24 July, 2008


Have you ever had a random memory just pop in your head? That happened to me the other day... I'm not really sure what caused it or why... it just did.

I have this cousin that I used to be very good friends with. We hardly ever talk anymore unfortunately. No real reason, at least that I know of.

Anyways, when we were little but after I moved, I would stop by his house with my dad when I would go for visits. Basically on the way from one house to another. I have no idea how old I was when this happened, but we would play this stupid game where we'd try to make each other laugh.. and of course the other would try not to.

So the other day I woke up w/ this fuzzy memory of him jumping off his headboard as a kid making this silly face. I have no idea if it made me laugh at the time... but it made me smile when I remembered.