31 July, 2008

Revisiting Fruit

I absolutely love fruit... and so does Kalila. So it makes me a little sad that I have to do this... but we're cutting back/backing off on a good number of fruits that have been introduced.

Bananas and avocado are still good... and grapes... and oddly enough mango's.

But apples give her a really red rash... so do pears... Peaches did when I cooked them (but fresh ones last weekend didn't - so I'm confused about that). Blueberries are the worst. They almost make her bleed.

Like I said, it makes me feel bad because Kalila loves apples and esp the blueberries. She gobbles them up and begs for more. But the last time she ate them she was a little runny... and the rash was awful. I felt so bad for her. Thankfully we got it cleared up... but I want her to have a chance to really heal... and see if there really is a problem with them too. Hopefully when she's a little older it'll be better.

Oh... another odd side note: I accidently introduced lime juice kinda.. it was in the hummus. I didn't think about it until after she ate... wasn't much of course, but w/ that and the peaches I was afraid she'd rash up again but completely cleared up instead. Jas thinks it might have been all the carrots she ate...

30 July, 2008

I'll Take A Slice Of Baked Fork Please

As you can guess by now... the reunion was a lot of fun. And of course... I have a few stories to share.


I wish I could tell you all about the cafe thing Friday night, but since we were late we missed most of it. What I did see was several people w/ lei's and several going barefoot w/ overalls & pigtails. There was a lovely Roadkill Cafe sign... So despite what I said the other day about not as much redneck in the entertainment... there was some! Since I have no pics, and going off the top of my head here... please (please) correct me if I had any of that wrong (those of you who were there of course...)


As you can guess our contribution to the Friday night thing was supposed to be kibbe naye, hummus, olives and chips. They did get put out, but most of it got saved for the next day... I'd figured we'd end up cooking most of the kibbe anyway lol....

So Saturday I got up early to go do just that... I put that kibbe in the oven... Mind you I looked at it first... so did Leta. We both checked it a little later on, at different times I'm assuming. Well... some of the family started to notice a smell and was checking around... finally thought to check on the kibbe and found a plastic fork inside the pan. Now, someone put it in there the night before... not sure who... but I swear I didn't see it when I put it in the oven. Thankfully it didn't affect the meat... not sure how, but it didn't. And as you can imagine, I got teased about cooking a fork for, oh, the rest of the trip....

Yeah, cooking not going so well for me lately...


My daughter is a rabbit.

I piled her up a plate... but noticed there was a bunch of protein & no fruits or veggies... just none there she could have yet. So we looked around to see what we could do, and came up with the carrots. Raw, but we could watch her close right?

Great idea. (Thankyou TJay) She absolutely loved it.. Had like 3 or 4 that day lol. Just munched away...

And yes, I had to get a picture...


Someone asked me about sleep....


Well, after the drive over that I've already mentioned... We visited awhile (cafe stuff) and then headed to bed. Now, we don't have a pack and play... No portable crib... Back to cosleeping for us while there. Yeah it didn't go so well.

Kalila played, she crawled, she stood up, she hit me in the face. Jason took the other bed (way too small of beds for three people)... he could have gone to sleep. But he was nice and tried to help by joining us... yeah, it made it worse. So he went back...

Then I got the brilliant idea of - lets try reclining the stroller (it pulls back, we didn't lay it down lol) and strapping her in there... I hated the idea, but sleep deprived and slightly crazy from the drive over = trying it. She started screaming. Crying. Screaming. Crying.

I got her out. Still crying. I held her... crying. Let her crawl on the bed... still crying. Seeing a pattern here? She stood up, crawled, bent over double, turned circles.. AND WOULDN'T STOP CRYING.

At this point Jas is sitting on the bed, we're just about arguing.. (not quite but almost) I start to nurse her (as she's still crying) and finally... he lays down w/ her sandwiched pretty tightly between us and she calms down. We stayed like that until she fell asleep and then he moved. It was past 1... We woke up at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep...

Las was nice.. she let us nap the next day... I got a nice hours sleep.

Sat night... Jas was out drinking w/ the family (and from what I've heard from him and Las I'm torn on whether I'm sad or glad I missed it) and Kalila & I went to bed early(ish... not really early, past her bedtime.. but still - early for me lol). She nursed awhile... went straight to sleep. Saturday night was wonderful. We even slept in (oops).

Honestly, I'm thinking it was the pool that helped.. we got in for a bit that night and then I gave her a bath afterwards of course.. I think the water calmed her down quite a bit.


Hmmm... What else was there? I can't really think of any other stories I won't get in trouble for sharing lol (although I know Jas wants me to share one of em). If anyone can think of anything I missed - please feel free to leave it in the comments section here!


I just remembered!!! How could I forget the cutest think Kalila has done yet....

Sunday morning... Kalila woke up, ate a bit, started crawling around playing as usual... and crawled up to my face... put a hand on each cheek... leaned in close and said (rather loudly) - EY OH (ey like hey) and then leaned down & kissed me. So cute...

29 July, 2008

Redneck Entertainment...

Ok, not so much redneck this year... There was no cross dressing to speak of or bubba teeth (womanless bikini competition should say it all) but the entertainment was karaoke & a lot of fun. Las sent me a few of the videos to share, so you can get a glimpse of the fun too!

Here is Kalila enjoying the show...

And I may get in trouble for this one... but here is Jason singing!

Yes there are many more... and she even made a dvd w/ words and stuff. I can't wait to see it.

I'm gonna be nice & keep this section short since the last wasn't....

28 July, 2008

Free Free Free

Free BumGenius Contest!

Including Her In On The Fun

I like clothes.

I like all kinds of clothes. Different styles. From different cultures. Everything. And if I like it... I'll probably wear it.

In particular... I like wearing hijab. I like the way they look... feel... Call me weird, whatever.. but I'm not the only one. Look up Non Muslim Hijabi... Technically I've heard of more than one, but there's a girl that goes by that too lol - she'll prob be the one to come up. Big diff between me and her though, she wears it all the time & I never have, even in college when I wore it more often. Lately it's pretty rare... first I worked at the bookshop where I was pushing it just to wear a long skirt instead of trousers and now since I've had the baby and am home... tech I could, but I seem to live in yoga pants & nursing tank (add another shirt on top if going out...).

How does all that tie into the reunion?

Well... The summer after I went to Afrika - the first time - I brought back a buibui (random Kiswahili thrown in there) and decided to wear it. Other than my mom & grandmother - I think one person spoke to me the entire day... to ask if I'd converted lol.

Afterwards I decided it'd become somewhat of a tradition for me to dress differently (no one set thing, just something I like) A couple years I wore salwar kameez, once a sari, there's been several abayas... I noticed I was getting into a rut w/ either wearing hijab or Indian clothes (another fav of mine) and wanted to wear a Maasai outfit one year, but that fell through. I need to find something different (seriously) for next year though because I think some of them are starting to think that I am Muslim...

As you prob got from random comments in other posts lately... I was really looking forward to it this year. I went from getting to dress how I wanted all the time to a set boring routine almost overnight (when I got the job at bookstore, not after married and baby lol) and like I said, is worse now... I'm fine with that... but was nice to have that one outlet. So I spent over a month trying to come up with what to wear... and I had the baby to think about too.

I'd looked for something different... even looked at T-Shirts w/ different things on them... Found a bunch of A.P stuff... Even found one for Jason that said "Sexy Dads Change Cloth Diapers" :-D But didn't really want to spend the money... And then I thought about Organica. I love the clothes she shows on her blog. The way she pulls things together that wouldn't be modest on their own, are cute either way, is just great.

So I ended up deciding that the first night I'd wear my favourite abaya. I got it my last trip to TZ. Is almost a see through black colour (very very thin) with coloured stitching down the front, flares out a bit. Is really pretty. For the second day... I was going to take a page out of Organica's book & pulled together an outfit from clothes I had (some I'd had to just get for that interview lol). And I figured Kalila would wear something cute, like a skirt, where I could show off one of her adorable diapers.

But then my mom called.. .and said that she'd picked up Kalila a dress on the cruise. A little island dress. So Kalila got to dress up just like mommy. Here's a cute shot of her by herself Sat morning.

Here's a pic of us on Saturday (sorry I don't have one of Friday night). Too bad Kalila moved and made it blurr lol.

Yeah, neither of us lasted the day this time lol. Kalila HAD to be changed before lunch... That cute little outfit is silk, there's no way I'z letting her eat in that. And I got to take a nap that afternoon, so I decided to change up a bit before coming back. So here's a couple of family shots after that...

The McDonalds Encounter

I didn't bring it up on the other blog... but I had an interesting encounter at McDonalds on the way back this weekend. No, we weren't eating there - although tech. Kalila was lol. There's one attached to the gas station & I needed a place to sit...

Anyways, one of the workers came up to me while I was nursing her. My first thought was she was going to say something obnoxious, but pleasantly surprised... She told me that I'm lucky. We ended up talking a few minutes & I'm still mad for that poor girl...

She has a three month old that she'd planned to BF, and did for one month. But the hospital didn't let her leave w/out giving formula... (which she didn't realize would hurt her supply so didn't fight it) and she ended up drying up. She was so upset about it, and determined to continue that she went to her dr and asked if there was anything she could do.. and he lied to her and said no.

Of course as she's telling me this, she still didn't know that was bad info. When I mentioned the things she could try she had a shocked look on her face & said she wished she met me two months ago.

I've heard of stories like that before, but never from a person I'd met... is frusterating... if someone is willing to work at it & try everything they can - they should be given every opportunity to do so... but instead the exact opposite happens.

So word of advice - a) research beforehand (better safe than sorry) and b) take every thing dr's say with a grain of salt... look it up for yourself afterwards if ya have too.

Sorry, I have dr issues to begin with and this just got my goat on top of everything else.

Free Free Free

Free Bum Genius contest!

27 July, 2008

The Joys of Travel

I hadn't intended to break the reunion stuff into several posts, but it looks like it's gonna work out that way. My camera is not here, other stuff isn't online yet, permissions need to be gotten... etc. Besides, might be better - won't end up being quite so much at once lol.

Somehow or another I got everything done Friday just in time. Jas got here, we loaded, and left. Things looked like they were going pretty good...

And then Kalila started crying. She cried the ENTIRE way.. Three hours. I'm not even joking. We tried everything. Gave her Daisey. Gave her her shoe (she likes to chew on it). Gave her cheerios. Nothing worked.

We stopped at one point for me to feed her... and that helped until she got back in her seat. So I got in the back w/ her & leaned over the seat so she could nurse some more (she was done, but its a good way to try to keep her quiet lol) while we drove. Of course, since she was done, she didn't eat a whole lot more, and kept crying anyway.
Then I got carsick. So we had to pull over so I could get out and go back to the front.

Yeah, we were pretty stressed (to put it mildly) by the time we got there.

Skip ahead to today... (I'll get to the rest later I promise!) Running late (very very very late). But Kalila was in a wonderful mood. She smiled and babbled half the way back. Then she started crying. After nothing else would work (save me getting in the back again) I pulled out the cheerios. Yes I bribed my daughter w/ cheerios... she munched the rest of the way here. And screamed in between every bite.

Thankfully it wasn't for as long as the trip over there...

Since we were so late, Kalila & I ended up going to the restraunt w/ Jas. We got to eat and hang out a bit... and then his dad came and picked us up.

We got home and the first thing I notice is the smell. I'll admit it, was my fault. First off, Friday I had Kalila naked in her playpen w/ towels laid down. She had a rash (stupid blueberries.. she loves them but they don't return the feelings) and that was what was working for us. And of course she peed. Wet towel not washed = smell. Plus... the litter boxes needed changing... something else I should have done before we left.

And of course the cats were begging to be fed. I'd left them w/ enough to last until this morning... but we were late. Worse, what I failed to remember... Kimosimi seems to think the dish needs to be full at all times. It doesn't matter if I've just put food in there, if he's taken a bite or two - he'll come find me and meow for more. Honestly it kinda makes me wonder about his past... but I've gotten him in the routine of portioning it out twice a day - morning & night. I look when he complains just to make sure they aren't out... but usually isn't the case.

It was afternoon when we got home. So they're both hungry and attention starved... and acted out in completely uncharacteristic ways. Kimosimi bit me! I was reaching down to get the cat food and he nipped. It didn't hurt, more surprised me than anything. But he still got in trouble for it. Mumble peed on the floor right in front of me (and this is the cat that normally would bite me). Thankfully was in the bathroom, so easy to clean up... but still ewe.

But yeah.. I got them fed, litter cleaned & changed (uggh), and got a good start on going over the rest of the house too... Spent some time w/ the kitties, both seemed to have forgiven me... So life should be getting back to normal lol.

26 July, 2008

Worst Flight of My Life

Earlier I read a post on Multicultural Muslima about her trip to Egypt that got me to thinking. I started to share a couple stories on her comments, but realized I probably should do it here. :-j

It really wasn't my worst flight... just very very harried.

In May 2003 I was leaving for my second trip to Tanzania. I hadn't gotten to go the year before so I was really excited about it. Things had gone well leading up to that point... My family had been through it once before and I hadn't gotten nearly the grief I did the first time. Yet...

My mom and grandmother took me to the Lubbock Airport. I was meeting my friend Dustin and we were flying to Houston, get straight on another flight, and then meet up w/ the others in Amsterdam. I don't remember what time our flight was, but I got there early. At the last min they flipped on me. There was crying, begging me not to go, etc... I kept trying to tell them I needed to go in... I kept watching for Dustin, hoping he'd show up... was really starting to get nervous... and they really weren't helping lol.

So I got inside... to find out that they'd bumped our flight... so that we'd have more time in Houston. Sounds great right? Well it was for Dustin who was already there... That's right... The plane took off without me just as I finally got inside. They'd tried to hold it for me, but since I "wasn't there" they couldn't any longer...

At this point I was rushing... They changed how many carryons we could have (were trying to count my purse as one) and I had to unpack and stuff things in a different way. Mom was helping, unhappily of course. And finally... I got on the plane. Alone.

I get to Houston... an airport I didn't really care for because I got horribly lost the last time I was there. And this time... I had minutes to get across the place and on my flight... by myself. You know, it's fuzzy, probably because I was so worried I'd miss it and consentrating on getting there... but I remember someone being very nice and pointing me in the right direction. And running. I remember running.

I was the last one on the plane...

25 July, 2008

Half Made Hummus and the Salt Free Trip

If today is any indication of this weekend... I'm in trouble.

It really started off last night. I got Kalila to bed and a few hours later I heard her crying. I figured she was hungry and went in there... but she wasn't standing up like normal. She was curled up on her tummy screaming and crying. So I picked her up and she didn't stop... was still curled in a ball. Finally a few minutes later (seemed much longer) she calmed down and woke up. It was awful. Thankfully she seemed ok when I put her back down... she did wake up a few more times last night (opposed to occasionally waking once).

So I woke up pretty tired to begin with... but excited about everything.

Jas took off to get a few groceries and work... and I got up and put the chickpeas on to boil. There were dishes left on the stove from Jas washing them yesterday so I went to move them... and one was stuck. I pulled and pulled... and pulled and pulled. Not moving. One of our nice new rubbermaid tubs melted to the burner. So we're out a container... and a burner. I started laughing and couldn't stop for the longest time. How....

Anyways, so I put them on another burner that I thought was clean... Thought being the key word. Something must have fallen underneath and hid from me (I'm actually thinking it was one of the chickpeas from the pan).. I looked over just in time to see it spark. Yes... We nearly had a fire.

So I move them agian, making sure this time that the nini was clean. Got that done. Whoo hoo. Time to finish the hummus....

I got the first batch through the blender... Thankfully I was doing it in porportion because the blender died just as I finished. Have I mentioned that I BOUGHT THE THING YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, not happy. So I have hummus to take... just a third as much as I'd planned.

And as I sat to write this.. I realized - I FORGOT THE SALT.... AGAIN!!! Is ok, I can fix it at this point, but good grief what is it w/ me and the freaking salt. I love salt.. Salt is my friend. The more the better right? Apparently not...

Now I have two hours to get finished packed (because LOL we didn't have it done a week ago like planned, or a couple days ago like our second plan, or yesterday like our third plan) and make kibbe... and shower... and give Kalila a bath...

So I'm off...

24 July, 2008


Have you ever had a random memory just pop in your head? That happened to me the other day... I'm not really sure what caused it or why... it just did.

I have this cousin that I used to be very good friends with. We hardly ever talk anymore unfortunately. No real reason, at least that I know of.

Anyways, when we were little but after I moved, I would stop by his house with my dad when I would go for visits. Basically on the way from one house to another. I have no idea how old I was when this happened, but we would play this stupid game where we'd try to make each other laugh.. and of course the other would try not to.

So the other day I woke up w/ this fuzzy memory of him jumping off his headboard as a kid making this silly face. I have no idea if it made me laugh at the time... but it made me smile when I remembered.

22 July, 2008

Accidental Theft Month?

Well, first off have to thank Cakerwakers again... Helped me figure out how to fix my header on here :-D I'm a bit sleep deprived, so prob could be better, but I like the pics so oh well.

A few funny stories to share though...

The other day I read Raising Pennsylvania's blog mentioned on the shoutout on AllMediocre... (You might want to take a detour at this point & read the post) Honestly I forgot all about it since I read I don't know how many blogs that day lol...

And then we went to WM yesterday... (Can you see where this is going?) We only meant to pick up two things - detergent and cat food. But somewhere along the way from one end of the store to the other Jason picked up a cd, a new release mind you (they had them for a really good price) not one of the ones thrown in a pile or anything, and tossed it in the basket. We finished up our shopping, checked out and got almost to the truck when I noticed something odd. Our bags were on one end of the cart. The cd was on the other end, tucked between the side and the diaper bag. So I asked Jason if we paid for it... He stopped, got a goofey look on his face, and said no. Sent me on w/ the baby and stuff to the truck and went back inside to pay for the cd. We have no clue how we made it out in the first place lol.

Backing up a day... Sunday night Kalila woke up and wanted to nurse. I'd been looking up some recipe online at the time, so I sat the comp down in front of me... you know, planning to get back to it. Well Kimosimi decided he needed to join us. He climbed up on me, over her... Thankfully didn't get in her face, but his head was going one way over my chest (up by my shoulder) and she was going the other way. My arms were pinned. So I was sitting there trying to figure out how to move him... and then he climbed down and sat on the computer. I left him there for a bit and then decided I wanted it back so I told him to move and scooted him off... As he did (under protest, he fought me on it) I noticed in the search engine on the screen "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn000000000000000000000000000000" Yes.. my cat spoke to me.

Not to be outdone... Mumble has learned to make the potty go off. Not the real one (yet) but the baby one. I forgot to turn it off the other night and heard royal tunes... ALL NIGHT LONG

I should really get back to packing for this weekend... just wanted to share those before I forgot :-)


I hope I didn't miss fixing the colour on any of the old posts... bad thing w/ changing the background is that it was really hard to see them!


Looking up cleaning recipes/diaper info I came across Borax. It seems to be in a lot of recipes and used for lots of things. So I thought I'd get some. Well, I ended up being forced too... none of the other detergents at WM work on diapers. I knew Borax was on the list, so I got it. Only prob is it says on the box to use it w/ your detergent... so I asked on Cafemom about it and only got one reply about how bad the stuff is (ie dangerous). I have family that uses it for everything, so I figured it couldn't be that bad. I get that it's toxic, but is it really something we should not keep around, or...

20 July, 2008

All Things Kibbe

Ok.. Not quite... but close enough!

So yesterday I made Kibbe Naye... first attempt... and I didn't butcher it too badly. I accidentally put half the salt the recipe called for though. Oops. I couldn't figure out what was off... Jason caught that it was the salt, so I was trying to figure out how much to put next time... and then later it hit me exactly what I did. Was ok though, pretty easy to fix!

On a slightly different subject (although I'll get back to Kibbe I promise) - I got a phone call from my mom this morning. She made it back to Florida, and will be back here in TX tomorrow. She had a good time on her cruise (of course lol) and is looking forward to seeing us next week. Apparently she got Kalila a little island dress.. I can't wait to see it! (Well, and her too of course)

I put a pic up yesterday of Kalila in one of the new diaper covers... Well, I managed to get a shot of the other one this morning too. This is her favourite one (mine is still the safari one of course). I don't know if it's the froggies she likes or the fact that it's blue and green.

Back on topic though ;-)

Today was the day scheduled for beef... Well, the latest day scheduled for it... I've had to rework intro days all over the place for one reason or another. I'd originally planned to... well, I'm not really sure how I planned to make it lol. I wasn't going to do ground beef, I remember that.

Anyways... since we had Kibbe Naye last night/this morning we decided to bake what was left and she could have some of that. Yes I got pictures lol.

What is this?

First taste...

Mmmm... Kibbe and bread... Lucky girl

Fishie Face!

Yeah..sorry most of the pics lately have all been food related lol. I really need to take more away from the high chair!

And now I need to go change a diaper... Silly me buttoned her top when I saw her start to take her diaper off instead of putting her on the potty.... and then she did her shiver... lol

Decisions Decisions

As Kalila gets older I find myself making less and less baby food and giving her more, I guess you could call it 'table' food. Puree's are out... except for using what we had left lol... and a few fruit ones that I mix into smoothies. I prob will puree chicken again just because it's easiest that way and still has texture she can pick up.

Anyways... My husband and I have talked about when to intro kibbe naye for months now, since before she was ready for solids even lol. He was thinking as soon as she was ready for beef... me being paranoid mama, I'm not sure. So today is the big day for beef... and yesterday I made kibbe naye for us. Thankfully Jas agreed (without me pushing it even) that we'd wait until we baked it today. So part of me is excited that her first taste of beef is baked kibbe... and part of me is still wondering when to introduce the other. We're having it again twice next week... the first time she'll be asleep and way past her meal times... but is luncheon Sunday at Church... I know Jas is excited for her to have it... and I am too... but she's still so little.

Decisions decisions...

19 July, 2008

I'll Keep It Short - I Promise

Don't worry, won't make ya suffer through another post as long as the last two. If you can't tell a lot's been going on around here lately!

Next weekend is my family reunion and I'm really looking fwd to it! I got an email today about the new website for it... so I went ahead and posted it on here in case anyone needs the link. I added a bunch of new pics. I'm keeping my eye out for more though... I know they exist lol.

Speaking of pictures... I have a few of my little avocado monster here that I wanted to share!

Oh... and here's one of her in one of her new diaper covers... I just love the pretty purple colour!

18 July, 2008

Too Many Titles

Seriously I couldn't choose between titles tonight. First it was gonna be something about my little goose (one of my many nicknames for Kalila), then about how fast baby's grow up (way too fast!!!), then about how good a day its' been... All these titles are swirling around in my head and yeah.. can't decide so there ya go!

I still feel really silly about thinking the job I was turned down for was the one I'd interviewed for. So glad Jas made me double check. Apparently because he's applied for several positions there he knew how the emails worked and had figured I'd applied for several as well (and yeah, I did). Plus I hadn't applied for this one in the first place, they contacted me... so the email wouldn't have made sense anyway lol.

I did hear from them this morning (phone call) but not to say either way... They needed me to email over a consent form for one of my old jobs. So still in the running lol.

I was so proud of myself yesterday... I got some momentum going on the house, washing dishes, getting cabinets rearranged, etc... and then my MIL came to take us to eat at Jas' restraunt. No complaints, it was nice... but nothing else got done last night save finishing laundry.

Ok, now I have to brag.. and share a cute story or three.

I mentioned the other day that we're introducing the potty. What we decided to do is put Kalila on it during changes and if she pulls her diaper off. Not expecting anything of course. And don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those mom's (like on John & Kate lol) that takes pics of it all... the ones of her looking at it the other day are the only ones happening.

So yesterday she pulled her diaper off.. I took her over, put her on the potty... and a min or two later... she used it! I don't know who was more excited, me or her. Of course her excited was partly from me and partly from the noise the potty makes lol.
She did it once more yesterday and once today... 3 more times than I expected... I'm not getting my hopes up about her actually getting potty trained anytime soon, but I'll admit it I'm proud of the little goose!

I have to shake my head and laugh though because apparently she really likes the thing. I don't make her sit on it for any particular time when I put her on there, if she wants to get off I pull her off. But tonight she sat there for the longest time, chewed on a wet washcloth and kicked her legs happy as can be. Ignored me everytime I tried to get her off. I finally pulled out a book to read! Maybe time for a baby chair for her to sit on?

Oh... and I think I taught her something I may regret later... I was giving her a bath and when she got ready to get out she was being slow about it... so I said 'yalla' (jokingly of course) and she looked up at me with an impish grin and said 'ya-ya'.

We ended up having one of the cutest moments a little while after that... I was here nursing her on the couch and Kimosimi jumped up, climbed across me, stepped over her, and onto the arm of the couch. His tail brushed over her and she giggled, reached for it, he moved, brushed against her again, more giggling, then some tail pulling... Was so adorable. So we're both happy at that point... and then she pulled up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then back to dinner.

Backing up a little... Kalila's new toy came in today... and along with it a new toy for Mumble too apparently lol. Kalila really seems to like it though!

Oh.. and here's the pic of the kitties yesterday! I caught them agian today... of course Mumble was getting groomed against her will this time lol.

Before I go... wish me luck. I'm making kibbe naye tomorrow. Will be my first time.... And getting hungry just thinking about it lol.

17 July, 2008


Well... I got the news today.. After all the hoops I jumped through I did not get the job. So I'm on here distracting myself a little.

Once again I have Cakerwakers to thank... She mentioned AllMediocre on her latest entry and I had to go check it out. Is a really interesting site, you can find all kinds of good blogs on there. As if I need more to read right? I've found some pretty good blogs on my own (funnily enough the more random and far away they are - the sooner I found them.. was pretty recent that I started reading blogs of friends from real life)... but this is nice too. I like the whole idea behind it.

One of the blogs I read a min ago ( Lemonologie if you're interested.. I haven't read much on there yet though lol) mentioned this place that rates the readability of your blog.. curious and seeking distractions I submitted this one and got:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

Not joking.. LOL. That started to make me a little sad.. .being an English major, specializing in writing and literature and all... I guess it could be worse though.. I'm around a 9 1/2 month old all day... The entire blog could consist of "babababa gagu baba mommom kikah"

So then I put in the address for my other blog - The Non Hippy - Hippy Mom and got this:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

Slightly better I guess lol. Apparently the person I got this off of had a similar experience w/ her two blogs lol...

Back to blogs I read... I have to say.. I've been trying to get my list on here updated. Slowly it's happening. There are quite a few that I read that haven't been added just because the links are favourited on the other computer. So if you don't see them on here, it's not because I don't enjoy reading your blog...
I'll get to them I promise!

In other news... I caught my kitties snuggling. Mumble was even letting Kimosimi groom her! Sorry, random and probably uninteresting to you... but that's a big step for these too and made me feel good. I'd add the incredibly cute picture, but the nini I use to put pics on this comp broke... and the one in the other room... is in the other room... with a sleeping baby.

Hmmm - how else can I distract myself... post on here nearly done... post on other blog done ten min or so ago... still sick husband = not going for the meat I needed to cook today (was going to make kibbe, but looks like that's happening tomorrow instead). Looks like its' either reading more blogs or washing diapers. Maybe both.

Edited to add:

Oh good grief!!!! I misread the email... It was for another position I'd applied for there, not the one from the interviews. So we'll see... Still waiting...

Good news is, being upset has = me getting some stuff done around here. I'm determined to finish it too. So off I go!


I think I'm getting lazy. The last few food's I've introduced have been 0 work. And at least one of them was chosen for that very reason.. I had not made beans early enough.... so lets pull out the colby cheese! The blueberries I'm not fussing about... I had planned for her to have them sooner even. I added in butter a week or two ago. I dont know if I really needed to schedule that in to the 3 day rule... but I had nothing else doable that day so there we go... I'm lazy! This next week she's GOT to have beef and beans... I wanted them introduced before our family reunion lol.

On a side note though... I used that colby cheese to make mac & cheese (letters really) w/ my one non lazy moment yesterday and she absolutely loved it. Was funny though because a bit later I saw someone comment on CafeMom about making it w/ BM (which I did.. she can't have cows milk yet) - I added that I'd just done that... and a bit later someone said they make it that way for their whole family! I about died... told my husband and he had me rolling w/ his reaction. Gotta love CafeMom....

16 July, 2008

A Very Busy Day

Yes today was very busy..

I had the interview for one... and... Well... I didn't need that resume lol. They had a copy there... which is fine, but then why ask me to bring one in? Unfortunately what I did need done beforehand (and I realized this after I wrote last night and too late to do it) was take the drug test at the med clinic. I had misread the instructions on that... so I was all worried about having missed that. Thankfully they were nice about it and said I could after the interview... So both of those are done now. Just need to find that old job info and I'm done save waiting...

The interview did seem to go well btw... Unfortunately it went quickly and Kalila was sleeping when I needed to be picked up.. so I ended up walking most of the way home. I made it to the gate we came in (ran into baby food on the way.. an adorable baby deer) and then realized there was no way out! Thankfully got a curtasy ride to another gate much closer to here. Was really hot out though... so I was exausted when I got home.

Of course all this threw Kalila's schedule off... she's napping now. Late I know, but Jas laid her down for her nap at one instead of three... she was tired from having a shorter nap than usual in the morning though so not blaiming him one bit. Thankfully shes been pretty happy despite it all.

Last night Jas cooked... Made a roast and salad. Was nice. If you're wondering why that counts in today... it was done well after one in the morning lol. Yes it was a late night. So we're all tired on top of evertyhing else lol.

While he was cooking we started talking and the potty issue came up. I had planned to pull out her potty (the royal step stool potty, a gift from one of our showers lol) around the time she started walking for real. She's not quite to that point yet lol, but she is pulling her diapers off (and usually it's when she's wet lol) so we decided to go ahead and do it. Of course not expecting her to really potty train just yet... but slowly get used to the thing/idea.

So I pulled it out a little earlier.. and of course got some pictures of her getting aquainted with it lol. Yes, it's in the playpen... no it's not staying there :-D

These were taken a little later when she sat herself up on it folded into step stool position... I wish I'd gotten one a little while ago, she used it to stand herself up - was so cute.

And here she is sitting... I can just hear her thinking what is, it's missing half the seat... looks so confused lol.

I know I'm goofy, but I just had to share.. thought they were cute.

Oh.. I almost forgot... Apparently she has a new favourite food.. or one of... I made her mac & cheese (well, with letter noodles lol) and she loved it... gobbled it up. I need to look up some recipes now.. I grew up making it w/ velveeta... and don't want to do that w/ her for quite awhile lol. I used colby this time and it was ok.... but we'll see.

Ok, lets try to end this again :-)

15 July, 2008


No... Kalila did not get ahold of my keyboard just now lol... I'm just frustrated beyond reason... I have my fourth or fifth interview for the same job tomorrow... Jas is not off like we thought, so we're having to juggle things. I got an email saying the people who do the credit check can't get ahold of one of my ex employers so i have to send in some paperwork that I don't know where is... my resume screwed up, so had to redo it... Then the one I started making decided to crap out right when I was almost done... so redid that & finally finished... and of course this is all on the comp that is hard to type correctly (the only one shift works and it sticks) All so i can go back to work and not see my daughter or get anything done... So yeah... not happy right now.

Anyways.. that's all beside the point.. I have some pics/video's to share if this will let me.

Mumble thinks she needs to workout!

Kimosimi curled up in a very odd position on my lap...

Yup, just like Baba... Already playing video games...

And a video of her eating dinner...

14 July, 2008

Rear Facing

I'll probably do a poll on this one later (if I hadn't already posted a new one I would now lol) but I wanted to share a video I saw on cafemom. Feel free to comment.

We already knew to go a year and 20 lbs, but this really makes you think..

13 July, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Word of warning... I may be even more random than normal because we have on this really odd movie that I'm trying not to pay attention too. Sorry in advance. Of course, when I finally have time and want to write I forget everything I was going to write about!

We had to call maintence again... The AC was leaking. Thankfully they came right away... and apparently the last time they changed the filter they forgot to put a new one in!!!

I got to talk to a friend today that I haven't talked to in a long time... It was really nice. Made me happy lol. She gave me their blog address so I need to add it to my list on here when I get a chance.

Jason is sick... We ended up taking him to the dr this morning. Had me really worried too. We thought it was just the cucumbers (he's allergic... long story short we figured that the little bit in some food we got would be ok, and then realized that everytime we've done that he's gotten sick) but it looks like samonella - w/ the cucumbers adding to the misery. Needless to say, he's off of work today...

Thankfully Kalila is completely over being sick. The sniffles held on until a couple days ago, but are gone now. She's even been in the sweetest mood. She's been laughing and giggling... Has started making this new cry when she's mad lol. Is almost like a grunt and cry at the same time. She took her naps well today, and didn't even cry at bedtime... Esp nice since we have family over lol. Besides w/ her Baba sick I'm glad we don't have to deal with fussy/sleepy baby too.

I didn't post this earlier because I couldn't get the pics up lol.. but we bought some clips for Kalila's hair. They barely fit lol... but still. Here are a few shots we got of her in them.

First taste of a baby cookie... cinnamon gram flavoured and she loves them. They do have some sugar though so they're definately a treat...

& some from a few min ago...

And on that note I'm ending this a day than I started.

12 July, 2008

I Love Shopping

Well, I put myself on a new washing schedule... every three days instead of every two. I figured that way I'd waste less. Unfortunately a couple days ago (which was diaper day) I got caught up washing Jas work clothes (I have to strip them w/ dawn like you do w/ diaps sometimes lol... because of all the grease from work) & didn't have time to get to them. So I washed the next day/yesterday... Fine, I still had prefolds clean, not a lot, but enough for a day. Unfortunately 3 covers = none clean. So we had to resort to the Gerbers... which I know are not as comfy.

I told Jas about it this morning. I wasn't hinting at anything really lol. Just that I felt bad because if I'd done my job on time it wouldn't have been an issue. Well, my husband sweetie that he is, told me to buy a couple more covers!

Now backing up... I'd ordered from Keen Bambino a week or so ago (an item for me this time lol) & had a coupon that came with it. I was excited about it because the code was one of my family's names & I thought that was funny. Plus... I got a $5 gift certificate from her for having the store linked to this blog! So I might as well use them right? $5 & a 5% discount don't add up to a lot, but it took care of a little more than the shipping costs - which is not bad at all. I absolutely love that store lol.

And of course I can't wait for the covers to come. I got another Thirstie and a Bummi. I wish she had the other brand we tried, but oh well. These two were the cheaper brands anyway... and although Bummi was my least fav brand the patterns are cute. I picked a frog one this time.

I'd better go now... I've got a kitty resting on me who keeps trying to paw at the keys lol.


Not that I need it just yet... (whoo hoo for BFing) but because Keen Bambino offered a 10% discount recently (and I didn't think we needed anything else.. Jas surprised me w/ those covers lol) I went ahead & ordered my Diva Cup early. I'd planned to use the few pads I have left until it came in, but I guess now they're just backup or whatever. No complaints about that lol. I'm excited about it though. I've heard it can help w/ cramps (gotta love those chemicals that can cause them) & I'm really hoping it does.

My Little Escape Artist

I'll have pics to share tomorrow... but tonight I have a couple funny stories for ya.

Yesterday I was working on the computer... Had Baba (Babu... whatever...) on the phone (the help guy was no help so I called home lol) and we were going over different ways to fix the problem so I could get our new wireless router installed. Kalila would not let me put her down in the playpen though & I didn't want her loose with me being so busy so I was doing everything one handed w/ the phone on my shoulder. Finally I got to this point that I needed my hands so I sat her on the floor for a second. I literally looked away for two seconds to connect something... looked back to pick her up & she was gone. I freaked out. Looked all over the room - not there. Ran out into the hallway... and there she was... making a mad dash into my bedroom! I laugh now but I just about cried afterwards.

Then this morning Jas was putting her into her stroller & made a comment about getting the straps tighter so she wouldn't get out. I agreed.. because I remember all too well when she climbed out of it on me and fell. Well... lol... he had an experience w/ that of his own the other day apparently. He put her in, strapped her up, and was sitting on the couch... a few min later he felt something at his lap & she was there! She wiggled out of the strap, climbed over the arm of the couch, and crawled over into his lap!

10 July, 2008

The Good and Bad

The last couple days have been crazy as ever...

Tuesday we had Kalila's well visit. For the most part it went well. She had to have a toe prick test (for anemia) and didn't cry when they did it... She kicked a bit while the nurse was squeezing, but that was her only reaction. She also didn't cry during her shot (really surprised me.. she usually does) just grunted once afterwards.

Now, we knew that she'd lost some weight.... she's moving all over the place lol & everything I've read (and everyone I've talked to) says that BF babies do that. Is normal. Add to that, for some odd reason the nurse weighed her w/ her diaper on last time... and we were in a diff room w/ diff scale. There's bound to be diff's whether or not she really lost weight. So we weren't surprised when they told us she was 17lbs 10 oz (2 lbs less than her 6 mo visit). But... the dr flipped. She did ask about the diaper thing (isn't sure why they left it on that time) and said that could account for some of it... but wants us to add a solid meal (3 a day now.. something we were planning to do soon anyway) and bring her in for a weight check in a month.

We also found out that while she's not anemic... she's on the lower side of normal levels. So she said to up foods w/ iron and proteins. Not a problem... I'm moving beef up to next week (was in 2 weeks) and beans up as well... She really loves her egg yolks so that's a good thing lol. She had some scrambled yolk w/ garlic, onion, cheese & mushrooms yesterday & gobbled the entire thing up. I thought it was going to make two meals but apparently not. Oddly enough chicken is not her fav... I had to trick her into eating it the other day. (Put cheerios on top & she grabbed peices of the chicken along with them)

I also had the second test for the job yesterday... had to go there for this one... Was convinced that I did badly lol. At the end there were these math questions. All sorts of irrelevant things like word problems, equations & stuff.. You know.. the stuff that most people don't really need to know how to do & if it does somehow come up there's a computer to do it anyway. Well, either it had nothing to do w/ the results or my math skills took a turn for the better (can you say guesswork?) because I passed. I have my next interview this afternoon.

We're also getting serious about working out again. We'd been doing so good w/ it... First w/ our walks, and then with the wii fit... and then momentum just dropped. We've been talking about picking it back up again though & did today. I didn't do a whole lot, just went through a bit of the yoga (I don't want to do too much & hurt myself). Jas is in there now. I almost wish I got a pic... he started w/ yoga & the tree pose made me laugh. Not so much because he looked funny but just because he was doing it if that makes any sense. He's strenght training now. Even Kalila is working out a bit. I have her in the jumperoo lol. She really should be napping, but she refused to go down. Just has too much energy this morning. She did sleep in a little though, so that could be it.

We've gotta run to WM in a min... So I'm gonna get off here.

07 July, 2008

Finally Some Time...

Ok, Jas is home... although I can still hear Kalila's Mamamamama from the other room lol.

Obviously things have been pretty crazy around here. We are getting better (thanks to those of you who asked). Kalila still has a runny nose, and some fussy moments, but I'll get back to that in a min.

I've spent most of my time lately cleaning up... esp since we've been sick. There's really not much to say about that lol.

I did hear back from one of the jobs I applied for... well, wasn't the position I applied for, but the same company. I wasn't really excited about it at first (about the opposite really) but I'm starting too. They're really good w/ mom's... there's a daycare there (but may not be open when I'm working if I get the job lol) and even nursing rooms... which was the big worry I had. Even better.. they keep hospital grade pumps there (so I don't have to buy a new one) and I'd just need to get a $15 attachment! It's part time too which is another big plus for us. But we'll see... I have to take the online assessment thing tonight.

Apparently something went wrong w/ the electricity here... We got our bill & flipped... It doubled again! Our 2 bedroom apt cost more this month than the restraunt where Jas works... Can't be right. So the other day I went to the office and asked if maintenence can look at our ac & water heater to see if something is wrong there... and apparently the whole complex is having the same issue. I didn't even have to mention why I was asking before he told me that his bill went up by $200 this month. Later he told Jas that his was like $350 (and I thought our $220 was bad) and that over 100 people have called complaining to the office. Thankfully it's not due yet... I'm hoping it gets figured out... Still worried, but knowing that there definately is a problem helps.

I'm also starting to get excited about the fam reunion later this month. I haven't quite figured out what I'm gonna wear... (is always a big part of it for me lol) But we have decided what to make for the cafe competition the first night. I'll tell ya more about that later.

One of the stores I bought diapers (and a few other things) from online has monthly competitions... and I really like this latest one. Basically she's decided to support Miracle Diapers and is having people send in stories about how they have been helped in the past. The one she picks will win a $50 gift certificate & she's gonna donate a bunch of stuff to Miracle Diapers as part of it too. The whole thing really made me think. I'm not sure why I picked the story I did send in, because just after I did I realized there was another really big one that would have worked just as well and should have come to mind first... but already entered the other & got a reply about it too, so I guess I'm glad I went with it. Doesn't end until July 31st though, so we'll see lol.

And pictures... I promised them so here they are...

Kalila eating her chicken noodle soup. If you look closely she has pasta on her face!

I put the broth in her sippy... she liked drinking it more than eating the chunks lol. I tasted it later & it came out a little more like my onion soup than like chicken broth.. oops. Oh well, is still good for her.

She really likes taking her diaper covers off lol. Usually it's when she needs a change though... I don't remember if she did or not this time.

Kalila's first picture... The camera was on the floor & she'd gotten to it before I could stop her lol.

Poor Mumble getting chased all over the baby's room. Both times I had to a) rescue the cat & b) stop Kalila from hurting herself climbing in/on things she shouldn't. (we really need to move that tv lol)

A sick baby enjoying her time w/ Daisy...

Is kinda hard to tell... but here she is standing up w/out holding on to anything.

& I think that is about it for now.

LOL - almost forgot... I mentioned the fussy moments... I'm not really sure what is up but Kalila has started doing this sad whining thing... is almost like she's crying but different if that makes any sense. Its not at the same time of day or anything like that. I really can't figure out what's causing it. She's done it several days now... only once yesterday, a few times today (earlier for a good while too) and so on. Jas thinks it's gas (but she used to scream when she had that)... but when he left for work after saying that she looked at me & made the face & then turned towards him leaving & started the whining up again (had been smiling before). I don't know if she's just sad when she does it or if something's really wrong or what. I feel so bad for her though.

And on that note I'm gone again.

This Is Rediculous

I got on yesterday to post pictures... Got maybe 4 lines posted, several hours between each line lol.. and still didn't manage to finish. Let's see how far I get today.

Apparently not very far lol.. Fussy baby & phone interview in a min... I'll get on a bit later when Jas gets home (worked the morning shift today) & finish this up!


Sorry no recent posts... Combination of little time on comp & very sick family.

Just to share something though... I made chicken noodle soup for the baby this week. It ended up being more like onion soup with additions though lol. That's fine w/ me though because I always make myself onion soup when I'm sick (well usually.. not this time obviously).

I started out by adding chopped onions (small dices really... I normally do big chunks, or rings when I make onion soup for myself) to the water along with a clove of chopped garlic. I boiled that for awhile before adding the carrots. A bit later I added one of my pureed chicken cubes (still frozen lol) it was thawed & broken apart pretty well once the rest was done. I added letter shaped pasta last & cooked about 10 min or so like the package said...

Was my first attempt at chicken noodle soup (& I got to try an adult version w/ potatoes, chicken breast, & spagetti noodles later that day) so I was pretty happy with it.

04 July, 2008

I'm an idiot

Hope everyone had a great 4th... or at least better than ours.

Still sick... so didn't get to spend the day w/ family as planned. Instead I got to clean & take care of sick husband & baby. Oh & I spoke too soon about me not getting it as bad...

The internet still isn't working on the other comp & I got tired of folding clothes & everything else & wanted to get on for 5 min.. so snuck in here. Yeah.. not a good idea. Baby that just fell asleep an hour ago woke up. I'm an idiot. I can't wait until we get this computer moved.

03 July, 2008

And So Are The Days of Our Lives...

Sorry no idea why the soap reference just popped in my head... it just did. Possibly because I've watched it since I was younger than Kalila... Or because for some odd reason I dreamed about it last night. Or... maybe... It could be because so much is going on right now & it just seemed to fit. LOL

I just got a call from USAA about a job. Part-time. Atrocious hours. But still... a job. I guess it would be nice because the shifts are so long that I'd be working just a couple days a week after training is done. So less days to worry about daycare issues lol. But it's late at night too... I don't know, we'll see.

Oh.. Have I mentioned that we're sick. Yes... all three of us. Oddly enough I'm actually the one who's doing the best. My throat hurts, my nose is draining in my throat (prob why it hurts lol) and is a little stuffy... but other than that I'm not bad. Kalila on the other hand... poor dear... No wonder she slept so horribly a couple nights ago (as soon as we woke yesterday it was pretty clear why) she's got a runny nose that won't stop, coughing, her eye is gunking up (is an issue we've delt w/ many many times w/ her... actually worries me least at this point), congested, and in a great mood lol. Jas has all the same as her minus the eye & add in sick at his stomach. He even (gasp) asked me to make him some hot tea this morning!!! Seriously though.. I think he's got it the worst right now.

We had to go downtown Tuesday... So we decided to stop and eat by the Riverwalk... was Kalila's first time to see it, which was cute. Before we left we stopped in the Disney store... They had a sale going so we picked up a couple small stuffed animals for her. One was the rat from Rattitoui (sp?) and the other is Daisy Duck. She loves em both lol. Is permanently attatched to Daisy but that doesn't surprise me... She loves her dada's lol.

Oh... and now that I have my camera back... (although I did lose it again... it was somewhere where I know I didn't put it so we think the cats drug it there) I have some pictures to share.

Excited to hear her Godfather sing.

Kitty wants a drink...

The only bathing pictures you'll ever see... (of Kalila that is lol)

I love my playpen... If it's full of toys


Sleepy time...

The saddest face in the world...

Grinning through the tears

Have to go back & explain a couple of those lol.

I went to give Kalila a bath the other day & Mumble jumped in the tub w/ her, right behind the baby tub... and started drinking from the leak! I absolutely love bath time... but not gonna post pics of my daughter naked so while I had the camera out for Mumble I decided to get some head shots that I could post.

Obviously the last few were of bedtime last night. She doesn't feel well, like I said earlier, so it wasn't easy (although she did only wake up once as opposed to the four times the night before). I started taking the pics because I wanted one of her in that new outfit. She absolutely adores it!

OH! I got my wedding pics in the scrapbook finally! Only just over a year later lol. I still need to add a few captions & little additions, but still... I'm surprised at how quickly I got them in. I think I've missed scrapbooking lol.

Anyways, I'm off for now. Things to do lol.