16 July, 2008

A Very Busy Day

Yes today was very busy..

I had the interview for one... and... Well... I didn't need that resume lol. They had a copy there... which is fine, but then why ask me to bring one in? Unfortunately what I did need done beforehand (and I realized this after I wrote last night and too late to do it) was take the drug test at the med clinic. I had misread the instructions on that... so I was all worried about having missed that. Thankfully they were nice about it and said I could after the interview... So both of those are done now. Just need to find that old job info and I'm done save waiting...

The interview did seem to go well btw... Unfortunately it went quickly and Kalila was sleeping when I needed to be picked up.. so I ended up walking most of the way home. I made it to the gate we came in (ran into baby food on the way.. an adorable baby deer) and then realized there was no way out! Thankfully got a curtasy ride to another gate much closer to here. Was really hot out though... so I was exausted when I got home.

Of course all this threw Kalila's schedule off... she's napping now. Late I know, but Jas laid her down for her nap at one instead of three... she was tired from having a shorter nap than usual in the morning though so not blaiming him one bit. Thankfully shes been pretty happy despite it all.

Last night Jas cooked... Made a roast and salad. Was nice. If you're wondering why that counts in today... it was done well after one in the morning lol. Yes it was a late night. So we're all tired on top of evertyhing else lol.

While he was cooking we started talking and the potty issue came up. I had planned to pull out her potty (the royal step stool potty, a gift from one of our showers lol) around the time she started walking for real. She's not quite to that point yet lol, but she is pulling her diapers off (and usually it's when she's wet lol) so we decided to go ahead and do it. Of course not expecting her to really potty train just yet... but slowly get used to the thing/idea.

So I pulled it out a little earlier.. and of course got some pictures of her getting aquainted with it lol. Yes, it's in the playpen... no it's not staying there :-D

These were taken a little later when she sat herself up on it folded into step stool position... I wish I'd gotten one a little while ago, she used it to stand herself up - was so cute.

And here she is sitting... I can just hear her thinking what is, it's missing half the seat... looks so confused lol.

I know I'm goofy, but I just had to share.. thought they were cute.

Oh.. I almost forgot... Apparently she has a new favourite food.. or one of... I made her mac & cheese (well, with letter noodles lol) and she loved it... gobbled it up. I need to look up some recipes now.. I grew up making it w/ velveeta... and don't want to do that w/ her for quite awhile lol. I used colby this time and it was ok.... but we'll see.

Ok, lets try to end this again :-)


Christy said...

Hope you get the job. How many interviews do you have to go on?

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks.. Part of me does too lol. If you can't tell I have mixed feelings about it... which makes me feel bad, because I shouldn't hope otherwise &
i catch myself doing so at times.

Lets see.. I had two at home (phone) interviews, an online assesment, another assesment at the company, this last interview.. plus credit check and drug test. And not in that order either lol. I think that's the last of it.. but we'll see.