14 June, 2008

So Much...

I'll apologize ahead of time if I ramble a bit..very tired.

We ended up having a great time at the wedding... I did not find a dress here lol.. We ended up going to Ross and I found a really cute one that worked. I promise I'll put pics as soon as I get copies! Kalila had a blast at her Gran's house too.

We found a sippy cup that works for her the other day... I'm so excited about it lol. Is a Nuby Sports Sipper.

Someone mentioned the other day to check Kalila's ears, may have an infection... I think she was right. I'm not sure if that has to do with the sleeping the other day... but tonight I noticed one was red and her pulling on it. Granted her playing with it could cause it to be red lol. So I'm keeping an eye on it and we prob have a dr's trip in the near future. She's not acting sick though, so I'm hoping she doesn't have one!

I was happy earlier, got a phone call from my sis... She had surgery yesterday so I was a little worried still. Everything went well though :-)

For some reason everything else I was going to say just went goodbye... and it's way to early for me to be this tired lol.

I don't remember if I mentioned it before.. but Kalila started eating Cheerios. She absolutely loves them... Is just so cute!

I also got a couple of video's of her today... Sorry about the one being sideways lol. I can't seem to fix it! And apparently I'm having trouble loading it too... I'll come back and add it tomarrow! Both times she was completely ignoring me.

LOL - Kimosimi is trying to play w/ one of Kalila's blocks... sorry that was random...

Another random comment.. .We really need to find her some new shoes. She's about grown out of size 2's... and we found a really cute pair at Wal-Mart that she loved. They had football's (soccer) on them and lit up... but they didn't have 3's... We've checked two diff WM's now w/ no luck. (not so random a comment when you realize that I'm watching Galaxy at the moment lol)

When we got Kimosimi we picked up a few books at the store attached to the shelter... one of them was one that I've been wanting to read for over a year. Is called "Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza. I'd heard it was really good by several people, not to mention the comments I heard from those who have heard her speak. What I didn't expect lol was that I finished it the same night I started.. .just couldn't put it down! I won't lie, it's not an 'easy' read.. the subject doesn't lend to that... but I definately recommend it.

I have to share.. I got pics of Jason changing a diaper. A prefold at that... The last pic I got I had to tease him... he was holding her and hadn't gotten the cover on yet. Not the best idea lol.

I'm not sure why.. but lately I've been updating pics on myspace and facebook... have a bunch of new ones that aren't on here. Not sure how long that'll last though lol. I'm not going to put them all, but I do have to share a few of my favourites that haven't made the blog lately.

Me & Kalila... I like the pic, but I look so young in it!

Her Easter basket lol...

One of many pics I have of her standing there lol... She was babbling away at the time!

I probably should get off.. I know I'm forgetting something, but Beckham keeps distracting me lol.


Christy said...

Your baby girl is getting so big! She looks so long and lanky!