25 June, 2008

The Meaning of Dada

I've gotten some adorable pics lately.. but all on my phone lol. So I have to try to send them to myself before I can put them on here. We'll see if it happens today or not!

Like all babies Kalila babbles quite a bit, yaya, dada, gaga, all that... but earlier today she looked at Jason and said dada. Not babble like, but very emphatically. My first thought was maybe she picked it up from a couple of people who keep calling him that around her, so I made a comment about maybe she'll call him both like I do w/ mine (well, I don't say dada lol.. but sometimes dad, sometimes baba). A little later I went to wash her hands and took her stuffed duck away for a second and handed it back to her. As soon as I did she looked at me again & said "dada". Looking back when she said it to Jas, he'd just made a comment about her holding on to the duck.
Mystery solved... Dada = duck.

Sleep... is coming along I suppose. She's gone back to sleeping through the night more nights than not. I have nothing to do with that lol. Is a nice surprise... I have been putting her to bed a little earlier and/or letting her sleep in a little later. I think she wasn't getting enough and that was a big part of our problem. The last info I'd seen on how much she needed was 8 hours at night and for her age it should be 10 or 11... which she was trying to do (and did some mornings) but I was taking her stirring at 8 for waking up and poor thing was tired. More sleep has ='d happier baby. We're still working on getting to sleep lol, some nights/naps are better than others. I got that book I wanted on the subject and actually wrote a post on it on my other blog.. and leaving this subject there now lol.

Funny story from yesterday.. I changed the baby and put her down for a nap. About ten min after she fell asleep I heard her crying.. So I went to check on her and found her sitting up with her diaper cover off. She'd wet her diaper already and I guess wanted it off lol.

She's also started experimenting with her voice... She growls a lot... esp when saying baba (her favourite word.. makes Jas very happy lol) She also screams/squeels... very hard on our ears lol.

Well, looks like no pictures today... my phone is being agrivating about sending pic mail at the moment. We're going to Schliterbaun (sp???) tomorrow though so I should have way more pics to share soon anyway!


Christy said...

I am so glad Kalila is sleeping better! Izzy has start waking up 3 or 4 times per night again. Oh well.

Has Kalila said "mama" yet. It will melt your heart!

Steph said...

Awww! Baba and dada are so adorable! And I'm thrilled that she's sleeping better! Alex is getting there too. :)

Mama Kalila said...

Christy - I could have sworn I answered this earlier!!! Silly comp prob died in the middle. As it happens agian!

Anyways.. Sorry about Izzy! I'm afraid now that I said she's sleeping better she may wake up tonight lol.. we'll see though. So far so good...

She has said mama.. but usually it's mommom lol. The one I think is adorable is kitty cat. Usually she says ki-kah but she's said it correctly a few times too. Her gido was shocked when he heard it lol. It's almost her fav thing to say too... Baba having the top spot of course... such a baba's girl!

Steph - Yes they are.. and thanks. I hope he does too!