09 August, 2008

I Do It Myself!

Now that I'm getting around to adding the pictures. Didn't have as many as I thought, but there are a couple video's!

I got these a couple days ago... Kalila threw a fit to get the spoon. Just had to have it. Unfortunately she can't get any of her food on it!

I've mentioned that Kalila has been taking a few steps... Well I tried to get it on video. The second one is best... but she fell when she tried that time lol. At least you can see her cruising in these. I need to try again tomorrow though. Hopefully I can catch a few steps then...

These were taken early on last week & the last few days she's been doing it more and more.

Sorry that's it... but I've been out of it the last couple days. Thankfully am feeling a lot better. Jas took care of the baby yesterday & let me sleep... and today she went w/ her Gido to see family. I'm really glad she got to and not just because of the rest I got lol. I know they all wanted to see her. But yeah, was nice for me too. I didn't get any sleep like I hoped, but still got to rest.


Christy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mama Kalila said...


Mekhismom said...

She is adorable and she will be walking soon enough. Get your track shoes ready!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks & I know... I'm just hoping I can catch some video of this early stage before she passes it by lol.

anymommy said...

We are in that phase with the spoon. Nothing I offer is good enough - food must be on a spoon that he operates. Makes for long meals!

Hope you are feeling better soon.