09 August, 2008

Sick of Being Sick - With a Little Good News Thrown In

I have pics for ya... really I do. But they aren't being added tonight. I'm surprised I'm up at all really.

I spent the first half of today waiting at a dr's office... then sleeping and generally being in pain. Apparently I got a virus and two different infections! Thankfully I did not get strep (was tested for that too) - I used to get that a lot as a kid and as soon as they mentioned it I freaked out a little.

This is just rediculous though... First Kalila & I were sick. Then Jason. Now me. All with different things of course...

And to make it worse.. twice now I've missed family stuff. I got invited to see fam today again. The first time was 4 of July when Kalila was sick (me too, but not as bad). Then 3 weeks of missing Mass meant not seeing anyone there... I feel horrible about it...

Anyways, thankfully after Jas dr's appointment last week he got put on antibiotics and is much better, and now I have some too... and Kalila is happy & healthy & I hope she stays that way!

Oh more good news.. Jas is going back to his old job as of this next week. We're really excited about it. Esp since I didn't get that job I'd applied for. Sorry I kept forgetting to mention that... they never really contacted me so I was left hanging for awhile. I've still got apps out though.. and now that he's going back to the old one... I can start looking back at work at home jobs, like babysitting again. Which makes me very very happy. But back to what I was saying, this is going to be very good for him... less stress and all.

I'm starting to get lightheaded again so I'm gonna lay down.. I'll try & put those pics up tomorrow.


Christy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Christy said...

Oh, and I am sorry to hear that you didn't get the job. But it sounds like everything is going to work out for the best anyways.

flickrlovr from said...

So sorry you're not feeling tip-top. Having just had surgery a couple days ago, I'm not feeling so great either, so I [unfortunately] can sympathize. Hope you're back to feeling better very soon. Being under the weather sucks.

Glad the baby's healthy now though--and you're on your way back to feeling well.

Ditto to Christy's comment: sorry you didn't get that job you applied for, but hopefully the old job your hubby's starting back at will be a good situation for all three of you and work out just fine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! I'm so sorry I've never visited over here! Adding you to my reader as we speak :)

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - Thanks. I'm already feeling a bit better. And I had mixed feelings over the job anyway, so even though I'm a bit bummed about it... Is ok.

Flickerlovr - Thanks. If I had a reader you'd be added to mine too :-D As is you're on my bookmarks now. I hope you get to feeling better too.