18 July, 2008

Too Many Titles

Seriously I couldn't choose between titles tonight. First it was gonna be something about my little goose (one of my many nicknames for Kalila), then about how fast baby's grow up (way too fast!!!), then about how good a day its' been... All these titles are swirling around in my head and yeah.. can't decide so there ya go!

I still feel really silly about thinking the job I was turned down for was the one I'd interviewed for. So glad Jas made me double check. Apparently because he's applied for several positions there he knew how the emails worked and had figured I'd applied for several as well (and yeah, I did). Plus I hadn't applied for this one in the first place, they contacted me... so the email wouldn't have made sense anyway lol.

I did hear from them this morning (phone call) but not to say either way... They needed me to email over a consent form for one of my old jobs. So still in the running lol.

I was so proud of myself yesterday... I got some momentum going on the house, washing dishes, getting cabinets rearranged, etc... and then my MIL came to take us to eat at Jas' restraunt. No complaints, it was nice... but nothing else got done last night save finishing laundry.

Ok, now I have to brag.. and share a cute story or three.

I mentioned the other day that we're introducing the potty. What we decided to do is put Kalila on it during changes and if she pulls her diaper off. Not expecting anything of course. And don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those mom's (like on John & Kate lol) that takes pics of it all... the ones of her looking at it the other day are the only ones happening.

So yesterday she pulled her diaper off.. I took her over, put her on the potty... and a min or two later... she used it! I don't know who was more excited, me or her. Of course her excited was partly from me and partly from the noise the potty makes lol.
She did it once more yesterday and once today... 3 more times than I expected... I'm not getting my hopes up about her actually getting potty trained anytime soon, but I'll admit it I'm proud of the little goose!

I have to shake my head and laugh though because apparently she really likes the thing. I don't make her sit on it for any particular time when I put her on there, if she wants to get off I pull her off. But tonight she sat there for the longest time, chewed on a wet washcloth and kicked her legs happy as can be. Ignored me everytime I tried to get her off. I finally pulled out a book to read! Maybe time for a baby chair for her to sit on?

Oh... and I think I taught her something I may regret later... I was giving her a bath and when she got ready to get out she was being slow about it... so I said 'yalla' (jokingly of course) and she looked up at me with an impish grin and said 'ya-ya'.

We ended up having one of the cutest moments a little while after that... I was here nursing her on the couch and Kimosimi jumped up, climbed across me, stepped over her, and onto the arm of the couch. His tail brushed over her and she giggled, reached for it, he moved, brushed against her again, more giggling, then some tail pulling... Was so adorable. So we're both happy at that point... and then she pulled up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then back to dinner.

Backing up a little... Kalila's new toy came in today... and along with it a new toy for Mumble too apparently lol. Kalila really seems to like it though!

Oh.. and here's the pic of the kitties yesterday! I caught them agian today... of course Mumble was getting groomed against her will this time lol.

Before I go... wish me luck. I'm making kibbe naye tomorrow. Will be my first time.... And getting hungry just thinking about it lol.


Christy said...

I can't believe Kalila used the potty! I am impressed. Porgie just screams when we sit her on the potty.

I am glad she likes her new walker!

Lelo and Stitch said...

that is soo cute! maybe she will be really easy to actually potty train.

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - Me too! She didn't today, did the crying thing the last time too so I took her off pretty quickly. I think she was really tired at that point though, def ready for bed tonight!

Lelo & Stitch - Thanks! I sure hope so... would be nice to have her out of diapers or close to it when the next one comes. Is ok if not, but still...