17 July, 2008


I think I'm getting lazy. The last few food's I've introduced have been 0 work. And at least one of them was chosen for that very reason.. I had not made beans early enough.... so lets pull out the colby cheese! The blueberries I'm not fussing about... I had planned for her to have them sooner even. I added in butter a week or two ago. I dont know if I really needed to schedule that in to the 3 day rule... but I had nothing else doable that day so there we go... I'm lazy! This next week she's GOT to have beef and beans... I wanted them introduced before our family reunion lol.

On a side note though... I used that colby cheese to make mac & cheese (letters really) w/ my one non lazy moment yesterday and she absolutely loved it. Was funny though because a bit later I saw someone comment on CafeMom about making it w/ BM (which I did.. she can't have cows milk yet) - I added that I'd just done that... and a bit later someone said they make it that way for their whole family! I about died... told my husband and he had me rolling w/ his reaction. Gotta love CafeMom....