16 June, 2008

Quick Post of Pictures

Have a few things to share real quick lol. And of course, they all have pictures!

I gave Kimosimi his first (from us anyway) bath...He hated it lol. Poor thing howled repeatedly the whole time... Somehow I managed not to get scratched, but not sure how. So of course there's no way I could get a pic while he was in there (next time I'm getting Jas to help) but I did get a few afterwards. Here's my poor soaked Kimosimi. Thankfully he's very forgiving and curled up in my lap shortly after.

I meant to give Mumble a bath the same day... but she was hiding! Well, napping really... It turned out she got shut in Kalila's room and fell asleep lol. Anyways, I got hers in the next day. I really enjoyed it... She's so sweet in the bath. Just loved being lathered up and everything... She even let me wash under her belly and her neck this time! I think she wanted extra attention lol. Doing it on my own I couldn't get pics until afterwards either... I'm going to put two because one shows how little she shrinks too better, but I like the other one more lol.

Apparently our family has grown again. We came in from running some errands today to find Kimosimi staring at the wall by the ceiling. There was a lizard! Jason named him Iggy (for some reason I put Izzy the first time... lol) - he's (she's?) obviously not really a pet, but we're gonna let him hang out as long as he wants too. Isn't going to hurt anything.. . might drive the cats nuts though lol.

One of our errands earlier was to pick up our play pen that finally came in. So excited about that. We put Kalila in and she immediately pulled up on the side lol.
My fav pic I got in there was from a little later though. I had serious trouble getting her to nap agian today... After failing several times, I gave up on the crib... put her in the playpen and climbed inside w/ her. I let her nurse a little while and finally she drifted off. Which is when I took this picture.

Which reminds me... Yesterday her schedule got all twisted up and she either ended up taking a late nap (7:30 ) or early bed... she slept an hour and then woke up. I wanted to keep things quiet so I took her to hang out in our bed... let her eat awhile and she ended up drifting off to sleep that time too (is how I got the idea for the playpen lol). I got the cutest pic on my phone that I'm emailing to myself so I can share it here... so sweet!

I wish I could've gotten a pic of later on though... She ended up waking up just after I took the pictures so I put her in her crib and she drifted right off. But she woke up hungry about 2 in the morning or so.. I was asleep so Jas brought her to me and she started to fall asleep again... I figured I'd let her, I was doing the same too lol. But she woke up and decided she wanted to play. Stood herself up beside me and started giving me kisses! It was so cute!!! But we both needed to sleep so I had Jas put her back to bed in her room... Is why we don't co-sleep very often anymore... as much as I miss it, she keeps herself up if we try.

I finally had to cook again.. the past few new foods I've been able to get away w/out any work... yogurt we bought, grapes... weren't intentional lol... and cheerios... obviously no work there. So I did asparagus yesterday. She seemed to like it. Mostly because she was feeding herself lol. Jas is trying to convince me that she doesn't like it... because he doesn't lol.

Ok, so one story w/ out pics lol... I'm done though. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Christy said...

I wonder why Kalila is having so much trouble napping? Maybe she is getting ready to walk?

Mama Kalila said...

That could be it... I hadn't really thought that could do it, but yeah... The other idea is the teething pain. I don't know... She went down pretty easily today thankfully.

L_Oman said...

When I give my cat a bath, she falls asleep. It's the weirdest thing. I think she gets overly relaxed or something! HA HA.