12 July, 2008

My Little Escape Artist

I'll have pics to share tomorrow... but tonight I have a couple funny stories for ya.

Yesterday I was working on the computer... Had Baba (Babu... whatever...) on the phone (the help guy was no help so I called home lol) and we were going over different ways to fix the problem so I could get our new wireless router installed. Kalila would not let me put her down in the playpen though & I didn't want her loose with me being so busy so I was doing everything one handed w/ the phone on my shoulder. Finally I got to this point that I needed my hands so I sat her on the floor for a second. I literally looked away for two seconds to connect something... looked back to pick her up & she was gone. I freaked out. Looked all over the room - not there. Ran out into the hallway... and there she was... making a mad dash into my bedroom! I laugh now but I just about cried afterwards.

Then this morning Jas was putting her into her stroller & made a comment about getting the straps tighter so she wouldn't get out. I agreed.. because I remember all too well when she climbed out of it on me and fell. Well... lol... he had an experience w/ that of his own the other day apparently. He put her in, strapped her up, and was sitting on the couch... a few min later he felt something at his lap & she was there! She wiggled out of the strap, climbed over the arm of the couch, and crawled over into his lap!


Steph said...

That's adorable that she climbed into his lap! :D

Christy said...

What a big, strong girl!