24 August, 2008

If it's not one thing... It's another...

I... Really... GOOD GRIEF!!!!

Sorry had to get that out of my system.

Good news... I'm feeling a ton better. I still have a bit of a cough and stuffy nose (that popped up in the middle) but the cough is finally letting up/almost gone so I feel like it's passing. But I woke up w/ sore gums (like I'm teething & got punched on the roof of my mouth). Is just odd and has me confused. I'm sure it'll go away like most of the other odd things that have happened lately though.

Bad news... I just killed my knee. But I'll get back to that in a minute.


So last night I put Kalila to bed. Around 1 in the morning I hear her cry & figure she's probably hungry... but she's laying down, not standing like she usually is.... so I debate walking back out. But she sees me and starts to sit up. So I'm picking her up and I notice that the bed is very very wet. I'm very confused by this... because her diapers don't leak unless I use the older ones (we got half price) that need the elastic fixed. We don't use those at night because of it... Why is she leaking... In about hte time it takes to think this I realize...

Well, I'm not going to share the the first sight I got (didn't take a picture anyway), but I'll share the one I got right after I picked her up...

Yes, she took her diaper off at some point! So word of advice... Pocket diapers work great overnight... but not if they pull them off!!!

What I'm confused about is how the puddle is on one end (where she was) and her diaper across to the other lol. I guess she chucked it. As aggrivating as changing the sheets was... it was really cute too.


We decided we had to do something about the kitchen. Kalila keeps crawling in there.

Yes, she's going after the beer that we hadn't put up yet... (silly baby doesn't realize she can't drink yet!)

So Jason dragged a big tub (filled w/ her stuffed animals lol) in front of the entryway... just to block it off until we could put up a baby gate. It looked pretty silly, and I meant to take a picture, but I forgot. Sorry.

Well, today we decided to use her play pen as a gate instead of getting one. It's meant to be able to section off rooms when you disconnect a side, so there ya go... Jas' idea... thought it would work. It does... but it goes from the entry way out past the bar, around the table towards the wall and bends back in. Still looks goofy, but it works... and this way she's out of the dining room too... not as much of a problem, but I am a little afraid of her hitting her head on the table.

Only problem? It doesn't have a gate... you have to step over it. I went to get something from the drier (and lost part of what I got in the process.. still can't find it) and going over the thing hit my knee on the bar.. I went down pretty hard and can barely move it now. Just what I need...


I heard that some people are finding BumGenius diapers at Target... So I thought I'd look when we're in the area... and we found them today! I was so excited... They're the same price as online... but no shipping. Now, we don't really need new diapers... but Jas has commented (more than once) that he wants to move more towards the pocket diapers... So is really nice to see them places. We started talking about it and are thinking about maybe picking up one a month (when we can) to build up our shash... and go more towards that. We'll see... Is not something we could do at all online (can you imagine that shipping added up?) is nice to have this option.


Yesterday was Jas' last day at his old job... is going back to the other this week, Thursday I think. We're really happy about it.


Random picture of Kalila playing w/ Kimosimi earlier...


I got a couple of cute kitty pics the other day too


Update in the time its taken me to type this... I can walk on it... but bending it is not a good idea... shooting pain happens.

Is it mean that I think it's slightly funny that Jas just hurt himself on the same thing? (he's ok)


Before I go... LOL We only have one pocket left clean (need to wash) and it's one of those leaky older ones.. So I did the only logical thing I could think of.. I stuffed it like crazy. As soon as she stood up we started laughing.


Steph said...

So very cute! I loved the stuffed diaper! I've super layered prefolds from time to time b/c I was scared of leaking. :)

I'm so sorry about your knee! I know that that has to hurt! I hope it starts feeling better soon.

Your talking about the BumGenius diapers reminded me that a friend of mine cleared out both of our Targets (that are w/in 30 mins) of all of them. She's just now starting to cd and I may send her to your other blog. Just fyi. :)

Mama Kalila said...

I used to do it w/ prefolds at night too... is so cute to see that huge baby butt lol

The knee is already getting better, still hurts... but I figured otu why it's so bad. It's the same knee I nearly broke while pregnant and hurt about a year before that. My luck...

That's cool, is what it's there for (plus for me to just think things out sometimes). Hopefully buying them out at Targets (I've heard of a few others doing it too, or at least picking up one if they don't need them) will get them to buy more and carry more often. Is just nice to see them in the store though :-j

Christy said...

Such a smart little girl! I can't believe she took off her diaper! Did she go back to sleep easily? One time Izzy leaked out of his diaper. After I changed him and the sheets, he wouldn't go back to sleep for two hours!

Hope your knee is feeling better:)

Mama Kalila said...

Oh she's done it before... just never in the crib. Was my fault for not buttoning the onsie (she was fighting me about it) She did have trouble going back to sleep. Jas was home soon after and got her riled up though. Plus she's got a cold and teething... We had to clean out her nose and that set her off, and then after she calmed down she started crying over nothing & it hit me that she was probably in pain... so we gave her tylanol and she went down easy after that. I feel bad that it took me so long to realize it though.

My knee is doing better... still hurts, esp if I try to kneel down or bend it too far, but oh well... It healed before, it'll do it again lol.

Meichelle said...

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

At least her diaper didn't land UPSIDE down. My daughter always seems to get hers just so it leaks onto whatever it lands on. Frustrating.