23 August, 2008

Making Milk

I just read a blog comment that gave me the idea to do this so here I am!

I absolutely love breastfeeding... and honestly I've been pretty lucky. Thats not to say that it's 100% easy for me or that I haven't had problems... because it hasn't been & I have. But... I've had a lot of support, know some good places to do research, and have been able to work through the problems I have had. Plus I haven't had near as many as some other mom's I've talked too. I definately can't complain (or shouldn't).

One issue I haven't had, but am paranoid enough to have research up the tako (random Kiswahili word 325230 thrown in for no good reason) just in case is making enough milk. Honestly I've tried some of these anyway, just to make sure I don't end up having a problem lol. (Besides some are things we need to be doing as nursing mom's anyway)

* Drink plenty of water
* Nurse the baby as often as possible, on demand.
*Fenugreek - this can be found in pills, in Mothers Milk tea, and in Curry Powder
* Pump between feedings (I'd prob do that as a last resort... becuase it can cause you to overproduce... I know that from experience lol)
* Dillweed - I was looking it up to see if it was safe since was in a recipe and had a nice surprise.. makes me wonder if pickles would work too!
* Oatmeal - Not instant... needs to be something cut (sorry it's late lol), so oldfashioned style, but is in the groc stores. I'm not sure if the cereal or cookies would work, but def wouldn't hurt.
* Reglan - another last resort... you'd need to talk to your dr for the prescription.
* No formula... - any time you aren't feeding = less production. (don't kick yourself if you have too though... it happens) But...
* Supplament System - if you have no choice but supplament, look in to a SNS... baby gets formula at your breast so it 'kicks your production' up at the same time.
* Nurse In - Take a day, weekend, whatever you can swing - and lay in bed w/ baby all day.
*Research! Kellymom is a great resouce... so is CafeMom... LLL...

There's also some things to avoid....

* Sage
* Thyme
* Mint - this one is hard for me... We eat a ton of Lebanese food and it's basically in everything we cook. Thankfully it hasn't caused me to dry up...
* Oregano
* Parsley

I'm sure there's more, so if anyone wants to add to the list let me know & I'll do it.


Mama Kalila said...

Blogger quitecontrary1977 said...

I have milk coming out my ears so I guess I need to try stuff on the "don't do" list! Hey you should come by my blog! I'm having a pretty cool giveaway!

August 23, 2008 9:01 PM
OpenID Jaspenelle said...

Sometimes I think I need to eat the stuff not to have list before I am overproduction central! Which is why I am not afraid of my mint tea I suppose hehe.

August 23, 2008 9:04 PM
Blogger Mama Kalila said...

I'm with you two lol. Esp early on... isn't quite so bad now, but I had a well stocked freezer for awhile...

I stay away from some on the bad list, but parsley oregano & mint are pretty much unavoidable here.. (esp mint).

August 23, 2008 9:08 PM
Blogger Mrs. Who said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I appreciate it! Regular feedings made the difference for me. Any time I skipped, the milk became less.