07 July, 2008


Sorry no recent posts... Combination of little time on comp & very sick family.

Just to share something though... I made chicken noodle soup for the baby this week. It ended up being more like onion soup with additions though lol. That's fine w/ me though because I always make myself onion soup when I'm sick (well usually.. not this time obviously).

I started out by adding chopped onions (small dices really... I normally do big chunks, or rings when I make onion soup for myself) to the water along with a clove of chopped garlic. I boiled that for awhile before adding the carrots. A bit later I added one of my pureed chicken cubes (still frozen lol) it was thawed & broken apart pretty well once the rest was done. I added letter shaped pasta last & cooked about 10 min or so like the package said...

Was my first attempt at chicken noodle soup (& I got to try an adult version w/ potatoes, chicken breast, & spagetti noodles later that day) so I was pretty happy with it.


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Mmmm... That sounds yummy!