08 June, 2008

Sand-wich Should Not Be So Literal

Where to start...


Last week was a fluke... Not only did we not make it to Mass on time this week... but we were a half hour late! Jas forgot it was Sunday and couldn't figure out why I kept trying to wake him up...


Kalila is definately my daughter.

Last groc trip she grabbed a package of wheat bread off the shelf lol. I didn't realize they started grabbing things for the basket this early! I would have thought itd be a toy or candy though... Jas & I joked about it though because I def prefer wheat to white, and he's the exact opposite. Thankfully we go through enough bread that it works out for us to each get our own loaf!

Then yesterday... I was watching Hatari (which has a cute story on another subject.. Kalila saw one of the baby tembo's and said cat lol) and Kalila was squeeling and excited all around so I jokingly asked her if she wants to go to Arusha... She grinned and clapped her hands.

But... she's definately her baba's daughter too...


Getting back to the bread subject. We saw one called 'glycemic health' at the store the other day... I'm hypoglycemic... and this says that it helps regulate your blood sugar. So I decided to give it a try. Ok, so it's white... We've already established thats not my fav. but I can handle that... Mushy texture not my favourite but I've eaten it before. But it leaves my mouth feeling like it's covered in very fine sand afterwards!!!


We got the coffee table moved... onto its side in the hallway. So I no longer have to worry about Kalila bumping her head on it... because I can't put her down on the floor! I don't think I mentioned it before... but the top has pieces falling off in flakes. We had it tightly covered before until we could get rid of it... but now cover is gone I can't be sure I've vac'd the mess up completely either until it's out of here... which was supposed to be this morning. So poor baby can't play on the floor. She is not happy. Thankfully the hotwater is going strong and I don't need in the hall closet or we'd have a whole different prob because it's blocking them lol.


Kalila did get to spend some time w/ her Gido yesterday... made her very happy. Helped me out a bunch too because I had a lot to do here and was really really sick at my stomach on top of everything. Was cute though becuase she came home w/ her diaper cover on backwards. Yes I just had to get a pic.. not that you can tell very well. Is still an adorable pic though.


I'm hoping I don't jinx myself here.. but Kalila has been going down to sleep a lot easier (no crying at all) the past couple nights. Even when we've gone in the room and accidently woken her up, she just looks up and lays back down. I'm happy, amazed, and slightly scared at the same time... I'm not sure why scared, but I am. It's nice though. It's not even 9:30 yet and she's out like a light and both kitties are napping beside me. I may actually get something done!


I've got to put a new pic on the comp for me to add here lol. I made Kalila a smoothie earlier (BM, Yogurt, and Pureed Banana) and she absolutely loved it. A little too much even lol. We got down to where there was so little that the sippy top was hard to use and I took it off.. She pulled the cup down to where it came out too fast and spilt all over her face!


All I'm going to say is "juggling menu's" (now picture me pulling my hair out)


And I'll end w/ a few random cute pictures...


Christy said...

The bread sounds gross. Seriously - sand? Yuck!

Mama Kalila said...

It was... has completely put me off sandwiches. We have Jas' bread but i can't even get myself to make one with it lol. Hopefully I'll get myself past it soon because I really enjoy them normally.