04 August, 2008

Back to normal... If There Is A Such Thing

Right down to computer issues lol. Now the s is sticking. I need to switch computers...

Ok, now that I'm nice and switched and can type like a normal person...

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but things... well are as crazy as ever. I've gotten a ton of new pictures, and have even tried to keep (most of them anyway) away from the highchair area. Plus I've actually gotten some real stuff done around here (whoo hoo!!!).

As you might have guessed since I'm on the happy computer... we finally got it moved! Which brings us a long ways towards having the apartment put together. I've got a pile of laundry I'm trying to ignore at the moment (but will be gone after I finish this I promise), but things are going good w/ all that.

Kalila is... oh good grief, she's growing like crazy. She is all over the place. Literally. Well, no, right now she's asleep.. but you know what I mean!

She's "talking" more and more now... mostly babbleing... but more complicated babbles lol. Is so cute. Esp when she talks to the cats. Or pics of babies online. Or other babies when we're out.

And she's still working on walking. Is still trying to take one or two steps before falling. She goes days without trying it (sticks to cruising) and then randomly will try again. A few days ago I caught her out of the corner of my eye taking a couple from the playpen wall to her walker toy. Then nothing until last night when she took one big step and fell lol. Is cute to watch though... and I know once she really gets it I'll have no rest.

As it is she moves all over the place. Cakerwakers keeps showing photographic evidence in her posts.. Well here is mine. (excuse the bookshelf.. I haven't gotten to organizing that yet)

Yes those were all taken at the same time...

In line w/ this moving all over the place thing... Today she went after poor Mumble, who was determined to ignore her and not move. The chair went round and round. Kalila stood, sat, stood, fell. But would not leave poor Mumble alone. Sorry if a bit bright, but I was staying close just in case.

As you can see, Mumble swatted at her finally & I stepped in lol. (note: neither baby nor kitty was hurt) Please ignore the pile of clothes on the bed.. is what I'm supposed to be doing...

At that point I sat her on the bed to save Mumble... and she went after Kimosimi instead.
A few min later I got a couple shots of a diaper change... like always she immediately flipped over and took off.

I lay her back down on her back and try to take off the cover... and she does this (yes there is still a diaper on)

I wish I had a pic of earlier... Jas was on here (so tech he could have taken one hint hint hint) and we were playing on the floor nearby. She was crawling & for some reason I got the idea to "crawl over her" as she was crawling. (hands on either side to front of hers and legs behind her) She thought it was the funniest thing as we raced across the room like that... Kept laughing and squealing.. Better yet, I wish we had video of it... Was adorable. And completely wore me out.

Speaking of wearing me out... Another latest thing... She's refusing her naps. Like I'll put her in and hear her babbling for 10 min or more... and then she'll get mad and scream until we go in there. (She's either sitting or standing too) Then she smiles and holds up her hands to get out. ??? She needs her nap... I have no clue what to do. I think today I got her to nap for 30 min.... Could she be ready to cut down to one? :-(

She's also learning new faces to make...

Here is her sad pout one (such a faker too) Usually goes along w/ her saying "Ohhhh"

Sideways grin... usually there are no teeth showing, but look at that mouthful!

At that point in pic taking I started laughing, because she's so cute I couldn't help myself. This was the reaction...

Then she started playing w/ her arms... her other new move. Here they are up, but she does it w/ them in front of her too.. kinda looks like she's playing volleyball the other way lol.

And since I had the camera out... Here's a couple of her w/ her teething biscuit. Those things are horrid. They get EVERYWHERE. After awhile she wanted out of the chair, so I sat there holding her as she smeared it all over herself (including her feet) and all over me. Then she gave me kisses.. very messy kisses. Yeah, I found teething biscuit up my nose. Oh well... I love it.

I think the dishwasher has stopped... which means I need to go cook... and finish the laundry (as I now wanna cry lol j/k)

OH - before I forget... We ended up having to order our laundry detergent online (stupid walmart only carries tide and crappy store brand now just about) and it came last week. I was unloading & went back for the rest and found this...

K - I'm done for now :-j


Christy said...

I love your photographic evidence:)

Teething biscuits are messy! But Izzy loves them, so we keep buying them.

I can't believe Kalila is almost walking! That is amazing!

Givinya De Elba said...

Kalila is lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry, it wouldn't have made much sense, but we have had 6 months of hassles with bed bugs - we think we picked them up from leading camps for at-risk youth and highschool kids, and rooms had to be evacuated and loads of STUFF just got SHOVED under the deck. Totally daunting. Still, yesterday was wonderful! Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! I remember my own babies cutting down to one nap around the age of 1. So its possible she is ready to be more active. LOL get ready momma!

Steph said...

I love the pictures! She's so adorable! And she could totally be ready for one nap. I think that most babies are ready around 1, and she's almost there!

Mama Kalila said...

Ok everyone - I'm trying to ignore the fact that she's almost 1, ready for only 1 nap and way too close to walking. It's not working...

Christy - Thanks! Sorry just had to steal the idea, was just too cute. We got the teething biscuits because we had a coupon, but she loves em so we'll prob keep buying em too.

Givinya de elba - THanks for stopping by mine too. I hate bed bugs w/ a passion. Nasty creatures.

Angela & Steph - Thanks!

heartatpreschool said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my new site ileftmyheartatpreschool. Yes, I have to say that bathtime is one of my favorite times, and they do get creative with all the toys, it's fun to watch!

Your daughter is adorable!