10 June, 2008

Not So Joyful Noise

Yes - I'm going to sit here and write this instead of doing the million and three things that I need to do. Because if I don't I may end up pulling out my hair or somthing lol.

It has not been a bad day overall.

I woke up to find that Kalila cut a new tooth... tonight I found another barely peaking through. That makes six...

I think I forgot to mention before (or maybe not.. who knows) that I got sick this week... Well I did... and then Jason got it... and Kalila may have as well. I can't tell w/ her though because she could be slightly sick or she could just be having the exact same symptoms from teething. Either way we're all ok.

On top of that Kalila did not nap at all today. I put her down for them... and she screamed the whole time. Not just cried... screamed... and started yelling 'mamamama'. The first 'nap' I walked in to find her sitting up, legs folded, tears running down her face... she'd been flat on her tummy when I'd left before.

Because of the no napping thing I tried to put her to bed a little early. That didn't go well either. I was on the phone a few min later and my friend could hear the high pitched scream coming from her room. I got her up to try and calm her down (as I could about hear disapproval about that ringing in my ear lol) and tried to put on some music... The comp is still in here room so I figured that it'd be easy. But no... my husband had earphones plugged in to play WOW. Took me rediculously long to figure out the prob... She's still crying. Got them unplugged and the music stopped playing. All the other comp sounds work, but not the music.

As my screen jumped and I had to find my way back here.. I'm so glad this autosaves lol.

Anyways, I can't vacuum yet because I have to clean the floor first... she kicked over a drink earlier. So the music would have been a huge help. Poor thing ended up crying herself to sleep a few minutes later = I feel horrible. Didn't I say something the other day about jinxing myself?

Other than that its been a good day... what I remember of it anyway lol.

Oh.. and I'm stuck here now because Kimosimi is curled up next to me laying on my hand with his front paws wrapped around my arm... LOL


L_Oman said...

Awww bless to your sweet babe! I hope she's better now and you've got some of your sanity back.

She's so cute - how do you not want to eat up her cheeks and toes all the time?!?!

Christy said...

Don't feel too bad about the crying thing. Sometimes it is for their own good. Your baby girl needs sleep. Some days Izzy goes down with ease, and other days it seems like he fights sleep at every nap. This parenting thing is TOUGH!

Mama Kalila said...

L_Oman - Thanks... She actually had a really great day... which I'm about to write about lol. And believe me we just about eat her up every day lol

Christy - I know. As much as I'm against crying it out... sometimes you have too and I try and keep that in mind when we do. But.. it's not working now. & yes, parenting really is TOUGH lol. I had an idea before... but wasn't even close lol.