13 August, 2008

Muenster Monster & Other "Fun" Stories

I'll apologize if I ramble any more than normal... My brain is not all here. There was something I was seriously gonna write about, but it left me.

Kalila had muenster cheese for the first time today... I put it w/ shells & she loved it. Shoved whole chunks in her mouth. Picked up strings of melted cheese to eat. Grinned as they stretched from her mouth to her hands... What interested me (besides the overall cuteness) was that, unlike cheddar, muenster does well w/ pasta... I think I may be on my way to finding my way of making mac & cheese w/ real cheese (have always done it w/ velveeta). I'm excited about this. Esp since it's my fav cheese anyway lol.

I am mostly well again. The dr's office called & said I don't have the UTI, I'm done w/ my meds for the other infection.... and still have a cough & sore throat. In fact that has gotten worse. & I'm starting to have sinus symptoms on top of that... you know the headache and pressure... and had a stuffy nose too. Is really aggrivating. But to be fair my couch sounds much better today than yesterday... so there is hope!

I've officially started getting Kalila's room put together (despite the fact that I have a ton of others things that need to be done too & might just be more important) - I was insulted into it... I still have some to do, but the furniture is where I want it, the Crucifix & Guardian Angel pic are up (if not the rest of the wall things lol), and the baby is asleep so I can't get any farther.

Kimosimi knocked over the baby gate that sections off their space... I put it back up (not well enough) and Mumble tried to jump up on it.. It came crashing down & scared the daylights out of her. Yes, I had a good laugh.

A friend from Church brought us some more hand-me-down's the other day... (which has caused a laundry explosion on my couch) Was really sweet. Most of them are way too big right now, but that's a good thing in my opinion lol. Besides, there's a few that fit now, like a couple 18mo dresses very similar to one another friend gave us... and we've discovered that we love that style (is so easy to dress her in). She wore one today... I wish I'd thought about snapping a picture, but I didn't... I will next time though - I promise!

Kalila threw herself off the couch today. You'd think that'd be a scary story right? No... I'm still confused by it... I was holding her... She jumped.. She twisted... She plopped her cute little fluffy butt down.... on the carpet. I know it was on purpose (she had that proud of herself, accomplished, look on her face)... but I still can't figure out how she did it.

I want to go to sleep. I also want tilapia for dinner tonight... The two don't work together. We'll see which one wins...

I remember what it was! I was going to write about these silly dreams I keep having... I'm not coherent enough to do so right now. I promise I'll write another post after my brain starts back up again. Don't let me forget.

I could probably go on about the crazyness around here, but I've gotta end this sometime... I'll write again soon & hopefully it won't be this bad lol.


Steph said...

We've never had muenster cheese. May have to try it, especially now that we have Kairi back on cheese! :D

I hope you get to feeling better quickly! I hate being sick while taking care of the babies.

And my kids' rooms still aren't done either. So don't feel badly. Kairi's is almost done, if I could just find the last of her decor in our boxes. Alex's is no where close.

Btw, what size is Kalila in now? I may have some more clothes to send your way!

Christy said...

I can't believe you're still sick. Poor you!

I LOVE getting hand-me-down clothes for the kids. Buying new clothing is so expensive, and they outgrow everything in 3 months anyways.

Mama Kalila said...

Steph - Thanks! you should try it, is really good! Kalila's in about a 12/18mo's (for the most part) - and that would be great, but makes me glad we're getting more hangers this weekend!

Christy - Yeah I know, me either... I'm tired of it already. & same here... new clothes are nice... but not any better and definately not worth it for how little time they spend in them. I read an article once that said that second (and beyond) baby's should not wear handmedowns becuase they'll (the baby mind you) be embarrassed by it... I about died. Good grief!!! Like a baby cares what they are wearing.

Steph said...

LOL ... Well, it won't nearly be as much as before that I'll send. But I'll look and see what we have. I need to make more room in her closet as there's a really awesome consignment store's extravaganza coming up next week. :)

Mama Kalila said...

Understood.. I don't think we'd have room if you were sending that much lol.

Sabrina said...

You know I've never tried Muenster cheese either. May have to buy some for the kids and try it! I usually just buy mozz, cheddar, and swiss because I love swiss!