07 July, 2008

Finally Some Time...

Ok, Jas is home... although I can still hear Kalila's Mamamamama from the other room lol.

Obviously things have been pretty crazy around here. We are getting better (thanks to those of you who asked). Kalila still has a runny nose, and some fussy moments, but I'll get back to that in a min.

I've spent most of my time lately cleaning up... esp since we've been sick. There's really not much to say about that lol.

I did hear back from one of the jobs I applied for... well, wasn't the position I applied for, but the same company. I wasn't really excited about it at first (about the opposite really) but I'm starting too. They're really good w/ mom's... there's a daycare there (but may not be open when I'm working if I get the job lol) and even nursing rooms... which was the big worry I had. Even better.. they keep hospital grade pumps there (so I don't have to buy a new one) and I'd just need to get a $15 attachment! It's part time too which is another big plus for us. But we'll see... I have to take the online assessment thing tonight.

Apparently something went wrong w/ the electricity here... We got our bill & flipped... It doubled again! Our 2 bedroom apt cost more this month than the restraunt where Jas works... Can't be right. So the other day I went to the office and asked if maintenence can look at our ac & water heater to see if something is wrong there... and apparently the whole complex is having the same issue. I didn't even have to mention why I was asking before he told me that his bill went up by $200 this month. Later he told Jas that his was like $350 (and I thought our $220 was bad) and that over 100 people have called complaining to the office. Thankfully it's not due yet... I'm hoping it gets figured out... Still worried, but knowing that there definately is a problem helps.

I'm also starting to get excited about the fam reunion later this month. I haven't quite figured out what I'm gonna wear... (is always a big part of it for me lol) But we have decided what to make for the cafe competition the first night. I'll tell ya more about that later.

One of the stores I bought diapers (and a few other things) from online has monthly competitions... and I really like this latest one. Basically she's decided to support Miracle Diapers and is having people send in stories about how they have been helped in the past. The one she picks will win a $50 gift certificate & she's gonna donate a bunch of stuff to Miracle Diapers as part of it too. The whole thing really made me think. I'm not sure why I picked the story I did send in, because just after I did I realized there was another really big one that would have worked just as well and should have come to mind first... but already entered the other & got a reply about it too, so I guess I'm glad I went with it. Doesn't end until July 31st though, so we'll see lol.

And pictures... I promised them so here they are...

Kalila eating her chicken noodle soup. If you look closely she has pasta on her face!

I put the broth in her sippy... she liked drinking it more than eating the chunks lol. I tasted it later & it came out a little more like my onion soup than like chicken broth.. oops. Oh well, is still good for her.

She really likes taking her diaper covers off lol. Usually it's when she needs a change though... I don't remember if she did or not this time.

Kalila's first picture... The camera was on the floor & she'd gotten to it before I could stop her lol.

Poor Mumble getting chased all over the baby's room. Both times I had to a) rescue the cat & b) stop Kalila from hurting herself climbing in/on things she shouldn't. (we really need to move that tv lol)

A sick baby enjoying her time w/ Daisy...

Is kinda hard to tell... but here she is standing up w/out holding on to anything.

& I think that is about it for now.

LOL - almost forgot... I mentioned the fussy moments... I'm not really sure what is up but Kalila has started doing this sad whining thing... is almost like she's crying but different if that makes any sense. Its not at the same time of day or anything like that. I really can't figure out what's causing it. She's done it several days now... only once yesterday, a few times today (earlier for a good while too) and so on. Jas thinks it's gas (but she used to scream when she had that)... but when he left for work after saying that she looked at me & made the face & then turned towards him leaving & started the whining up again (had been smiling before). I don't know if she's just sad when she does it or if something's really wrong or what. I feel so bad for her though.

And on that note I'm gone again.


Christy said...

Well, you certainly have a lot of stuff going on right now! I want to know more about the working thing. Are you going back to work for financial reasons, or are you just ready to start interacting with adults again? How are you feeling about daycare and all that stuff? Sometimes I think about going back to work, but it is only fleeting thoughts.

Mama Kalila said...

Financial reasons... I have student loans that won't be deferred any longer. I wish I didn't have too though, I love being here w/ Kalila.

I really don't like the idea of daycare... it may not be an option anyway (depending on my hours) so we're gonna talk to family about that. We'll see...