27 August, 2008

I Need Sleep

I'm gonna keep this short because I really need to get some sleep, but...

KALILA IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has also turned into a little bully. She's been taking Khalil's toys & smacking him on the head. Thankfully he's learning to fight back, he pushed her down at one point last night lol. Seriously though, the toys I get... is gonna happen because of her age. I'm working w/ her on it of course, but still. But the hitting is just not gonna happen. She got in trouble for that several times today... You should have heard the screaming that happened when I put her in the playpen at one point.

For the most part though they get along well... She gave him kisses last week. & they've held hands, smile at each other and laugh, "talk", even play w/ the same toys together sometimes. It's really cute.

I think I mentioned her newest word, yummy... (which morphed into nummy after a few days of saying it lol) Well now she uses it, not just while she's eating, but anytime she is hungry or sees someone else eating.

Jas does not go back to work tomorrow... He went back yesterday! Sorry, I had the days wrong... He went back last night, started school again today, and is off tomorrow. My mistake. All is going well w/ that though... adjustments of course... and I know me being gone during the day right now is making it a little more awkward, but that's ok. We've managed.

My knee is better (for those of you who've asked). I think part of it is just that I haven't had time to think about it lol.

Oh.. and I got attacked by bees today. We went to get gas & Jas left the windows down... and they were swarming aroudn the area... So not fun. One flew in & started dive bombing me... I was drinking a DrPepper & started flipping out... kept hitting it away & it kept coming back after me... Soda was flying everywhere... I nearly got blinded by it, DrPepper literally flew in my eye... Finally Jas came & saved me... I was soaked & panicked & was just bad... Is kinda funny thinking back though lol.

Ok, I'm off.. The kitties & baby have the right idea... Time to sleep!


Christy said...

We need a video! So exciting!

Steph said...

HURRAY! That's so exciting!

Mama Kalila said...