10 July, 2008

The Good and Bad

The last couple days have been crazy as ever...

Tuesday we had Kalila's well visit. For the most part it went well. She had to have a toe prick test (for anemia) and didn't cry when they did it... She kicked a bit while the nurse was squeezing, but that was her only reaction. She also didn't cry during her shot (really surprised me.. she usually does) just grunted once afterwards.

Now, we knew that she'd lost some weight.... she's moving all over the place lol & everything I've read (and everyone I've talked to) says that BF babies do that. Is normal. Add to that, for some odd reason the nurse weighed her w/ her diaper on last time... and we were in a diff room w/ diff scale. There's bound to be diff's whether or not she really lost weight. So we weren't surprised when they told us she was 17lbs 10 oz (2 lbs less than her 6 mo visit). But... the dr flipped. She did ask about the diaper thing (isn't sure why they left it on that time) and said that could account for some of it... but wants us to add a solid meal (3 a day now.. something we were planning to do soon anyway) and bring her in for a weight check in a month.

We also found out that while she's not anemic... she's on the lower side of normal levels. So she said to up foods w/ iron and proteins. Not a problem... I'm moving beef up to next week (was in 2 weeks) and beans up as well... She really loves her egg yolks so that's a good thing lol. She had some scrambled yolk w/ garlic, onion, cheese & mushrooms yesterday & gobbled the entire thing up. I thought it was going to make two meals but apparently not. Oddly enough chicken is not her fav... I had to trick her into eating it the other day. (Put cheerios on top & she grabbed peices of the chicken along with them)

I also had the second test for the job yesterday... had to go there for this one... Was convinced that I did badly lol. At the end there were these math questions. All sorts of irrelevant things like word problems, equations & stuff.. You know.. the stuff that most people don't really need to know how to do & if it does somehow come up there's a computer to do it anyway. Well, either it had nothing to do w/ the results or my math skills took a turn for the better (can you say guesswork?) because I passed. I have my next interview this afternoon.

We're also getting serious about working out again. We'd been doing so good w/ it... First w/ our walks, and then with the wii fit... and then momentum just dropped. We've been talking about picking it back up again though & did today. I didn't do a whole lot, just went through a bit of the yoga (I don't want to do too much & hurt myself). Jas is in there now. I almost wish I got a pic... he started w/ yoga & the tree pose made me laugh. Not so much because he looked funny but just because he was doing it if that makes any sense. He's strenght training now. Even Kalila is working out a bit. I have her in the jumperoo lol. She really should be napping, but she refused to go down. Just has too much energy this morning. She did sleep in a little though, so that could be it.

We've gotta run to WM in a min... So I'm gonna get off here.


Christy said...

Porgie lost weight at one of her well visits too. Except the doctor wasn't alarmed, and I was! I am a worry wart. Anyways, I think it is pretty normal for mobile babies to lose a little weight.

Mama Kalila said...

That's what everyone says... The research online, other mommies, even my mom & grandmother lol. I would have been worried otherwise because I tend to worry about everything too. Jas teases me because I go & check on her at least once or twice every night just to make sure she's breathing.

Now though... part of my brain is tellng me she's ok it's normal and the other part is worrying because the dr flipped out.

L_Oman said...

As much as I miss competent doctors from the states, I totally don't miss the way they made me feel 'belittled' about my children. I know I got told off one time because I put baby powder on my little guy and that irked me. Another time was when I rushed the baby into the doctor because he had a fever. I was told off for a good 10 minutes because I hadn't given him tylenol prior to coming (I thought they would need to check his temp and see that he had a fever!). It just seemed like doctors over there 'flip' a whole bunch and it's a crappy feeling when they do that! When I was a kid, I totally hated going to the pediatrician because he always teased me about my weight. It made me feel so self-conscious (I wasn't chubby at all!). Ugh. I think doctors just freak me out! HA HA