27 July, 2008

The Joys of Travel

I hadn't intended to break the reunion stuff into several posts, but it looks like it's gonna work out that way. My camera is not here, other stuff isn't online yet, permissions need to be gotten... etc. Besides, might be better - won't end up being quite so much at once lol.

Somehow or another I got everything done Friday just in time. Jas got here, we loaded, and left. Things looked like they were going pretty good...

And then Kalila started crying. She cried the ENTIRE way.. Three hours. I'm not even joking. We tried everything. Gave her Daisey. Gave her her shoe (she likes to chew on it). Gave her cheerios. Nothing worked.

We stopped at one point for me to feed her... and that helped until she got back in her seat. So I got in the back w/ her & leaned over the seat so she could nurse some more (she was done, but its a good way to try to keep her quiet lol) while we drove. Of course, since she was done, she didn't eat a whole lot more, and kept crying anyway.
Then I got carsick. So we had to pull over so I could get out and go back to the front.

Yeah, we were pretty stressed (to put it mildly) by the time we got there.

Skip ahead to today... (I'll get to the rest later I promise!) Running late (very very very late). But Kalila was in a wonderful mood. She smiled and babbled half the way back. Then she started crying. After nothing else would work (save me getting in the back again) I pulled out the cheerios. Yes I bribed my daughter w/ cheerios... she munched the rest of the way here. And screamed in between every bite.

Thankfully it wasn't for as long as the trip over there...

Since we were so late, Kalila & I ended up going to the restraunt w/ Jas. We got to eat and hang out a bit... and then his dad came and picked us up.

We got home and the first thing I notice is the smell. I'll admit it, was my fault. First off, Friday I had Kalila naked in her playpen w/ towels laid down. She had a rash (stupid blueberries.. she loves them but they don't return the feelings) and that was what was working for us. And of course she peed. Wet towel not washed = smell. Plus... the litter boxes needed changing... something else I should have done before we left.

And of course the cats were begging to be fed. I'd left them w/ enough to last until this morning... but we were late. Worse, what I failed to remember... Kimosimi seems to think the dish needs to be full at all times. It doesn't matter if I've just put food in there, if he's taken a bite or two - he'll come find me and meow for more. Honestly it kinda makes me wonder about his past... but I've gotten him in the routine of portioning it out twice a day - morning & night. I look when he complains just to make sure they aren't out... but usually isn't the case.

It was afternoon when we got home. So they're both hungry and attention starved... and acted out in completely uncharacteristic ways. Kimosimi bit me! I was reaching down to get the cat food and he nipped. It didn't hurt, more surprised me than anything. But he still got in trouble for it. Mumble peed on the floor right in front of me (and this is the cat that normally would bite me). Thankfully was in the bathroom, so easy to clean up... but still ewe.

But yeah.. I got them fed, litter cleaned & changed (uggh), and got a good start on going over the rest of the house too... Spent some time w/ the kitties, both seemed to have forgiven me... So life should be getting back to normal lol.


Christy said...

Three hours of crying? You poor woman! I wonder why Kalila was so upset about being in the car? We drove 10 hours to Kentucky when Porgie was 6 months old. We left at night, hoping that she would sleep during the entire trip. Of course, she was up half of the night! Babies are strange little creatures:)

Mama Kalila said...

I'm not sure... I think the fact that she slept so poorly the day & night before played into it.

I can't imagine a 10 hour trip...