13 July, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Word of warning... I may be even more random than normal because we have on this really odd movie that I'm trying not to pay attention too. Sorry in advance. Of course, when I finally have time and want to write I forget everything I was going to write about!

We had to call maintence again... The AC was leaking. Thankfully they came right away... and apparently the last time they changed the filter they forgot to put a new one in!!!

I got to talk to a friend today that I haven't talked to in a long time... It was really nice. Made me happy lol. She gave me their blog address so I need to add it to my list on here when I get a chance.

Jason is sick... We ended up taking him to the dr this morning. Had me really worried too. We thought it was just the cucumbers (he's allergic... long story short we figured that the little bit in some food we got would be ok, and then realized that everytime we've done that he's gotten sick) but it looks like samonella - w/ the cucumbers adding to the misery. Needless to say, he's off of work today...

Thankfully Kalila is completely over being sick. The sniffles held on until a couple days ago, but are gone now. She's even been in the sweetest mood. She's been laughing and giggling... Has started making this new cry when she's mad lol. Is almost like a grunt and cry at the same time. She took her naps well today, and didn't even cry at bedtime... Esp nice since we have family over lol. Besides w/ her Baba sick I'm glad we don't have to deal with fussy/sleepy baby too.

I didn't post this earlier because I couldn't get the pics up lol.. but we bought some clips for Kalila's hair. They barely fit lol... but still. Here are a few shots we got of her in them.

First taste of a baby cookie... cinnamon gram flavoured and she loves them. They do have some sugar though so they're definately a treat...

& some from a few min ago...

And on that note I'm ending this a day than I started.