03 July, 2008

And So Are The Days of Our Lives...

Sorry no idea why the soap reference just popped in my head... it just did. Possibly because I've watched it since I was younger than Kalila... Or because for some odd reason I dreamed about it last night. Or... maybe... It could be because so much is going on right now & it just seemed to fit. LOL

I just got a call from USAA about a job. Part-time. Atrocious hours. But still... a job. I guess it would be nice because the shifts are so long that I'd be working just a couple days a week after training is done. So less days to worry about daycare issues lol. But it's late at night too... I don't know, we'll see.

Oh.. Have I mentioned that we're sick. Yes... all three of us. Oddly enough I'm actually the one who's doing the best. My throat hurts, my nose is draining in my throat (prob why it hurts lol) and is a little stuffy... but other than that I'm not bad. Kalila on the other hand... poor dear... No wonder she slept so horribly a couple nights ago (as soon as we woke yesterday it was pretty clear why) she's got a runny nose that won't stop, coughing, her eye is gunking up (is an issue we've delt w/ many many times w/ her... actually worries me least at this point), congested, and in a great mood lol. Jas has all the same as her minus the eye & add in sick at his stomach. He even (gasp) asked me to make him some hot tea this morning!!! Seriously though.. I think he's got it the worst right now.

We had to go downtown Tuesday... So we decided to stop and eat by the Riverwalk... was Kalila's first time to see it, which was cute. Before we left we stopped in the Disney store... They had a sale going so we picked up a couple small stuffed animals for her. One was the rat from Rattitoui (sp?) and the other is Daisy Duck. She loves em both lol. Is permanently attatched to Daisy but that doesn't surprise me... She loves her dada's lol.

Oh... and now that I have my camera back... (although I did lose it again... it was somewhere where I know I didn't put it so we think the cats drug it there) I have some pictures to share.

Excited to hear her Godfather sing.

Kitty wants a drink...

The only bathing pictures you'll ever see... (of Kalila that is lol)

I love my playpen... If it's full of toys


Sleepy time...

The saddest face in the world...

Grinning through the tears

Have to go back & explain a couple of those lol.

I went to give Kalila a bath the other day & Mumble jumped in the tub w/ her, right behind the baby tub... and started drinking from the leak! I absolutely love bath time... but not gonna post pics of my daughter naked so while I had the camera out for Mumble I decided to get some head shots that I could post.

Obviously the last few were of bedtime last night. She doesn't feel well, like I said earlier, so it wasn't easy (although she did only wake up once as opposed to the four times the night before). I started taking the pics because I wanted one of her in that new outfit. She absolutely adores it!

OH! I got my wedding pics in the scrapbook finally! Only just over a year later lol. I still need to add a few captions & little additions, but still... I'm surprised at how quickly I got them in. I think I've missed scrapbooking lol.

Anyways, I'm off for now. Things to do lol.


Christy said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. That stinks. Why do you have a crib tent on Kalila's bed already? Has she been trying to climb out?

Mama Kalila said...

No lol.. but I wouldn't put it past her to start trying. Seriously though, we put it on from the beginning because of the cats. We don't want them in there even when she's not so it stays zipped... works really well for that too. I have some adorable pics of Mumble up on top of it. Kimosimi hasn't tried that yet though... (although he did get behind the crib & pounce my head when I was in there w/ her once lol)

When we co-slept we shut Mumble out at night, literally picked her up & put her out... We still try to keep them out of here at night, but I'm constantly hearing meowing when they get stuck.

Lelo and Stitch said...

Those are some cute pictures!

Steph said...

I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you all get to feeling better FAST.

And the pictures are as adorable as ever! She's so cute, I just want to squeeze her!