31 August, 2008

Don't Forget

MDA Telethon is on tonight & tomorrow!!!

30 August, 2008

Finally Some Organic We Can Afford

Sun Harvest had a sale this weekend!

Backing up some... We've been wanting to go there for awhile & hadn't had the chance. We finally got to go a couple weeks ago & I fell in love w/ the place. Seriously... all that organic food... all the green options all right there together... all in prices that are doable (some cheaper than other places, some in the budget for section)...

That same day we got our first newspaper (finally broke down & subscribed) and I saw the coupons (good day to do so!) and the insert for Sun Harvest about this sale! I won't go into a lot of detail, but the fact that they had the sweet (white) corn 3 for $1 was reason enough alone to go. I haven't had that kind in ages...

So we went today... I got my corn lol... and a few other things we needed. One thing that's definitely not cheaper there (but we'll work it into our budget anyway) was the organic potatoes. Working w/ a budget, we know we can't buy all organic (in a perfect world sure... but then we wouldn't need to right?) so we have to draw the line at what needs to be organic, and what doesn't. I don't know if I have it linked on here yet, but just in case - here is a good list for determining that. If you clicked that link, you see potatoes are on the dirty dozen side... So today we broke down & got them organic. (Here's to eating healthier)

Another plus to doing some of our shopping there (obviously we're still buying most of our meat at Ali Baba's, bulk items at Sams & such) is that if it turns out Kalila needs non-dairy versions of stuff it's easy to find there. We're hoping (of course) that is not the case... and since she woke up completely rash free this morning... I'm hoping... We're not going to cook her food w/ milk for awhile though (putting that back) and may still leave out the other dairy items for the next week or two (we didn't give her any today) to see, but haven't decided for sure on that. Thinking about it logically, I don't think she ever reacted to yogurt or cheese (I would have noticed) & she would have. & I know she never reacted to me eating any of it... I just worry... paranoid mama here... (and doesn't help that CafeMom is filled w/ mom's who are anti cow's milk to begin with and others who have kids who do have that problem) OH- and on that note: her rash wasn't quite as bad as we thought either lol. (it was still bad) It turns out the peeling wasn't her skin.... but her rash creme... Word of warning: beeswax looks like peeling skin when it comes off!

Anyways, I managed to have fun w/ our grocery shopping this week lol. We're getting back on track w/ planning out our menu's (I found a great site online to help w/ that too... tips & stuff) & trying to make enough to have leftovers (we never do). I'm actually excited about it. Things are definitely looking up in that department :-D

29 August, 2008

Those Silly Kitties & Finally Some Video!

I'm going to apologize now if I'm more scattered than usual. I'm tired. Basically I've been gone all week... and yesterday after I got back I had so much to do & for some reason (no complaints here, this was a good thing) things just clicked & I managed to get a ton of stuff done around the house. I still have a lot to do, but it's down to the major projects that aren't as important (like closets lol). Anyways, Kalila is down for a nap & I'm on here "resting" before I get back to work.

Somehow in the past two days I have lost my camera.... So when someone asked for video (what silly little bit I can get w/ it) of Kalila walking I thought... maybe I can get it on my phone. Problem is - my phone is stuffed w/ pictures & video's to the point of I may get one more pic in before it screams at me. So tonight I've been emailing them to myself all so you can see my baby walk... & I've found some great photo's that I just have to share!

These two were taken yesterday...

I went to get Kalila ready for bed last night, looked up & saw this:
Bad Mumble! (& bad mommy... I know I should zip that thing during the day!)

Not to be outdone... After Kalila went to bed I was hanging up laundry & Kimosimi decided to take a nap right on my pants.
Unfortunately he wouldn't move & ended up breaking the hanger!

These are a bit older... But I've meant to share them for awhile.

One day I looked up to find...
Kimosimi was a bit intrigued by this too!
But the best part was....
Yes, that's our Mumble.. The flying kitty... (no she didn't fall)
Don't worry, those are all the silly kitty pics.. but I do have more pictures to share!

I also got a couple shots of me & Kalila last night... Since I already had the phone out for Mumble I thought I might as well :-j
After clearing off all that space... That's right... I filled it all up again w/ video's! I haven't been able to get a good shot of her walking yet, just a few steps here and there. Pretty much what she was doing before. I promise she can really do it though. Hopefully I'll get some better ones later on.

The TV... Oh good grief is my daughter attracted to it. This happens a lot. I'm constantly telling her not to touch it, and here you can see (and hear) it. (I like this phone, I didnt realize it had sound!)

Not so much walking here... but I thought this was adorable!

Here she kept trying, but was getting too excited & kept falling.

If you have sound.... Her newest phrase - yummy yummy yummy... :-D (although it sounded suspicously like she was saying tickle tickle this morning... I've said that enough to her that it's possible, but I would be surprised if she did lol, so we'll see) Sorry about the shaking and stuff on this one, was taken last minute.. I just wanted to get her while she was saying it!

Here's that odd crawl (or a bit of it) that I mentioned before. She was chasing me around lol.

And I think this is the best one I've gotten of her walking...

I could continue but I'll be nice... besides she's awake now & hungry! Ok, maybe not... but I'll still be nice.

I've decided I really like the video's from my phone. They don't just have sound... but they upload so much faster on here!

On a more serious note before I go... Can yall keep our family in your prayers? I don't want to go into a lot of details, but one of Jas' cousins was in an accident the other day... she could really use them right now.

Back To The Drawing Board

OK.... So we're cutting dairy out of her diet... at least for a little while...

We'd intro'd cows milk cooked in foods last week... She's been a little loose since then, but I figured it was because she's sick. She's got the stuffy nose & stuff - which I've been sick so I'm assuming she got it from me. She also got a rash, which we cleared up thankfully... and didn't think could be milk related. New food intro'd, and a few days later another rash... (so tech. it could be it too)

I look up allergy information and find out both the rash & the loose stools can be milk allergy related... as can dark circles (which she's had) and the respitory symptoms she's had too (but I still think that was caught from me). It could all be coincidences... but I'd feel better making sure. Her rash is so bad right now that I have to make sure.

I really hope I'm jumping to conclusions lol... But we went from hardly having rashes to constantly fighting them... I knew certain fruit caused it from the acidity, so figured that was it... but could it be more than that?

27 August, 2008

I Need Sleep

I'm gonna keep this short because I really need to get some sleep, but...

KALILA IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has also turned into a little bully. She's been taking Khalil's toys & smacking him on the head. Thankfully he's learning to fight back, he pushed her down at one point last night lol. Seriously though, the toys I get... is gonna happen because of her age. I'm working w/ her on it of course, but still. But the hitting is just not gonna happen. She got in trouble for that several times today... You should have heard the screaming that happened when I put her in the playpen at one point.

For the most part though they get along well... She gave him kisses last week. & they've held hands, smile at each other and laugh, "talk", even play w/ the same toys together sometimes. It's really cute.

I think I mentioned her newest word, yummy... (which morphed into nummy after a few days of saying it lol) Well now she uses it, not just while she's eating, but anytime she is hungry or sees someone else eating.

Jas does not go back to work tomorrow... He went back yesterday! Sorry, I had the days wrong... He went back last night, started school again today, and is off tomorrow. My mistake. All is going well w/ that though... adjustments of course... and I know me being gone during the day right now is making it a little more awkward, but that's ok. We've managed.

My knee is better (for those of you who've asked). I think part of it is just that I haven't had time to think about it lol.

Oh.. and I got attacked by bees today. We went to get gas & Jas left the windows down... and they were swarming aroudn the area... So not fun. One flew in & started dive bombing me... I was drinking a DrPepper & started flipping out... kept hitting it away & it kept coming back after me... Soda was flying everywhere... I nearly got blinded by it, DrPepper literally flew in my eye... Finally Jas came & saved me... I was soaked & panicked & was just bad... Is kinda funny thinking back though lol.

Ok, I'm off.. The kitties & baby have the right idea... Time to sleep!

24 August, 2008

If it's not one thing... It's another...

I... Really... GOOD GRIEF!!!!

Sorry had to get that out of my system.

Good news... I'm feeling a ton better. I still have a bit of a cough and stuffy nose (that popped up in the middle) but the cough is finally letting up/almost gone so I feel like it's passing. But I woke up w/ sore gums (like I'm teething & got punched on the roof of my mouth). Is just odd and has me confused. I'm sure it'll go away like most of the other odd things that have happened lately though.

Bad news... I just killed my knee. But I'll get back to that in a minute.


So last night I put Kalila to bed. Around 1 in the morning I hear her cry & figure she's probably hungry... but she's laying down, not standing like she usually is.... so I debate walking back out. But she sees me and starts to sit up. So I'm picking her up and I notice that the bed is very very wet. I'm very confused by this... because her diapers don't leak unless I use the older ones (we got half price) that need the elastic fixed. We don't use those at night because of it... Why is she leaking... In about hte time it takes to think this I realize...

Well, I'm not going to share the the first sight I got (didn't take a picture anyway), but I'll share the one I got right after I picked her up...

Yes, she took her diaper off at some point! So word of advice... Pocket diapers work great overnight... but not if they pull them off!!!

What I'm confused about is how the puddle is on one end (where she was) and her diaper across to the other lol. I guess she chucked it. As aggrivating as changing the sheets was... it was really cute too.


We decided we had to do something about the kitchen. Kalila keeps crawling in there.

Yes, she's going after the beer that we hadn't put up yet... (silly baby doesn't realize she can't drink yet!)

So Jason dragged a big tub (filled w/ her stuffed animals lol) in front of the entryway... just to block it off until we could put up a baby gate. It looked pretty silly, and I meant to take a picture, but I forgot. Sorry.

Well, today we decided to use her play pen as a gate instead of getting one. It's meant to be able to section off rooms when you disconnect a side, so there ya go... Jas' idea... thought it would work. It does... but it goes from the entry way out past the bar, around the table towards the wall and bends back in. Still looks goofy, but it works... and this way she's out of the dining room too... not as much of a problem, but I am a little afraid of her hitting her head on the table.

Only problem? It doesn't have a gate... you have to step over it. I went to get something from the drier (and lost part of what I got in the process.. still can't find it) and going over the thing hit my knee on the bar.. I went down pretty hard and can barely move it now. Just what I need...


I heard that some people are finding BumGenius diapers at Target... So I thought I'd look when we're in the area... and we found them today! I was so excited... They're the same price as online... but no shipping. Now, we don't really need new diapers... but Jas has commented (more than once) that he wants to move more towards the pocket diapers... So is really nice to see them places. We started talking about it and are thinking about maybe picking up one a month (when we can) to build up our shash... and go more towards that. We'll see... Is not something we could do at all online (can you imagine that shipping added up?) is nice to have this option.


Yesterday was Jas' last day at his old job... is going back to the other this week, Thursday I think. We're really happy about it.


Random picture of Kalila playing w/ Kimosimi earlier...


I got a couple of cute kitty pics the other day too


Update in the time its taken me to type this... I can walk on it... but bending it is not a good idea... shooting pain happens.

Is it mean that I think it's slightly funny that Jas just hurt himself on the same thing? (he's ok)


Before I go... LOL We only have one pocket left clean (need to wash) and it's one of those leaky older ones.. So I did the only logical thing I could think of.. I stuffed it like crazy. As soon as she stood up we started laughing.

23 August, 2008

Making Milk

I just read a blog comment that gave me the idea to do this so here I am!

I absolutely love breastfeeding... and honestly I've been pretty lucky. Thats not to say that it's 100% easy for me or that I haven't had problems... because it hasn't been & I have. But... I've had a lot of support, know some good places to do research, and have been able to work through the problems I have had. Plus I haven't had near as many as some other mom's I've talked too. I definately can't complain (or shouldn't).

One issue I haven't had, but am paranoid enough to have research up the tako (random Kiswahili word 325230 thrown in for no good reason) just in case is making enough milk. Honestly I've tried some of these anyway, just to make sure I don't end up having a problem lol. (Besides some are things we need to be doing as nursing mom's anyway)

* Drink plenty of water
* Nurse the baby as often as possible, on demand.
*Fenugreek - this can be found in pills, in Mothers Milk tea, and in Curry Powder
* Pump between feedings (I'd prob do that as a last resort... becuase it can cause you to overproduce... I know that from experience lol)
* Dillweed - I was looking it up to see if it was safe since was in a recipe and had a nice surprise.. makes me wonder if pickles would work too!
* Oatmeal - Not instant... needs to be something cut (sorry it's late lol), so oldfashioned style, but is in the groc stores. I'm not sure if the cereal or cookies would work, but def wouldn't hurt.
* Reglan - another last resort... you'd need to talk to your dr for the prescription.
* No formula... - any time you aren't feeding = less production. (don't kick yourself if you have too though... it happens) But...
* Supplament System - if you have no choice but supplament, look in to a SNS... baby gets formula at your breast so it 'kicks your production' up at the same time.
* Nurse In - Take a day, weekend, whatever you can swing - and lay in bed w/ baby all day.
*Research! Kellymom is a great resouce... so is CafeMom... LLL...

There's also some things to avoid....

* Sage
* Thyme
* Mint - this one is hard for me... We eat a ton of Lebanese food and it's basically in everything we cook. Thankfully it hasn't caused me to dry up...
* Oregano
* Parsley

I'm sure there's more, so if anyone wants to add to the list let me know & I'll do it.

22 August, 2008

I've Gone Crazy... Picture Crazy

Mama's Little Helper...

Introducing our Rhythmic Gymnast...

I'll jump for awhile...

These make great toys!

I think I'll take it for a walk...

Not just for kitties, babies are fascinated too!

Just for the record:

No I'm not putting Kalila to work... yet. I'll wait at least a few years for that ;-)

The ribbon is Kimosimi's... I keep trying to put it away, but he keeps dragging it out across the house. Kalila keeps getting it from him. It's a viscious cycle that I'm trying to stop (don't see it as a good baby toy lol) but thought it'd make a cute pic or two while the camera was out.

I got her to stay in the jumper by using that toy to play with the cat... She thought it was halarious and giggled like crazy. I plan on using this in the future...

One of those lid/containers is going to be hers... She loves them just too much.

No she's not really walking yet. Just a few steps at a time... I think I got lucky on this shot!

No I don't let her play with the scratching post either... she was ignoring me (I carried her away from it at least 10 times before I took that picture).

20 August, 2008

Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how relieved I am (unless you have a little one, and then you probably do lol). The dr called earlier and said that her lead levels are normal!


If you haven't already seen it, I finished the dinner party post (right under this)... kinda rushed at the end & I probably would change a few things if I was still working on it, but oh well. I'm loving the 'dishes' brought so far.. definately making me hungry lol.


I can't remember which morning it was.. .but I think it was Sunday (could have been Monday) I was attacked by my daughter. I'm not sure how well the pictures came out, but I'm going to try and show you proof... (you can see it but not as clearly as in person... is pretty dark)

This was taken today... several days later. It hasn't gotten better at all. What happened? She was holding her little phone rattle (hard plastic obviously) and smacked me in the face w/ it.


I'm not coughing all day anymore... but now I feel like something is stuck in my throat... like I swallowed a marble and it's stuck... and of course it still hurts some. I'm getting really frusterated by it... I feel better, it should be completely gone by now.


I got to babysit Kalila's future husband (lol - according to her Baba & his Gido anyway) on Monday... we had a blast... She even gave him a kiss on the cheek at one point. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it. I did manage to get some on my phone afterwards, but I'm not posting those w/out talking to his parents. So you 'may' get to see some cute pictures of them playing at some point.


I also went to a baby shower on Sunday... was a lot of fun too. I'm glad I got to go. Kalila tried to feed a little boy a carrot and talked to everyone.


Last week at some point we got this shot of Kalila... as you can see her hair is growing! I thought this was adorable though...


Here's another pic... taken today. Stuffing her face of course... with beef and broccoli this time.


I have got to get things together w/ bday plans... unfortunately a big part of that is the guest list and her Baba is dragging out doing that just like he has w/ everything else we've needed to make a list of people for. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. For one thing, I have some cute (and simple) ideas... but we want a small party and I have no idea how that will work w our family lol. Plus there's the whole issue of she shouldn't be turning one yet!!!!


I really need to get it together w/ the video thing... Kalila's started doing a bear crawl.. you know, w/ her little butt up in the air. It's adorable! Half the time she ends up standing at teh end of it, but still.. I have no idea how long it'll last and I want a video!


Well... I prob should get dinner started.. I think I've caught about everything (well, most of everything) going on lately.

Natural Remedies

I've been interested in natural remedies for a long time... if there's a tea or something will work instead of a drug, I'm all for it. That's not to say I won't go to the dr and take meds when needed, but still...

Anyways, I'll put some up on here when I get a chance... if I haven't already... but I have a quick question. Does anyone know any for throat problems? Other than salt water or lemon...

Basically I got a virus... lots of coughing involved. Being a virus they couldn't give me anything... and then it got worse... I couldn't stop coughing.. and when I inally did my breathing started to feel funny (not painful just odd) and painful spots in my throat... and now my cough is almost gone and doesn't hurt as much, but it feels like I swallowed somethng that's stuck in there. I know I should prob go back to the dr, but we really can't afford it right now. & I do seem to be doing better... It just hurts.

19 August, 2008

Mmmm.. Let's Eat!

I was on AllMediocre earlier & read about this Dinner Party idea going around... Clicked over to read about it & sounded like a really cute idea. Basically you pick 10 people/blogs you'd like to "invite over" to your dinner party & tell a little about them. If you're interested in doing it to you can click over to Barking Mad's page or even to AllMediocre (is up on there too)

Me, being me, wants to add a little to mine... Of course I'm gonna explain all about why I'm inviting who I'm inviting... but I'm hoping they'll actually "show up" so to speak.

So who's invited? I wish I could invite you all... but there's not enough room in my apartment! So for now I'll just stick with Nzingha, Christy, Amy, Molly, Stephanie, Organica, Kay, Sabrina, Sabiwabi, & Quinn. I'd love to see yall here...

Since I'm being lazy we have such a varied group (the only way it could be more so is if I invited Greg, but I figure I shouldn't put anymore people I know in real life than I did), I thought maybe each of you could bring a dish you'd like to share. It can be anything you want, but Amy.... you have to make a stop by TZ on the way here & bring some Fanta Passion. You have no choice... (yes I'm still craving it) You can bring something else too if you like though! Ok, ok, I'll admit it has less to do with varied guests (I don't know what you mean about laziness, that's not me at all) and everything to do w/ me wanting that drink... and Quinn's repeatedly telling me that I should have his brisket/steak/whatever he's making for cookouts. I know yall have a long way to travel and it might get tricky with all that food, but... your food/drinks should fit well on our small table (ie comments page). If anyone else would like to come/bring food - feel free... we'll make some space! (let me just toss the cats in the back & clear the baby toys out of the way)

Nzingha... I've probably mentioned her before. She was literally the person who introduced me to blogging. I was looking up something wedding related one day early in our engagement and found a post (having nothing to do w/ weddings) and was hooked from then on. She's always got interesting posts... some based on odd/interesting stories in the news, crazy maid stories, and of course a ton on life w/ her 5 kids and general life in Saudi. I just love it. I love her take charge attitude, how she doesn't put up with stuff lol, and how she deals with life in general. Plus I love seeing all the projects she puts up.. I like to scrapbook myself, but hardly anytime to do it anymore... would be cool to get pointers from someone that good. Besides, I'm amazed at the amount of comments she gets on her blog lol.

Christy (ie Cakerwakers) - I vaguely remember finding her blog... it was sometime in the depths of having a newborn baby & no sleep. All is fuzzy. I can tell you this is the post that brought me there. I was looking up the high chair that we planned to get. She's got two adorable babies that I enjoy reading about & seeing pictures of. She introduced me to the Stream of Consciousness style of writing on here that I absolutely love. I love reading about her life, and her kids... Her youngest is the same age (about) as Kalila so some of what she's dealing w/ I am too... (and the rest I can symphatize with) and since she's got an older child too... I can see what I have to look forward too... esp as our family grows. I think she'd be fun to get together with.. and the kids would have a blast.

- Actually, a lot of what I wrote above fits w/ her too. She has two adorable babies who just seem to be growing up too fast... and about the same ages as Christy's kids too! (Now can you imagine if we all got together lol) Her husband is in the Navy, and just got back home. I just love hearing the cute stories that happen over there... and she happens to be passionate about some of the same things I am. Now, I have to admit... I do actually know her in real life. We went to college together... had the same major, so many many classes together. & we have some of the same friends. But, while I did get to know her to some extent there, it really wasn't until recently - through myspace, blogs, and children - that I've really considered her a good friend.

Amy - is another I'll admit I know for real. & I am pretty sure is a friend of Stephanie's too lol. I met her my second year in college & we became very good friends. Most stories you'll hear of my trips to Africa will have her involved somehow... Anyways, she's moved to Rwanda, Kigali to be exact. She shares some hilarious stories that would only happen in Afrika.... and I'll admit it.. I'm a bit jealous about her latest trip to Zanzibar! She managed to come back to the states for a few weeks this summer, but I didn't get to see her. I hope she makes it back for my dinner though!

Molly (aka Multicultural Muslimah) - I found her off of Nzingha I think... at least in a round about way... There's quite a few blogs that I came to read threw her & then some from them... She was in that circle somewhere or another. The first thing I have to mention that really had me running to read her blog was Random Wednesdays. I loved it. & miss it so much now that she's not doing them anymore (hint hint). She has a few stories about her conversion to Islam... which interest me, because pretty much all conversion stories do. And stories about dealing w/ her family being a different religion, which I understand all too well (although most of mine are just a different denomination, things still pop up). Is kinda cool seeing those similarities, shows how alike we (people) can be even when we're different. Obviously, if you've clicked through those links, you can see by now that she's moved from one blog to another when she made her move to Egypt. Honestly I'm still adjusting to the new site, but enjoying reading it just as much. Anyways, I could probably go on here... I think she'd be a cool addition to my dinner party... although my husband would probably start up an annoying interesting discussion about WOW with her...

Kay (aka Green Mama) - Is one of the newer blogs I've started reading. I found her on CafeMom & am so glad I did. She hasn't been on long, so I can't say a whole lot. But I love some of her tips for living green on a budget. She's also on a water fast at the moment (unless she's made it to the point where she's adding in the juice) so I'm not sure how we'll work around that. Like many other of my guests, she seems to be very crafty, hmm... I'm starting to see an intentional theme going here. But as I said before, she's new & I'm really looking forward to reading more of her blog and learning more about her.

Organica - Another offshoot from Nzingha, by way of Molly this time I believe lol. I think (no I know) I have mentioned her on here before... because I LOVE her clothes. She puts together some great outfits. Apparently she also has a cross-dressing/hijab wearing cat (and I thought our cats were odd). She loves teaching & children, discusses all kinds of issues, and can ramble with the best of them... Like of couple other blogs I read I enjoy reading the comments left almost as much as reading the entries themselves (ie pink niqab w/ bling ;-j ). No, like the others she seems like a very interesting person that I would enjoy getting to know.

Sabrina - is the one I'll shamedly (is that a word?) admit that I periodically forget to check in on... She's about to have her 5th baby (another similarity between a couple guests) pretty soon. I have no idea how I found her blog, but I'm glad I did.
She, like me & a few others on the list, has switched to cloth diapers - that may have been how I found her! She also runs a home daycare, something I've thought about myself, so I'm always interested in reading about that. Like Nzingha, I love reading about life w/ all those kids & what we will, hopefully, have to look forward to someday. Maybe I can get some wisdom about that while she's here lol.

Sabiwabi of Oy Habibti - Well... another Nzingha offshoot (I hit the jackpot when I wandered into blogging didn't I?) I just had to keep reading when I read their description... I mean, how could they not be interesting? She's into henna, archiology, love vacations, and is just a fun blog to read. I'm sure we'd have an interesting time if she were here.

Last but not least is Quinn. I really hope these links work because silly silly Quinn has a myspace blog... I debated adding him because of that, and because like Amy & Stephanie I know him in real life... but a dinner party would not be the same without him. For one thing, he is an amazing cook from what I hear (I havne't had the pleasure of going to any of his cookouts unfortunately). He's also just great to have around, is stinking halarious and will have everyone laughing before long. He loves his neice and nephew... They're sure to come up in a story or two. He can be a little blunt, but it's something we all love about him... and he writes music, so we might even get him to sing! (Now if only we can convince him to get a real blog...)

Hmmm... Now I just need to figure out what I'm bringing... I look forward to seeing yall here!

16 August, 2008

Yummy Yummy Lead

Well... for those of you who've heard about the dinner party idea, I have one coming up... even started working on it, but so much has gone on in the past couple days that it's on hold for a little bit.

I had a surprise guest yesterday... Def want to write more about this (and may later) but need to talk to Jason about how he feels about me writing it first.

Kalila was tested for lead today. I have no idea how long it will take the tests to come in. She did really well though, didn't cry when they drew blood (and it was a real drawing in the arm, not the finger or toe pricks) & then said "oooh" when she saw the green bandage.

Why did we get her tested? Long story, but basically there's things thing she likes to chew on... we didn't think it had it in there, but I kept worrying & finally trusted my instincts and tested the thing. Surprise it has lead. At least we found out though... everyone thinks she'll be fine... and if there is a prob at least we caught it early. I'm telling myself that anyway.

I'm exausted... we spent most of today cleaning. I'm not going into a lot of detail about that... I'm happy with the house, but way too much drama. I feel like I could curl up and go right to sleep... entirely possible since Kalila's down for the night, but I do have a few things I want to do first.

My cough has not gone away.... but I am doing a lot better. Just wish it would go away already...

Kalila has said two new words in the past couple days. The first was at her weight check (whoo hoo she gained a pound!!!) - she said baby... We were in the room decorated w/ babies lol. The second one was today.... She was eating dinner and said "Yummy yummy yummy" We'll see if she keep saying them (although did a couple times each so far) or if just a coincidence.

Hopefully I'll have the dinner party all ready for you soon!

13 August, 2008

Muenster Monster & Other "Fun" Stories

I'll apologize if I ramble any more than normal... My brain is not all here. There was something I was seriously gonna write about, but it left me.

Kalila had muenster cheese for the first time today... I put it w/ shells & she loved it. Shoved whole chunks in her mouth. Picked up strings of melted cheese to eat. Grinned as they stretched from her mouth to her hands... What interested me (besides the overall cuteness) was that, unlike cheddar, muenster does well w/ pasta... I think I may be on my way to finding my way of making mac & cheese w/ real cheese (have always done it w/ velveeta). I'm excited about this. Esp since it's my fav cheese anyway lol.

I am mostly well again. The dr's office called & said I don't have the UTI, I'm done w/ my meds for the other infection.... and still have a cough & sore throat. In fact that has gotten worse. & I'm starting to have sinus symptoms on top of that... you know the headache and pressure... and had a stuffy nose too. Is really aggrivating. But to be fair my couch sounds much better today than yesterday... so there is hope!

I've officially started getting Kalila's room put together (despite the fact that I have a ton of others things that need to be done too & might just be more important) - I was insulted into it... I still have some to do, but the furniture is where I want it, the Crucifix & Guardian Angel pic are up (if not the rest of the wall things lol), and the baby is asleep so I can't get any farther.

Kimosimi knocked over the baby gate that sections off their space... I put it back up (not well enough) and Mumble tried to jump up on it.. It came crashing down & scared the daylights out of her. Yes, I had a good laugh.

A friend from Church brought us some more hand-me-down's the other day... (which has caused a laundry explosion on my couch) Was really sweet. Most of them are way too big right now, but that's a good thing in my opinion lol. Besides, there's a few that fit now, like a couple 18mo dresses very similar to one another friend gave us... and we've discovered that we love that style (is so easy to dress her in). She wore one today... I wish I'd thought about snapping a picture, but I didn't... I will next time though - I promise!

Kalila threw herself off the couch today. You'd think that'd be a scary story right? No... I'm still confused by it... I was holding her... She jumped.. She twisted... She plopped her cute little fluffy butt down.... on the carpet. I know it was on purpose (she had that proud of herself, accomplished, look on her face)... but I still can't figure out how she did it.

I want to go to sleep. I also want tilapia for dinner tonight... The two don't work together. We'll see which one wins...

I remember what it was! I was going to write about these silly dreams I keep having... I'm not coherent enough to do so right now. I promise I'll write another post after my brain starts back up again. Don't let me forget.

I could probably go on about the crazyness around here, but I've gotta end this sometime... I'll write again soon & hopefully it won't be this bad lol.

10 August, 2008

Linkage, Turkey, and Unintentional Puns - Oh My

Please bear w/ me as I'm trying to put up the new links... I'm trying to get at least one n each category, but... not much time w/ everything else going on.

Despite being sick and all I did manage to get a little done today. I made Kalila's turkey... wasn't sure how to do it (big thanks to Quinn for talking me through figuring out how to wing it). Basically I cooked it the same way I do her chicken. Turned out well... and she seemed to like it. Gobbled it all up anyways.

I'm going to end this here before this gets any worse...

09 August, 2008

I Do It Myself!

Now that I'm getting around to adding the pictures. Didn't have as many as I thought, but there are a couple video's!

I got these a couple days ago... Kalila threw a fit to get the spoon. Just had to have it. Unfortunately she can't get any of her food on it!

I've mentioned that Kalila has been taking a few steps... Well I tried to get it on video. The second one is best... but she fell when she tried that time lol. At least you can see her cruising in these. I need to try again tomorrow though. Hopefully I can catch a few steps then...

These were taken early on last week & the last few days she's been doing it more and more.

Sorry that's it... but I've been out of it the last couple days. Thankfully am feeling a lot better. Jas took care of the baby yesterday & let me sleep... and today she went w/ her Gido to see family. I'm really glad she got to and not just because of the rest I got lol. I know they all wanted to see her. But yeah, was nice for me too. I didn't get any sleep like I hoped, but still got to rest.

Sick of Being Sick - With a Little Good News Thrown In

I have pics for ya... really I do. But they aren't being added tonight. I'm surprised I'm up at all really.

I spent the first half of today waiting at a dr's office... then sleeping and generally being in pain. Apparently I got a virus and two different infections! Thankfully I did not get strep (was tested for that too) - I used to get that a lot as a kid and as soon as they mentioned it I freaked out a little.

This is just rediculous though... First Kalila & I were sick. Then Jason. Now me. All with different things of course...

And to make it worse.. twice now I've missed family stuff. I got invited to see fam today again. The first time was 4 of July when Kalila was sick (me too, but not as bad). Then 3 weeks of missing Mass meant not seeing anyone there... I feel horrible about it...

Anyways, thankfully after Jas dr's appointment last week he got put on antibiotics and is much better, and now I have some too... and Kalila is happy & healthy & I hope she stays that way!

Oh more good news.. Jas is going back to his old job as of this next week. We're really excited about it. Esp since I didn't get that job I'd applied for. Sorry I kept forgetting to mention that... they never really contacted me so I was left hanging for awhile. I've still got apps out though.. and now that he's going back to the old one... I can start looking back at work at home jobs, like babysitting again. Which makes me very very happy. But back to what I was saying, this is going to be very good for him... less stress and all.

I'm starting to get lightheaded again so I'm gonna lay down.. I'll try & put those pics up tomorrow.

07 August, 2008

No Longer a Smoke Free Home

You know... I thought I had turned things back around in the kitchen...

After baking the fork I had no more incidents. I steamed broccoli just fine. I made beef puree earlier that, I wasn't sure of what I was doing, but it turned out perfect and is now frozen. I made shells and cheese that Kalila smeared everywhere yesterday, hamburger helper, green beans, all that good stuff...

And.. I baked her chicken. I found a new recipe for it. Is very easy... and came out great. You put olive oil in the pan... you're supposed to season the meat too, but she really doesn't need salt & anything else I'll add when I thaw the cubes. Like I said, wonderful recipe.

So tonight I thought... I'll tweak it a bit & make BBQ chicken. Figured it'd work well enough right? But olive oil... maybe not. I'll substitute our reg oil... Sounds good right?


What I forgot was that our regular oil is Sunflower Oil. Great stuff... Tastes good.. Healthy... and if you have a place like Ali Baba's where it has a decent price (never EVER by it at Walmart.. I'm not joking a bottle the size of a travel shampoo bottle is over $10) it's a good thing to have. We use it to fry, to sautee, even for Jason's salad...

But putting in a 400 degree oven? Not a smart idea...

Our apartment is now filled w/ smoke. Jason walked in and thought I caught something on fire.

Apparently my "streak" in the kitchen is not over...

05 August, 2008

Oh Noooooooo

I can't believe I did this. I lost all my links when I changed my background. Sorry. may take awhile to get them back up!

04 August, 2008

Back to normal... If There Is A Such Thing

Right down to computer issues lol. Now the s is sticking. I need to switch computers...

Ok, now that I'm nice and switched and can type like a normal person...

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but things... well are as crazy as ever. I've gotten a ton of new pictures, and have even tried to keep (most of them anyway) away from the highchair area. Plus I've actually gotten some real stuff done around here (whoo hoo!!!).

As you might have guessed since I'm on the happy computer... we finally got it moved! Which brings us a long ways towards having the apartment put together. I've got a pile of laundry I'm trying to ignore at the moment (but will be gone after I finish this I promise), but things are going good w/ all that.

Kalila is... oh good grief, she's growing like crazy. She is all over the place. Literally. Well, no, right now she's asleep.. but you know what I mean!

She's "talking" more and more now... mostly babbleing... but more complicated babbles lol. Is so cute. Esp when she talks to the cats. Or pics of babies online. Or other babies when we're out.

And she's still working on walking. Is still trying to take one or two steps before falling. She goes days without trying it (sticks to cruising) and then randomly will try again. A few days ago I caught her out of the corner of my eye taking a couple from the playpen wall to her walker toy. Then nothing until last night when she took one big step and fell lol. Is cute to watch though... and I know once she really gets it I'll have no rest.

As it is she moves all over the place. Cakerwakers keeps showing photographic evidence in her posts.. Well here is mine. (excuse the bookshelf.. I haven't gotten to organizing that yet)

Yes those were all taken at the same time...

In line w/ this moving all over the place thing... Today she went after poor Mumble, who was determined to ignore her and not move. The chair went round and round. Kalila stood, sat, stood, fell. But would not leave poor Mumble alone. Sorry if a bit bright, but I was staying close just in case.

As you can see, Mumble swatted at her finally & I stepped in lol. (note: neither baby nor kitty was hurt) Please ignore the pile of clothes on the bed.. is what I'm supposed to be doing...

At that point I sat her on the bed to save Mumble... and she went after Kimosimi instead.
A few min later I got a couple shots of a diaper change... like always she immediately flipped over and took off.

I lay her back down on her back and try to take off the cover... and she does this (yes there is still a diaper on)

I wish I had a pic of earlier... Jas was on here (so tech he could have taken one hint hint hint) and we were playing on the floor nearby. She was crawling & for some reason I got the idea to "crawl over her" as she was crawling. (hands on either side to front of hers and legs behind her) She thought it was the funniest thing as we raced across the room like that... Kept laughing and squealing.. Better yet, I wish we had video of it... Was adorable. And completely wore me out.

Speaking of wearing me out... Another latest thing... She's refusing her naps. Like I'll put her in and hear her babbling for 10 min or more... and then she'll get mad and scream until we go in there. (She's either sitting or standing too) Then she smiles and holds up her hands to get out. ??? She needs her nap... I have no clue what to do. I think today I got her to nap for 30 min.... Could she be ready to cut down to one? :-(

She's also learning new faces to make...

Here is her sad pout one (such a faker too) Usually goes along w/ her saying "Ohhhh"

Sideways grin... usually there are no teeth showing, but look at that mouthful!

At that point in pic taking I started laughing, because she's so cute I couldn't help myself. This was the reaction...

Then she started playing w/ her arms... her other new move. Here they are up, but she does it w/ them in front of her too.. kinda looks like she's playing volleyball the other way lol.

And since I had the camera out... Here's a couple of her w/ her teething biscuit. Those things are horrid. They get EVERYWHERE. After awhile she wanted out of the chair, so I sat there holding her as she smeared it all over herself (including her feet) and all over me. Then she gave me kisses.. very messy kisses. Yeah, I found teething biscuit up my nose. Oh well... I love it.

I think the dishwasher has stopped... which means I need to go cook... and finish the laundry (as I now wanna cry lol j/k)

OH - before I forget... We ended up having to order our laundry detergent online (stupid walmart only carries tide and crappy store brand now just about) and it came last week. I was unloading & went back for the rest and found this...

K - I'm done for now :-j