as much as the others in our little section for water even though it's supposed to be split by occupents & they had more people in their apts than we do.

I'm hoping we can find a new place when our lease lets up... we're looking closer to Jas' job because that'll cut our gas bill too... but it really depends on how the prices compare to here. (so yeah - please pray we find something better...)

And before I go - here are some other random pics I got of Kalila today!

This is my favourite shot I got this morning... I got several though, was just so cute!

Kalila was excited to see her Diego ball.

Somehow my baseball was hidden in her room too... as soon as I found it, she did too & stole it from me!

The Grapes of Rash

Lets see....

Good news, doesn't look like it was the milk! I'm really happy about that because, well obviously is easier to not have to avoid it... but also she really likes cheese. Lately it's string cheese. She goes nuts for it!

Of course that leaves us w/ fruit... I've worried about her not getting enough of it - so few that she can have & most of what we have are ones she can't have. So a week ago I decided to go ahead & give her one small cube of peaches mixed in her chicken.

Next day, welcome back rash :-( We happened to go to the store that day & picked up some grapes, of the few that doesn't bother her. But I'm getting ahead of myself.... She had that rash... and after we got back from the store I let her have some of those grapes. What I didn't think about is the fact that they were black grapes, she's had red & green but not black... (I thought they were red and realized the difference as I was cutting them for her & she was grabbing at them already at that point lol) but still shouldn't have a reaction I didn't think - didn't worry about it too much. I was going to treat the one she had during her bath & at bedtime anyway. (Had just been changing her as often/much as possible & some air time until then)

Well, we ran out of both vinegar and baking soda so nothing got added to her bath! & then Jas put her diaper on & I forgot to tell him... So the next morning I was a little worried when she got up & I went to change her. I figured we were in for a rough day...

So imagine my reaction when I opened up her diaper & her butt was black! I'm not even joking... I started to freak out when I realized it was just stained from the purple juice (if you haven't had them, black grapes have deep purple juice). When I got her cleaned up I found.... a rash free bottom!

Apparently grapes are good lol.

19 September, 2008

My Daughter The Potty Mouth

I have been meaning to write this for days... A ton more has gone on since then, so there will be another post soon, but I thought this deserved one all to itself.

The other day (when I wrote that last post in fact... I would have done this then if I really hadn't had to do the pictures) I woke up to a quiet apartment. I got up & got a few things that I needed done...

After awhile (5 or 10 minutes at most) I heard Kalila babbleing in her crib. I figured she's playing w/ Daisey... but I slowly started making my way towards her knowing she'd be wanting breakfast soon & it is so much nicer when I wake her up or get to her before she gets mad. Right about the time I got to her door though I heard her start to cry, not scream yet, just some cries...

I walked in to find the most discusting sight I have ever seen. Her sleeper was unbuttoned at the bottom (it's now in the bag of outgrown clothes) & she'd pulled her diaper off & through the opening. See where this is going? Yup, that's right... my daughter got ahold of the poo inside & smeared it everywhere. Sheets, crib tent, Daisey, and worse... all over herself. Her little face even had it... all around her mouth!

What's funny is the first thing I thought (after the gagging reflex that I had to quash) was that I'm not going to get my camera this time! For those of you who don't know, a friend of mine did take pics of her daughter after a similar incident & greatly grossed out another friend of mine. We joked about it for awhile...

Anyways, I got her up & undressed (the rest of the way) and carried her into the tub where I pulled down the shower head & hosed her down lol. Figured that was the best way to do it. So gross though....

I know it happens. I've heard stories from several friends... Seen pictures even obviously. So I knew it could happen... but it still caught me off guard.

This may sound kinda random (but it'll make sense in a bit) but I'm glad the weather is getting cooler now. All her lighter sleepers & onesies are getting too small & the sizes she's growing into are all for colder weather so I was afraid to put them on her just yet. But between the cooler weather here (esp at night) and the fact that our AC is always set to freezing (I'm the only cool blooded person here... Kalila takes after Jas so I can't even use her as an excuse to keep it warmer) I've felt ok putting them on her the past few nights. So hopefully it won't happen again...

15 September, 2008


I have a huge favour to ask! I need to pick one of these... and we like them all, well I do have one fav & so does Jas - but unfortunately they don't match up! Any one care to throw their 2 cents in? I'm putting a poll up on the side here (since not everyone comments, figured this would be easier). Thanks!

Oh a bit of background here... The theme we're going with is gonna be rubber ducks, is why I was trying to get one in the pics, but the top was too cute to not include lol.

A. .

08 September, 2008

And Zebra's Have Spots

I haven't done a stream nini in awhile, so figured today was the perfect time to do it... Lots of cute stories & other things going on here.


Work is going well for Jason. He's tired of course (graveyards & double shifts will do that) but he's a lot happier & things are working out. His allergies are acting up again though... all the cedar over there. I feel bad for him about that, but he's handling it well.

His classes are going good too. He's in love w/ his Latin class lol.


I am doing a lot better... Sore throat is gone, cough is gone, knee works again... and I think I'm getting over the food poisoning I caught earlier this week. Yes, after everything else I ate some chicken that had been in the freezer a little too long (at least I'm assuming that was the prob) & got food poisoning. I'm having horrid luck lately lol. But no seriously I think it's going away... For some reason I'm exausted today, but I think that's just mommyitis and not anything serious. It better not be because I'm ready to not be sick.. it's beyond having gotten old. One thing I do not have patience with is being sick. Has got to end. Now.


We all know Kalila is about to turn one... I can't believe her bday is almost here! Honestly it's been stressing me out too because we hadn't got anything together for her party. I wanted to do a SMALL family thing, cake & punch type thing, preferably here at home. But family stuff ends up bigger than that of course, so we didn't think it'd work. We had people telling us to ask certian people to let us have it at their place (that's nice, but I don't feel right about that... not for this) and one saying we shouldn't have anything at all and another saying we should just invite a few one year olds over (ummm... we know no other one year olds here!). So I was about pulling out my hair. To make a long story short we went over the list, cut it down a bit & figured out how to make it work here. So now I'm contentedly going over cake ideas :-)


Ok so in the middle of typing this I took a break & went out to the gas station w/ Kalila... we needed out of the house. I'd been fighting her over a nap for hours. We put her down & she got upset that Jas left. I put her down she decided she was hungry agian. I put her down, she made a diaper... I put her down she screamed again for no apparent reason (note no sleep for more than 10 min is why I kept trying) At that point it was 5 & since her bedtime is 8... yeah she wasn't going down. So we go out... and she was happy. It seemed to work. What's funny is that as we were leaving the place we ran into a family member that we haven't seen in quite awhile... I shouldn't be surprised, that happens a lot lol. It was nice though.


I have a question... A serious question. Does anyone know how to keep a baby from unstopping the bathtub?

She discovered the drain last night (only her second bath in the big tub too). I managed to distract her w/ splashing the water (started sloshing it really fast with both hands lol) - she thought it was halarious and started laughing & squeeling & we ended up having a great time. After a few minutes she even started mimicing me & splashing on her own. Then she started kicking her legs, made more splashes of course, but also propelled herself across the tub. It was soooo cute.

Anyways, I tried to distract her agian tonight when she went for it. Yeah, didn't work. Determined child that she is... She figured out how to open it up... and when I tried covering it with my hand (something that I don't want to have to do all the time) she about bent my fingers completely back trying to get at it!


Kalila has fallen in love with books. When we go in her room for something, she bypasses her toys & goes straight for the books! She'll carry them around everywhere... She'll chew on them if I let her (depends on the book lol). She opens them up & tries to turn the pages. She smiles at the pictures. Even handed me one today & babbled something (her face was all lit up too). Here's what happened...

Me - You want me to read it to you?
Kalila - smiling and bouncing around...
Me - *reading the book - I get to the end where it asks which animals have spots & which have stripes* Can you tell me which animals have spots?
Kalila - points to the frog
Me - Good girl! Can you show me the other animal that has spots?
Kalila - points to the zebra

Now... I have to say that I'm proud of my little girl... Not because she pointed to the frog (because I know she doesn't know the difference between spots & stripes yet.. there's no way lol) but because she pointed when I asked her to.


I mentioned the other day about Kalila's new sleep habits... Well, you almost got a very excited update on that.

The night after I wrote how easily she went down... She slept ALL NIGHT LONG. I was so happy (and slightly worried lol) when I woke up the next morning & she was sleeping still.

The next night... she went down easy agian... And then she slep ALL NIGHT LONG. I was jumping for joy at this point.

Last night... Jas was in the room when she went down so she wasn't having that. I picked her up, nursed her a bit more & then she went down just like before. And then... she woke up. Back to bed. Woke up. Back to bed Woke up... I don't even remember how many times. Like an hour or so (maybe 2) between each time. Finally when I went to bed at 1 or 2 she woke up one last time & slept until almost 9 this morning. So tech she slept through (by the definition they use for babies... was over 5 hours) but not near as easy as the 2 nights before or for as long as normal... and of course it set the mood for her all day today. She ended up being cranky & tired & naps were awful (obviously). I hope she sleeps better tonight, partly for my sake (I can handle wakeups, but that was hard... esp after getting used to not having too) but mostly for hers.


Yesterday I got up & was sitting here at the computer w/ Kalila & noticed that Kimosimi had jumped up on the counter in the half bathroom. Since that's the kitty bathroom I wouldn't have minded, but I have my jewelry boxes up there & some rosaries too... and he was sniffing at those (for some reason they attract both cats). So I started telling him to get down & motioning w/ my hand... You know snapping my fingers and moving my hand in a downward motion. A few seconds later I hear Kalila yelling "Da Da" and flapping her arm down. So I tell him again & then she does it agian.. only saying kitty instead of da da.


Apparently the word of the day today (here anyway) was baby. I woke up to Kalila saying "Yaya baby" (yaya = yalla) & it continued from there. She called EVERYTHING baby today. Normally it's just babies & kids (even older ones lol).. but no... the cats, the books, everything... What's funny about htat is that's what she's getting for her bday. She's getting her very own stuffed baby doll... We found one that is really cute. She saw it when we did of course & smiled so we think she likes it lol.

She did add a new word today though.. And I have no doubt it wasn't babbling because she's heard it so much. She said "no no"


I'm pretty sure there is/was more that I wanted to say... but I am so tired. I still have some laundry to do.. and dinner to fix... but all I want to do is lay down & go to sleep. sleeeeeeeep.......

05 September, 2008

Sleepy Sweet Moments

A recent post I read the other day was just perfect timing... because I was planning to write this already lol.

Thankfully the problems we had before getting Kalila to sleep have about vanished. Nap times are still a struggle about half the time. But night... is great. But.... she's started waking up several times a night! It's not just once anymore. Honestly I'm fine with this though... of the two "issues" I'd rather have this one... really I would.

The reason I mention it though... is I have a few stories from the past few nights. All sweet. I'll start with tonight & work my way back.

I'm trying to be good about getting that bedtime routine down... and I did today. It was kind of a big night because it was her first time alone in the big bath (she'd had some join mommy for bubble bath times before). She loved it. I splashed her & she giggled & squealed. She tried to stand up, which obviously doesn't work as well as in the baby tub, and ended up on her tummy (shallow water & me right there = she's fine lol face didn't even go near the water). We got done with that, I got her diapered & dressed... and went into her room to calm down & stuff... and immediately she went to her bedtime book & started playing with it. So I decided to read her several stories tonight (besides it was a little too early for bed). She was grabbing books for me & so excited about it. And when I laid her down she started to protest, but straightened out & babbled something at me and settled in for bed.

Last night... I did the spending some time in her room thing too... we read her story & she nursed awhile, when she was almost asleep I laid her down & in this sweet little voice babbled some 3 syllable word in Kalilanese & snuggled in to sleep.

The night before she must not have been as happy about it. She went down the exact same way... but as I was telling her goodnight she said (read this in a sulky exasperated tone because I swear that's how it sounded) "bye" - I barely made it out of the room before I cracked up laughing! I know it was prob a coincidence... but it was funny.

A night or two before (the original reason I was writing this... and the reason I bring up her new sleep habits) she went down pretty easy... and eventually I went to bed. Jason was working a graveyard so apparently Kimosimi decided I needed someone to snuggle with & joined me, laid right up against my back. Now, when Kalila was co-sleeping we kept the cats (well we just had Mumble at the time) out of the room... but now we don't worry about it because a) we can't their litter box is in the half bath lol and b) Kalila is in her room, door closed & crib tent over her crib. The few times she wakes up while I'm sleeping & joins me - the cats run for their lives (they're slightly afraid of her). But that night when she woke up at 3:30 in the morning... he didn't budge. (yes I tried) So I had him cuddled on one side of me & her on the other. I laid there and thought how sweet it was... and then she decided she had enough & realized where she was. She climbed over me (apparently I turn into a jungle gym if I'm on the bed) to play & then saw Kimosimi. At that point she's completely awake and going for the cat! Yes... He ran. I scooped her up, and put her back to bed. No fussing (I was surprised because I know she wanted to play lol) just went to sleep. So I came back in here and started to go back to sleep when I felt a cat jump back up. I looked up & Kimosimi was staring right in my face! I laughed and went to sleep. Now - I'm asleep at this point.. prob not completely but still... and I felt someone crawl over me & head towards the edge of the bed. The baby had been in the bed... I freaked out thinking I'd fallen asleep & she was about to fall off. I grabbed for her & came up with cat! At that point I just shook my head, smiled & petted him since I had him there... So he starts purring (like the loudest I've heard him do) and licking my hand. After a few seconds I wanted to sleep so I rolled over, obviously bringing my hand with me... and he followed me! Chased my hand over me... purring, licking & pushing into it. I just laughed and petted some more... until he curled up back at my side & we both fell sound asleep. If I remember correctly Jas had to move him when he got home lol. Thankfully that was the only time Kalila woke up that night too... I was so tired (I think it was the day I babysat).

Now that I've bragged about our sweet little moments I'm prob gonna regret it lol... but that's ok, had to share!

Caught Red Handed

Somehow my husband's work shirt (clean work shirt) ended up on the dirty clothes pile yesterday. (He blamed it on the cats, but I have a feeling it was a certain 11 mo' old) So he asked me to wash it this morning... Unfortunately when he asked I already had diapers soaking in the washer (I put them in last night to turn on this morning). There's no way the diapers would be done by the time he needed the shirt... so I did something I haven't since college... I threw it in the sink & did some handwashing. I planned to have it in the dryer before he got home, but he got out of class early & caught me mid wash (and yes the red hands were literal). Poor thing said he felt bad about it (it's not like I haven't washed by hand before lol) so that was sweet at least I guess lol... but I couldn't get all the soap out for anything! It ended up in the dryer too late & was still a little wet when he left. Oops...

04 September, 2008

I Found It

Yea for the camera no longer being lost!!!!!

In celebration I took a ton of pictures tonight.. As you can see she was having fun w/ her sippy of water & walking around (almost running).

Here are also a few cute ones I got before it got lost... I wish I could include more, but oh well. In the second one - that's the car that she keeps taking from Khalil lol. (yes, she kisses him and then takes his car...)

Hope everyone is having a great week... I've got some cute stories to tell, but they'll wait for later :-j

Oh Come On...

Has anyone seen the new commercials for High Fructose Corn Syrup? Do they think we're stupid? Honestly... I don't know if I'm bothered more by them saying something is good for you that is not or by them portraying those of us that aren't buying into that as complete ditzes...

01 September, 2008

Just a Couple More..

I did it! I managed to get a good video of her walking today lol. I was just trying to get one of her watching the telethon so it was a nice surprise...

If I'd only waited a little longer to post those last video's you would have seen this one last time... Giving kisses (so sweet!)

Hope everyone had a great Labour Day... Not really much to tell here, spent most of the day watching the telethon & stuff...