28 July, 2008

Including Her In On The Fun

I like clothes.

I like all kinds of clothes. Different styles. From different cultures. Everything. And if I like it... I'll probably wear it.

In particular... I like wearing hijab. I like the way they look... feel... Call me weird, whatever.. but I'm not the only one. Look up Non Muslim Hijabi... Technically I've heard of more than one, but there's a girl that goes by that too lol - she'll prob be the one to come up. Big diff between me and her though, she wears it all the time & I never have, even in college when I wore it more often. Lately it's pretty rare... first I worked at the bookshop where I was pushing it just to wear a long skirt instead of trousers and now since I've had the baby and am home... tech I could, but I seem to live in yoga pants & nursing tank (add another shirt on top if going out...).

How does all that tie into the reunion?

Well... The summer after I went to Afrika - the first time - I brought back a buibui (random Kiswahili thrown in there) and decided to wear it. Other than my mom & grandmother - I think one person spoke to me the entire day... to ask if I'd converted lol.

Afterwards I decided it'd become somewhat of a tradition for me to dress differently (no one set thing, just something I like) A couple years I wore salwar kameez, once a sari, there's been several abayas... I noticed I was getting into a rut w/ either wearing hijab or Indian clothes (another fav of mine) and wanted to wear a Maasai outfit one year, but that fell through. I need to find something different (seriously) for next year though because I think some of them are starting to think that I am Muslim...

As you prob got from random comments in other posts lately... I was really looking forward to it this year. I went from getting to dress how I wanted all the time to a set boring routine almost overnight (when I got the job at bookstore, not after married and baby lol) and like I said, is worse now... I'm fine with that... but was nice to have that one outlet. So I spent over a month trying to come up with what to wear... and I had the baby to think about too.

I'd looked for something different... even looked at T-Shirts w/ different things on them... Found a bunch of A.P stuff... Even found one for Jason that said "Sexy Dads Change Cloth Diapers" :-D But didn't really want to spend the money... And then I thought about Organica. I love the clothes she shows on her blog. The way she pulls things together that wouldn't be modest on their own, are cute either way, is just great.

So I ended up deciding that the first night I'd wear my favourite abaya. I got it my last trip to TZ. Is almost a see through black colour (very very thin) with coloured stitching down the front, flares out a bit. Is really pretty. For the second day... I was going to take a page out of Organica's book & pulled together an outfit from clothes I had (some I'd had to just get for that interview lol). And I figured Kalila would wear something cute, like a skirt, where I could show off one of her adorable diapers.

But then my mom called.. .and said that she'd picked up Kalila a dress on the cruise. A little island dress. So Kalila got to dress up just like mommy. Here's a cute shot of her by herself Sat morning.

Here's a pic of us on Saturday (sorry I don't have one of Friday night). Too bad Kalila moved and made it blurr lol.

Yeah, neither of us lasted the day this time lol. Kalila HAD to be changed before lunch... That cute little outfit is silk, there's no way I'z letting her eat in that. And I got to take a nap that afternoon, so I decided to change up a bit before coming back. So here's a couple of family shots after that...


Z said...

YAY for fun clothes! Sometimes thinking of the outfits you want to wear is the best part, but it looks like you two also had a great time wearing them :)

Christy said...

Love the pics! Too cute:)

Mama Kalila said...

Z - :-D I agree... I had a ton of fun looking, trying things on and getting ready. But I enjoy the other part just as much.

Christy - Thanks!

Organica said...

Aww! How cute :)

Lelo and Stitch said...

I don't ever where my outfit that I baught--- you know the purple one (Indian not a Sari...which is that again?) I always thought it was sooo cool you felt comfortable wearing different things.

Mama Kalila said...

Organica - Thanks

Lelo - Thanks! How sad.. it's so pretty! Is a salwar kameez set... I don't wear the one I had made that time much either though... well, doesn't really fit me any more after baby lol. But still... white doesn't look so good on me. (is why I chose not to wear it for my wedding... that big a day I didn't want to look garish lol) I wish I'd been able to get that material in a diff colour.

kristinsdottir said...

Just a hello from another who loves unusual clothes from all cultures...I'm like you, if I like it, I'll wear it.

Great post!

Best wishes,