16 August, 2008

Yummy Yummy Lead

Well... for those of you who've heard about the dinner party idea, I have one coming up... even started working on it, but so much has gone on in the past couple days that it's on hold for a little bit.

I had a surprise guest yesterday... Def want to write more about this (and may later) but need to talk to Jason about how he feels about me writing it first.

Kalila was tested for lead today. I have no idea how long it will take the tests to come in. She did really well though, didn't cry when they drew blood (and it was a real drawing in the arm, not the finger or toe pricks) & then said "oooh" when she saw the green bandage.

Why did we get her tested? Long story, but basically there's things thing she likes to chew on... we didn't think it had it in there, but I kept worrying & finally trusted my instincts and tested the thing. Surprise it has lead. At least we found out though... everyone thinks she'll be fine... and if there is a prob at least we caught it early. I'm telling myself that anyway.

I'm exausted... we spent most of today cleaning. I'm not going into a lot of detail about that... I'm happy with the house, but way too much drama. I feel like I could curl up and go right to sleep... entirely possible since Kalila's down for the night, but I do have a few things I want to do first.

My cough has not gone away.... but I am doing a lot better. Just wish it would go away already...

Kalila has said two new words in the past couple days. The first was at her weight check (whoo hoo she gained a pound!!!) - she said baby... We were in the room decorated w/ babies lol. The second one was today.... She was eating dinner and said "Yummy yummy yummy" We'll see if she keep saying them (although did a couple times each so far) or if just a coincidence.

Hopefully I'll have the dinner party all ready for you soon!


flickrlovr said...

Yikes on the lead! Good for you mama for following your instincts. I hope her tests come back clear. Keep us posted. Sorry you're still not feeling 100%. Go away, cough! I have a cough that's been lingering for about 2 months (grr) so I can totally relate. I'm not "sick" sick, but have a pretty deep cough. I guess it's from all the CA fires and the smoke and other new allergens in the air? Who knows.

I am excited about the dinner parties too! I keep meaning to post my guest list, and um, forget. Honestly, I don't know why it's taking me so long. I'm going to try to finish it before I go to sleep. It's almost 2AM ;)

And you just might be on it--so go check it out!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks. I am slowly getting better... and so far we haven't heard anything, so I'm hoping it'll be good news. Almost too tired to worry right now, so that's prob a good thing.

I finally got mine done... not as well as I hoped, but... I had fun w/ it.