02 June, 2008

A New Day

I won't say that today's been perfect... it hasn't. But it's definately better than the last two lol. Esp right now. Kimosimi's curled up in my lap purring as I type!

Something I failed to mention recently... Kalila is now officially a carnavor like the rest of the family. She had chicken for the first time last week. She had it agian last night w/ peas and carrots and made a wonderful little mess! Not much chicken went everywhere (mostly cause I fed most of it to her lol) but peas and carrots all over the floor, table and high chair. It was great!

She's also had dairy... as of today! She had some plain organic yogurt. I let her have it plain, but also gave some of it to her mixed w/ apples and cinnamon. I think she liked it better that way, but we'll see.

Speaking of dairy... Kimosimi tried to steal my cheese earlier. Wouldn't have been so bad, but it was my last piece of string cheese (and I'm addicted to the stuff). No he did not get it... but he did lick my hand for five or ten min after I finished lol.

Since I've mentioned one cat I suppose I should mention the other lol. Don't want Mumble to get jealous. She's doing good... curled up across the room right now. It looks like she's forgiven us for bringing home a new kitty... and is learning to get along with him. They've had a few spats, but no real fights.. She's taught him to pounce (despite him being older lol) and somehow he's teaching her to be a little calmer w/ me. She's not biting me as much (and not as hard) and is no longer attacking me randomly when I walk by. She really wasn't too bad before, only hurt me once on accident (I was holding her and she got scared by something), but still.. I've been trying to train her not to do that for months... and now she's not. (Oddly enough I was the only one she did that too) Anyways, I don't know if it's because she's wearing herself out chasing him or what.. but it's nice.

Back to today though lol... the maintenance guy did not show up... of course! Jas is going to complain in the morning... It's just got to get done. I'm tempted to be mean and send the baby with him... she used her last diaper cover today... (is still in it actualy, we're having to double up on pf's tonight) I can just see her peeing all over the place and explaining that it's his fault for not coming here when he's supposed too! I'm horrible I know...

I also talked to the student loan people... I had gotten loans deffered agian. Apparently they only deffered one of them and for some reason will not tell me if the other one is denied or still waiting to be approved. I've been checking online for months trying to get this fixed. I got my phone back to find over 24 messages in 3 days... but when I try to answer their calls.. they hang up on me! Then get calls from family saying that they are harassing them! So I called today (finally had a chance) and the guy goes in circles about how he doesn't know if it was denied or not.. and that instead of deferring I should pay 50 dollars to apply for something else. And that if I can't do this then I should just do nothing until I can pay 50 and let these people call my family and talk like that to them. We go around about this some more.. he says he'll send me what I need for the defferment.. and he sends me the paperwork for the other thing. At this point I was livid. I'm so glad it didn't happen yesterday lol.

BTW.. I want to thank everyone who's left comments (yesterday was esp nice cause I really needed it). I look forward to the few that I get... I like writing no matter what.. but is always nice to not feel like I'm talking to myself lol!

I should prob get up and get on the wii fit. I love the yoga part... and I didn't get a chance to yesterday (probably added to my meltdown)... but I'm so comfortable sitting here w/ my little kitty leg warmer... if only Mumble would jump up here and keep my other leg warm lol.

Ok, I'm gonna get off... but first I have to share this picture because.. well.. I think it's halarious! It was in the middle of Kalila eating her apple cinnamon yogurt. She started playing around so I grabbed the camera... so surprised she held it long enough for me to get the pic :-D (and yes I know the nini's off... it was in the washer lol)


L_Oman said...

Too cute! If only she stuck out her tongue at you (I know, bad for wishing she was being a naughtly little princess!).

Have you posted new pics of the new addition to your family yet?!?

Christy said...

Ha! That pictures is freaking adorable!

Don't worry, you're not talking to yourself - I read every post!

Mama Kalila said...

L_Oman - I have loads of pics of her sticking out her tongue lol.. I'm surprised none are on here! And yes.. I have several pictures of Kimosimi a few posts down...

Christy - Thanks! I thought so too. & I know you do... or figured so. You're one of three people (ok both of you are lol) who reg comment lol.

Steph said...

I read! And try to comment! But it's bee hard the last few weeks. Now that I have internet full-time, though, I'm back at it! :D

Mama Kalila said...

I know Steph! When you disappeared I figured that's what happened lol. I keep up w/ yours too and the moving back to Florida bit clued me in lol. I'm glad things are going well for ya!