17 July, 2008


Well... I got the news today.. After all the hoops I jumped through I did not get the job. So I'm on here distracting myself a little.

Once again I have Cakerwakers to thank... She mentioned AllMediocre on her latest entry and I had to go check it out. Is a really interesting site, you can find all kinds of good blogs on there. As if I need more to read right? I've found some pretty good blogs on my own (funnily enough the more random and far away they are - the sooner I found them.. was pretty recent that I started reading blogs of friends from real life)... but this is nice too. I like the whole idea behind it.

One of the blogs I read a min ago ( Lemonologie if you're interested.. I haven't read much on there yet though lol) mentioned this place that rates the readability of your blog.. curious and seeking distractions I submitted this one and got:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

Not joking.. LOL. That started to make me a little sad.. .being an English major, specializing in writing and literature and all... I guess it could be worse though.. I'm around a 9 1/2 month old all day... The entire blog could consist of "babababa gagu baba mommom kikah"

So then I put in the address for my other blog - The Non Hippy - Hippy Mom and got this:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

Slightly better I guess lol. Apparently the person I got this off of had a similar experience w/ her two blogs lol...

Back to blogs I read... I have to say.. I've been trying to get my list on here updated. Slowly it's happening. There are quite a few that I read that haven't been added just because the links are favourited on the other computer. So if you don't see them on here, it's not because I don't enjoy reading your blog...
I'll get to them I promise!

In other news... I caught my kitties snuggling. Mumble was even letting Kimosimi groom her! Sorry, random and probably uninteresting to you... but that's a big step for these too and made me feel good. I'd add the incredibly cute picture, but the nini I use to put pics on this comp broke... and the one in the other room... is in the other room... with a sleeping baby.

Hmmm - how else can I distract myself... post on here nearly done... post on other blog done ten min or so ago... still sick husband = not going for the meat I needed to cook today (was going to make kibbe, but looks like that's happening tomorrow instead). Looks like its' either reading more blogs or washing diapers. Maybe both.

Edited to add:

Oh good grief!!!! I misread the email... It was for another position I'd applied for there, not the one from the interviews. So we'll see... Still waiting...

Good news is, being upset has = me getting some stuff done around here. I'm determined to finish it too. So off I go!


MomMega said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love AllMediocre, I have really found some great writers on there! I am going to take that quiz, too! Well, I am going to spend some time in your archives this evening, but now I am anxious to hear about the job...

lemonologie said...

Thanks for the visit! Good luck with the job! Sorry to hear that you had the same experience as me with the reading levels. I still haven't figured out how they measure that stuff! :-)

Christy said...

I hope you get the job. You have invested too much time and energy to not get the job.

My blog was elementary level too:(

Mama Kalila said...

Mommega - thanks for visiting mine too! AllMediocre is great.. I've found a new way to feed my addiction lol.

Lemonologie - Same here. My baba was 'upset' (not really) because his baby was Genius and now he thinks noone will be able to read it lol. I wonder how it works too.

Christy - Thanks. Even having had mixed feelings it was a huge letdown when I thought I hadn't. It really was a lot of time and energy. As for the blog... at least we're not alone.. :-D